My Bones Ache, Deep Throbbing Aches

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by greatgran, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. greatgran

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    I do not have joint or muscle pain but deep throbbing aches in my bones from my shoulders to my feet..Especially my hips and legs..
    This is so much worse if I walk or try to be activity..
    If I am not very activity the pain isn't as bad but when I try to go grocery shopping etc. Then the next day my bones ache so bad..

    My doc said my Alk Phos was elevated and she want to do a bone scan but doesn't think it will show anything..

    Does anyone have only bone pain with cfs and fibro?

  2. DLsGroovyMoM

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    but the deep throbbing pain in my hips and legs has been by far my biggest and most frequent complaint. I told the doc my hips hurt so deep I can't figure out how they could be that deep.
    and for some reason shopping (grocery or for fun) has always been bad for me. I don't know if for some reason I walk different or what but shopping is a killer for me...taking days to get over...thus i don't do much shopping
  3. greatgran

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    Thanks for your replies..
    Doxy, about the vertigo and dizziness that is how my illness first started..I had a bad vertigo attack and haven't been the same since..My first vertigo attack lasted
    almost five hours and was my worst..I was treated for an inner ear problem by my GP then sent to an ENT, then a Neuro..I was out of work 3 months, went back and worked one day...The doctors couldn't find anything wrong..The Neuro told me it was panic attacks...So to this day don't know what is wrong in my head..I do have some dizzy spells from time to time that come out of the blue they don't last very long
    Then I have these spells where I feel the inside of my head is dizzy when this happens I have to go to bed, sometimed for days..Its just a weird feeling in my head..I do have ringing in my ears 24/7 and is worse when I am tired or having a "spell".

    When I have these spells I have horrible anxiety...Do you have anxiety with yours or anxiety in general? I have been told its just part of the disease or could be allergies...I do take xanax and it seems to help some..

    I haven't had an MRI which the docs wanted me to have but I was so scared I couldn't have one..They did a CT without contrast and it was normal...

    Wish I had some answers for you, I know its a horrible feeling...I got to the point I was afraid to drive and still agoraphobiac about going out of town due to the spells..

    My husband has vertigo attacks they last for about an hour and the next day he is fine, but doesn't have the dizziness...He has had the test and his doc says sometimes something happens to the inner ear that causeses this...It doesn't seem to bother him once the attack is over...

    Doubt if this is much help but what does your doctor say..I personally think its part of this disease..Have you had an MRI to rule our things like MS? That is one reason they wanted me to have one..

    Amy, sorry you know the feeling of this deep bone pain..Know what you mean about not doing..I get to feeling somewhat better and there is so much that needs to be done then I go and try to catch up knowing what it will do to me..But the doc says exercies, heck, for me taking a bath is exercise...I tried to do some shopping
    Mon. and housework, very little, Tues and today will be spent in the bed or recliner..Doctors just don't get it..Now if I had a maid and all I had to do was take a little walk in the morning and evening for about 15 minutes then I might could exercise if you could call that exercise...Docs nor families get it, or that is mind doesn't...

    Have a good day and God Bless,
  4. Mikie

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    Before I started the Guai treatment. Mine has always been worse in my hips and legs and felt as though it was deep in my bones. It started when I was in my 20's but it would come and go back then. No doc ever knew what it was.

    Love, Mikie