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    well i guess it is time i use it all the time! i do not want to but it is better than falling..i don't need it all the time but when i am out (what little time i do get out) i will be ok & then all the sudden it hits me i need help walking. sometimes my leg will just give out & buckle under. you never know when it is going to hit.

    i kept saying i am to young to use a cane but as my brother said it is better than falling..i believe my getting sick was part of the cause in myfirst marrige.. he needed someone young & he didn't want to get hubby now is wonderful but i don't want to embaress him..he said it doesn't & that if i was in a wheel chair he would still love me the same..but one you benn dumped it is scarry the second time.

    anyway i guess i am going to use it. has anyone else had the same thoughts i had?
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    I'm not married and I don't have a cane, but I do have a walker with wheels and a seat, & I always feel very weird about using it.

    I'm 38 & I got it a yr ago; oddly enough rt before some friends from church had to get their elderly mother one. They don't know about mine and they made some comments about hers that I don't remember clearly now, and the comments were not at all mean or rude or anything, but they really hurt me.

    I actually would much prefer a wheelchair, but I don't have the ability to get it in and out of my car, and my shoulders would knot up like crazy and my sciatic nerve would also probably be a problem....but sometimes the walker takes more energy than I have & isn't great when the OI is really bad either.

    The one thing I do "like" about it is that when people see me with it there is none of the "you don't look sick" b/s and none of the dirty looks when I use it and park in a disabled space.

    I understand what you mean about being a bit worried after being dumped before, but it really sounds like you don't have to worry about that with your husband. I think that since you have been sick the whole time you have been with him, it makes things different than the first situation....too bad your first husband failed on the better or worse sickness or health thing, though - but that is HIS failing, not yours.
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    Glenda, I dont use a cane yet but my husband who has MS does. I myself personaly would much rather see him using the cane than taking the risk of falling and getting hurt. Also when he doesnt use the cane he has a tendancy to stagger and this makes me angry when people look at him like he is drunk. I would prefer that they know that it is not his fault than to think that it is. I love him as much if not more than I did the day I married him. We understand each other and although we have struggled at times I cant imagine him not being with me. Im pretty sure your husband has the same feelings for you. Dont worry he wants you to be safe and doesnt want you hurting.
    Gentle Hugs
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    i am sorry to hear about you haveing to use the walker but i do realize you are right about the you don't look sick b/s...i think that is worse then using the cane..thanks for opening my eyes!!!

    hope you are having a good day!!!
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    you are right...& i do know he loves me so thanks for the info from the caregiver side it means alot......