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    Please pray for my brother. He is having surgery on his neck tomorrow. He lives in constant pain after being run over by a car and then causing more damage by later falling off a ladder. He has had several surgeries trying to give him better use of his right arm and hand but so far not much luck. His whole spine is messed up but especially the upper vertabrae. He has very limited use of his right arm and is unable to hold anything in his hand.

    Without this surgery he will be in constant pain and be permanently disabled and be in a wheelchair before long. With the surgery he has a 80% chance of regaining 10% use of his hand again. He will still be in pain but he won't end up in a wheelchair as soon. They say he will not be able to work for probably a year while he recovers from this surgery.

    He called me last night and again today. He is terrified. I wish I could be with him but circumstances won't allow me to go.

    Please pray for him not to be so afraid. Unfortunatly, he is an agnostic. So he isn't turning to God for comfort. I told him that God loves him anyway and that I would pray for him.And please pray that the surgery is successful.

    And most importantly, please join me in prayer for his salvation. That he will open his heart to God.

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    Heavenly Father, I am lifting up Lois' brother to Your loving care. Open his spiritual eyes and ears to hear the Word of God, believe, and trust in Christ for his salvation.

    Sow a peace that passes understanding, in his heart. Let him pass this night unafraid and grant the gift of a good sleep. As he goes into surgery, let him feel Your presence tangibly.

    Guide the hands of the surgeons as they operate. Let this procedure succeed beyond any expectation. Give everyone who participates in the surgery a clear mind, wisdom and discernment.

    As he recovers please ensure that he receive kind, compassionate and skillful care. Keep him in good spirits, Lord, and give him the hope of regaining health.

    While he cannot work, pour out financial blessings and send to him any help that he might need.

    I thank you Lord for all that You will accomplish in this man's life.

    I pray these things in the mighty name of Jesus,
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    Surgery went well but it is still too soon to tell anything definite. It was supposed to take 2 1/2 hours but it took 5. I found out today though that he didn't tell me everything. Prior to going in the hospital they did an ekg and then did some other test on his heart. They said that at sometime (probably in his sleep) he has had a "silent heart attack". There has been some damage to his heart and he really needs to take this as a warning. He is in denial.

    Thanks everyone for their prayers and I hope you will contine to pray that he finds a relationship with God.

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    First just let me say I'm so glad you made it trough the storm. I read your post. Isn't the power of prayer amazing?

    My brother is home from the hospital and is still in a lot of pain . He has a 12 inch incision that extends 4 inches up the back of his head , down his neck and into his back. The have a drain in the incision and he is wearing a soft neck collar. He is in alot of pain. But he's happy that he can at least go to the bathroom hisself.

    The good news is that the surgery went so much better than expected. They had hoped he would get back at least 10% use of his hand but it is looking like he may get full use of it. He was able to grasp and make a fist when he came out of recovery. PRAISE GOD

    I haven't confronted him yet about not telling me about the heart attack. I will give him some time to get better first. Then he will really get a piece of my mind.