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    I cant find my other post, and honestly right now I cannot remember if I even posted, but I think I did.

    My brother went in the hospital on Jan 14th for colon surgery. He ended up having 7 surgeries. He just got home 2 weeks ago today.

    In the meatime I was the only one here in the city that could do things for him. I really thought I was going to die. I did the bare minimum, but somethings had to be done.

    Now after all he has been through, he is depressed and is trying to give up. He thinks he needs to be in a nursing home. The hospital never did call him case worker at DHS, to let them know when he was going home, and when he got home, he was completely alone.

    Finally they got the ball rolling, and hopefully they will start sending out help for him at home.

    I am more worried about his thinking. I dont know if its from the depression, or if he has some kind of brain damage from him being in a medically induced coma for over a month, plus all the other crap he had to deal with in those almost 3 months of being in the hospital.

    He is doing some really weird stuff, and its like I dont know him anymore. I was told that they are going to also try to get him some couseling at home until he can go more on his own. I can hardly wait for that, I will be so relieved!

    Now I find out my dad is going to have some kind of surgery, my 93 year old grandmother is in the hospital with pneumonia, and my mother has something wrong with her heart, and he was just put on oxygen for the rest of her life. If the water doesnt go away or decrease some, she could die.

    I just feel like HELL is all hitting me at once!

    Thanks for listening. I just have been so worn out from the stress of this mess.

  2. kat0465

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    your dealing with so much, and trying to stay sane and healthy in the process.
    People forget how hard it is on a caregiver.
    I wish i had some words of wisdom, all i can say is were here for ya.Thats the other terrible reality of this disease, when our own family gets older or has health issues. were almost helpless to help!!
    Unfortunately the hospitals dont care much once were out thier door! sometimes even when were in it!!!
    i'd start by calling his caseworker & ask them for any help you can get for Him. sometimes also when we have major surgeries, we have a personality change, and he's had 7! he May need some help fighting the depression with meds.
    Praying it gets better for you soon! i know it's Hard:(

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