My cat Scotty's new baby playmate

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by 4everkid, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. 4everkid

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    My 1-year-old Russian Blue mix kitten Scotty has recently lost all his friends. His old pal Skippy died at the age of 16 a few months ago. Then on Memorial Day, his buddy Mio took off on a journey and never returned. Scotty has been sad and depressed and lonely.

    After losing both Mio, and last year Sally, to the big scary outdoors, I decided Scotty would be an indoor cat. And we decided he needed a new companion to keep him company.

    So a few weeks ago, we went to PetSmart and adopted a new baby for Scotty from one of the local shelters. We named him Frankie. (We asked Scotty what HE wanted to name him, but he wouldn't answer.)

    I figured it would take a while for Scotty to warm up to the new kid, but it went quicker than I expected. They play together, snuggle together, and Scotty keeps his new baby bathed on a regular basis. I posted a picture of them in my profile.

    Awwwww...aren't they cute!
  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Looks like Scotty and Frankie are both winners.

  3. ckball

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    Thank for that- they are too cute! I had a cat like Frankie, his name was butterscotch, kids named him. He ended up being this HUGE cat, biggest head I had seen on a cat.

    I am sure you will enjoy them for years to come-Carla
  4. texangal81

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    My ex and I adopted a female siamese kitten 23 years ago. We had her about 2 months when he made the very casual suggestion one morning that she needed a companion. He came home that night and found we now had 2 siamese kittens!

    We named them Coco Lopez and Ron Rico (Coco and Rico) after our favorite pina colada drink at the time. We kept them separated for a few days because even though Rico was younger, he was big and Coco was such a tiny thing. We were afraid someone would get hurt if we weren't around.

    We took Rico to the vet that first Saturday and he became absolutely hysterical (the vet hadn't even touched him yet!) and pooped allover the table *L*. The vet came back with a syringe and before you know it, we had stoned kitty on our hands. He was mellow baby. We asked the vet how to bring them together and he said "just let them fight it out, they'll each find their place". So we did, we went out for the day and left them together, we came back, fearing the worst.

    And just like your Scotty and Frankie - we found them curled up in the makeshift bed we had made for Coco. They were inseparable, but Coco was a bit more aloof than Rico. I always said she could live without him, but I didn't think he could leave without her. She went first when she was 15. Then I moved out a year later. I don't think he ever got over losing both of us, even though a new kitten (after I moved) joined the new, all male family (my son, my ex, and Rico). He went about 2 1/2 years later.

    I now have a flame point siamese. Someone abandoned her. She was declawed, in good shape, and gorgeous when we found her and did everything we could think of to find her owner. We think our neighbor across the street moved and didn't take her. It didn't take long for her to get spoiled. She too is an inside cat. I lost too many cats to the outdoor world growing up. When she howls at the door I tell her I will NOT let her run the streets like some common trollop. She is too good for that *L*.
  5. sisland

    sisland New Member

    How Adorable! They look very content and Happy!,,,Thanks for sharing this with us!,,,,,,Sis
  6. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    Sometimes I feel a bit envious of how cats can just snuggle up and be so happy. Thanks, Bill

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  7. Didoe

    Didoe New Member

    please go see Mr. Boo's pic in my profile. he came to stay 2 weeks after my best truest love passed away last december. i come home from work and find him hiding out, waiting for me...the noises and neighbors crying babies spook him and he's not small or skittish. we (vet and me) decided a playmate was a good idea and we're going to pick him up next week.

    i hope he showers some of the affection and attention he gives me on his new friend and they have the kind of bond your 2 sweet fluffs share, they are beyond adorable.

    Did you do anything special to prepare Scotty for a new cat coming in? I know it sounds neurotic, but I'm really concerned with my 11 month old kitten (he's been here since he's about 7 weeks old)that a new cat will make him feel displaced... My last Cat (female) could not accept another cat, she just went under a chair or bed, refusing to eat. I could have waited her out probably, it didnt seem right.

    My apologies, it pays to read other posts before throwing questions vet also said, put them both together in the bathroom...she had me litter train Mr. Boo by keeping him in the bathroom for 5 days until he figured out, with help of course, what the box was for and learned to use it. When I said 'but the bathroom is the size of a closet' she I understand why.
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  8. 4everkid

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    didoe - Your kitten is adorable. Love his little white face. He reminds me of some cute little cartoon cat from way back. And that shot is too cute!
    Actually, I have read a lot online about cat behavior, hierarchy, and personality types. I knew Scotty was a very friendly, accepting cat from his behavior towards the older male companions he lost recently.

    Supposedly, there are two types... the ones who accept companions, and the ones who would prefer to be loners. Skippy was the loner type. He coexisted with Sally for 16 years, but they hated each other. They had separate territories within the house, and if they had to cross paths, it was usually accompanied by hissing, or grumbling.

    I thought Sally was the same type, but when Mio came along, she went through a second childhood. She loved him and played with him all the time. Skippy & Mio peacefully coexsisted but were not companions. Then when Scotty came, he and Mio were best buds. Mio raised and "mothered" him, while Skippy hissed and avoided him. So basically, Skippy disliked all the other cats, but was a big teddy bear with people. And the other cats were the friendly types.

    When you bring in a second cat, it is supposedly easier to introduce a female, as they are less of a threat. If they are fixed, it doesn't matter so much. Kittens are more easily introduced than adults. To pick a friendly cat that will get along with others, look at the group in the cage. Don't pick the aloof one, sitting off by himself. Pick one that is either snuggled up with others, or playing with one of his litter mates.

    When they are first introduced, they have to go through a period of establishing who the top cat is. Scotty spent a lot of time pinning down the baby, and holding him in place - just like how dogs establish a pack leader. Scotty also wanted to bite his neck while holding him down, but I kept a squirt bottle nearby for when he did that. I allowed him to hold him down, but if the kitten cried, or Scotty used his teeth, I stopped him. He learned quick that that wasn't allowed.
    Once Frankie understood that Scotty was boss, it all fell into place.

    I should mention though that Scotty is neutered, and Frankie was also freshly neutered when he arrived. And Scotty seemed to be well aware of that. If Frankie wasn't fixed, it might have gone quite differently.

    One problem I am facing though, is that Scotty has changed his behavior towards me. He has been the big baby, very attached to ONLY me, and wanted to be next to me or in my arms all the time. Now he doesn't want to be held much. I don't know if this is a phase because he is jealous, or if he had to take on a new role. Maybe he was forced to move up the ladder, and can't be viewed as the baby anymore... needing to keep up his tough, Top Cat image for the new kid. I still try to treat him like the baby, and always greet him first, and pet him first and all that. He doesn't seem mad at me, just not as snuggly. He still stays nearby though. Its only been a few weeks though - he may need time to adjust.

    Carla - It seems like yellow, and cream colored cats are always huge. I expect that eventually Scotty will be the little one again. He is a rather petite little dude.

    Texangal - Your Siamese kitties sound so cute. Poor Rico must have been crushed when Coco died. I checked your profile to see if your new flame point Siamese was there, and found something even cuter! You must be beaming with pride over that little guy! He's adorable!

    Nancy- your pair of tabbies sound like they are very close. I had a pair named Wally & Beaver that were like that... inseparable. I think you are right about Cats needing a companion, (if they are not the loner type.)They need someone who speaks their own language. The following video is a perfect example. I have posted it before, but in case you missed it, this is a very sweet clip of two cats who are clearly communicating with each other:

    I would love to know what they said.

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