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    I swear I feel like the last 5 yrs have been spent in some crazy sort of medical school, where instead of going progressively thru the courses (starting with 100 level basics and then building upon that knowledge), I have been randomly thrust in higher level classes and have skipped all over the place, without ever really connecting everything.

    I do understand a lot of what I have learned, and Rich wrote a very good explanation not too long ago that helped me to understand how many of the different ME/CFS issues connect and play off of each other.....and I do understand most of what has been written about the XMRV discovery and how it fits with previous knowledge, inc Rich's theory....and if it didn't affect me so much in such a personal way, I would find it all very fascinating, but oh my gosh, my brain is also feeling completely overwhelmed rt now! Trying to input so much knowledge while dealing with brain fog, memory issues, trouble concentrating, etc is pretty insane.

    Not sure why I just wrote that, except to vent and see how many others can relate....I keep seeing all the posts about the new discovery and I absolutely understand why it is exciting, and at the same time scary, and I keep telling myself not to get too invested in it until more is known, but I just feel like I have gone into some sort of shock due to cognitive and emotional overload.
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    "I just feel like I have gone into some sort of shock due to cognitive and emotional overload."


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    I feel that way too. Last night I decided not to even look at the board for a couple of days to try and wrap my mind around things but I turned the computer on the minute I finished breakfast! Go figure. GB66
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    The only thing my brain is spinning from right now is how excited people are about XMRV. I don't understand why. There is the lyme theory, the PFO theory, the NO/OH/NO theory, the Valcyte theory, the Amygdala theory, the EBV theory, etc. etc. So far, nothing has panned out.

    There is no use getting excited or worried unless something is actually proven to be the "correct" theory. Until they test tens of thousands of people and get the same results, conclusively, this means absolutely nothing.
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    I agree to a point....there are still a lot of questions to be answered and they do need to further replicate their results

    .....however, from what I can tell, part of the reason that this theory is so interesting is that it would pull together many of the previous theories (this could well be what triggers so many of the other things to go haywire in the fits with Rich's theory, which fits with the theory about the mitochondria, and it fits with the fact that so many of us also have MCS and other sensitivities, it fits with theories about the cardiac issues that many of us have, it fits with the previous theories about viruses, etc)

    also (and this may be splitting hairs when I already said it fits with other stuff), but it does not seem to go against what has been shown to be true thus far; while many previous theories seem to contradict each other, or to only show a piece of the puzzle, this doesn't do that (like I said, I am far from being completely clear on all this, so I could be wrong, but from what I have read so far, I don't think I am)

    and my head is spinning, bc it is a lot to take in and understand, and the potential from this discovery is both exciting and scary....and I'm also overloaded bc there IS the possibility that this will turn out to be just another theory and with the widespread publicity that it has received, that could be devastating
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    Yes, hell hath frozen over, I agree with TigerLilea (LOL, I don't know if we usually agree on things, I don't think so :D )

    I can't take how people are like ready to set off the fireworks and have a parade over this new virus. It's too soon. We do not have enough facts. And it has not been proven to be THE cause yet. It may turn out to be just another thing like HHV6 and EBV and the millions of other things that we have over the years. We need to look at it with caution or cautious optimism at best. It's not time to break out the champagne yet. If this turns out to be just another thing, the disappointment will be monumental.

    The good is, we are seeing a real public push for a biological cause and it is making headlines. That's the good to come out of this right now. They aren't calling us nutcases anymore or at least right now.

    However, people need to calm down and stop freaking out over this new virus. There are alot of viruses in the world and in our bodies. And until it is proven otherwise, this is just another suspect in a long line of suspects. And there is no reason for parties just as there is no reason for people to start being hysterical over it. Even if we have it, it's probably been in our blood for a long time. People need to calm down.
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    I'm trying to sit back and wait before I get my hopes up. I do believe that something is going to come from this discovery, it's just that it will take a lot more time, probably, to get the many answers we need.

    I started to tell my grown children about it but decided it was better to hold off till I'm more sure. In the first place, I want to know more about the virus and then I have to have whatever test is required to see if I do, indeed, have it.

    One step at a time. I hope the day comes very soon that I can call them with the news that I am REALLY sick because I know that even though they know something is wrong with me (obviously), they probably have doubts about the severity and length of time I've been ill and wonder if some of it is in my mind.

    One of my daughters who is in the medical field, is always talking to me as though if I'd just "do something", I'd get well or at least feel better. I don't know exactly what that something is. I've done a lot over the last 31 years, as you all have. She frequently says "if it were me....."
    Well, it's not her it's me and I have limitations she can't possibly imagine.


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    >>>Yes, hell hath frozen over, I agree with TigerLilea<<<

    ROTFLMAO - Tea, it had to happen sometime! You're absolutely correct; people need to calm down. I'm really surprised by the number of people who are treating this as if a "cure" has been found. It hasn't folks! We are just as sick today as we were yesterday, and will be tomorrow.