My Candida Symptoms

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    I've been suffering with candida symptoms since May of this year. I'm 30yrs old and the symptoms seemed to come out of nowhere...Fast!
    My first symptom was a change in my feces. It seemed like I had to go to the bathroom more often, and the feces was loose and looked like there was mucus in it. Next symptom is what I thought was a UTI. I went to the doctor and he immediately prescribed an antibiotic,(doxycycline) even though my urine sample came back clean. My UTI symptoms cleared up perfectly for about a month, and acutally I felt pretty good......until the symptoms came back times 10!!
    This time I had penis pain, testicle pain, depression symptoms, complete loss of libido, acid reflux, foggy/dizzy feeling, fatigue, erectile dysfunction etc. etc.
    I returned to the doctor's office with pretty bad pain, mostly in my groin area. I got a different doc at the clinic and he prescribed Cipro for two weeks. The cipro did nothing. I returned to the doctor's again and this time he did full blood work for STD's, prostate exam, and genital exam. He said everything looked ok. Then he sent me for an ultrasound. That didnt show anything either.
    I was getting pretty desperate, and my symptoms weren't getting better by themselves. I was taking 8 motrin's a day just to deal with the pain. Finally i found a chat room that mentioned candida as a possible culprit. I tried the candida diet for 2weeks, no booze, no bread, sugar.... I followed it to the letter for 2 weeks and all my symptoms vanished!!!!!
    Then i relapsed........ symptoms were back almost immediatley.
    I recently ordered the threelac combo, and just started it today.
    Just curious, has anyone else had sexual problems related to their candida? Most of my pain has been focused around my genitals, but I dont have any rash, or external condition.
    I'd appreciate any feedback or help.......I am very new to this.