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    Hi Everyone,

    Hope you all are doing well. My hubby and I bought a new car at the end of November 2007 to replace a car that was 18 years old. (About time, right?!) I was driving to the grocery today and noticed that after having this car for a little over 7 months, it only has slightly over 1500 miles on it!

    Do you think I get out much? Sheesh. When I used to take my old car in for oil changes, mechanics would say to me on occasion that their grandma doesn't drive much either. (Nice!) Now that working at home is so popular to save on gas and to supposedly save the planet, I don't get these types of comments anymore. I guess I was just ahead of my time, right? LOL!

    Do you all have similar experiences with getting out and using your cars? Have a great day everyone.

    Love, Erika

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  2. stick2013

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    I bought a new car May 23rd of this yr. First brand new car I have ever owned. As of today I have more miles on it than you do on yours. I have just over 1600 miles on it. But I drive 250 miles a week for work, so they do add up.

    I wish I didn't have to drive as much as I do, but I have to work....
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    I'm so old I remember when going for a drive was recreation. Popular to take the family for a spin on Sunday afternoon or on summer nights.

    My car is the best kind. It's paid for! Been paid for, for the last 20 years. When I was working in the San Fernado Valley, I put 7000 miles a year on the car.

    Now that I'm retired I might put 40 or 50 miles on it per month.

    So ya wanna have a drag race?

  4. teacher

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    I wanna bring my pom poms and watch the fun!
  5. zenouchy

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    Stick, congratulations on your new car! 250 miles does add up a bit each week, but I'm very glad you have reliable transportation and that you are able to work.

    Rock, I'm with you on the best car being one that is paid for! That's why we had our old car for so long. It reached the point that the repairs on it were more than what the car was worth.

    Recreational driving just isn't as fun as it used to be. Roads are too congested and the gas is too pricey. Your mention of drag racing reminds me of the movie "Grease" with John Travolta; there's a scene where the guys drag race to impress the ladies.

    Teacher, maybe you've seen the movie Grease? I see that you're a music teacher at an elementary school. I used to substitute teach, but it was mostly middle school and high school. I occasionally did elementary school though. The little ones are really cute.

    Jean, it sounds like you have figured out the most cost-effective way to get around. With gas prices being so high, public transit is a great idea. A '79 Chevette, eh? I bet that was a really cool car! And I bet you could beat Rock in a drag race! ;-)

    Patti, so sorry to hear about your extreme sensory overload! I'm glad that the MSM has given you enough relief that you are able to drive at low speeds. Indeed, we could have a low-speed drag race.

    Love and good health to all,


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    My car is a 98 Chev Cavaliar,,,and has 93,000 but i bought it used in 2003 and it had 62,000 on it ,,,so in 5 years i guess i've put about 31,000 on it,,,,i really don't go that often maybe 2 times a week ,,,,

    but when i go to see my Dad it's about 140 miles round trip,,,,,but just to the store or up town it's about 2 miles round trip,,if i go to see my Girls it's about a 1100 mile round trip,,,only once a year!,,I just hope it lasts me for awhile!,,,lots of keep up matinance goes into it,,,,Sis