My cats and St. Joseph--the story of

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    Well, I saved St. Joseph again today and I'll tell you his story.

    About 7 years ago (before I became disabled), I was out back digging in my small garden in the patio and came upon this small St. Joseph statute upside down (obviously used as a tool to sell the property who knows how long ago). My heart went out to poor St. Joseph who was all dirty and in the ground for who knows how long, that I brought him inside, cleaned him all up and gave him a nice place on the windowsill to look out and see everything.

    Years passed and my cats joined the household. Too many times they would get St. Joseph off the windowsill and be playing soccer with him. I'd take St. Joseph from them and say "you guys leave St. Joseph alone" and I would put him back on his windowsill to enjoy the view. But the cats wouldn't let him alone and St. Joseph was always in the midst of cat soccer.

    So I safely moved him to the shelf on my desk where he could overlook the kitchen and there he has stayed without a problem--until today. I was just typing on the ProHealth Board and Shelby the cat was up on the desk here was checking out the shelves and discovered St. Joseph and batted him to the floor to play soccer with him again. I told her leave St. Joseph alone and rescued him from the Evil She Cat as I jokingly called her. At this rate poor St. Joseph will have enough soccer playing time to replace David Beckham.

    So St. Joseph has now moved to the top shelf on my desk overlooking the kitchen, he can still see out the windows from there and I've told Shelby to go bat her brother around and leave St. Joseph alone. Shelby's dragging her paw on the computer keyboard as apparently her brother just isn't that much fun. Shelby has plenty of fake mice to play with but St. Joseph is extra special for her.

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    Hi 2 cats,
    The reason St. Joe was upside down in the ground was because some Catholics believe that by putting St.Joe upside down in the ground it will help them sell their house more quickly. This I'm sure has some old world folk background.

    I'm glad you rescued St. Joe. Since he was in the ground I'm sure the cats feel it's their right to lay claim. I have 3 cats and their always amusing. I have 1 cat named Gooffy, a big male, who's our "Marley" cat. If you've seen Marley, that's him.

    Take care,

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    Gee, I wonder why St. Joseph has more success selling someone's house when he's below the ground than if he was above the ground? That's interesting.
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    Found this link about how burying St. Joe got started.