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    Hi Karen and all

    My CFS doctor's office have emailed my results from 2 weeks ago. Main findings-

    Digestion just about ok
    Absorption just about ok but phospholipids just in range but on low side at 2.2 range 0.2-8.8

    Metabolic Markers
    Total Beneficiary SCFAs perfectly in middle of range
    n-Butyrate ok but not very high at 5.9
    Beta-glucuronidase ok but not very high at 548
    *PH very high at 8.1 means my gut is very alkaline and over the range

    SCFA distribution
    Acetate 74.5% just over the range
    Propionate 11% just ok
    n-Butyrate 14% ok

    Negative for Immunology and Parasites

    There is a problem with the beneficial bacteria
    Lactobacillis low at +1 should be +4
    Escherichia coli normal at +4
    Bifidobacterium slightly low at +3 should be +4

    Additional bacteria all +1, Mucoid Escheria coli at +4 but not comments about these so presume ok

    Now the surprise -
    Geotrichum species 2+
    should be nil
    This acts as if it is Candidiasis and is an opportunistic pathogen seen in immunocompromised individuals.

    This explains why I often tested negative at my GPs for candida yet I knew I had a problem with yeasts cos can feel it in my gut and always have a vaginal discharge cannot get rid of.

    It is suggested that fluconazole and Amphoceterin B is effective and Nystatin is fairly helpful. Trouble is these drugs always make me feel terrible so not keen on taking them, maybe after several months on the natural ones.

    Also Caprylic Acid and garlic is useful against this yeast and I have been taking it for the past 2 weeks and have had nasty die-off symptoms of severe persistent migraines. I don't think I tolerate a lot of garlic very well, it makes me feel toxic.

    Does anyone know why my PH is so alkaline and it explains why I have to take a high amount of betaine HCL with meals. I was still taking 600mg betaine and some proteolyic enzymes whilst I did the test and it has come out that absorption and digestion looks ok on this dose which is a big surprise. I understand that my very weak adrenal and thyroid disease probably cause the high pH but not sure.

    I am waiting for my doctor's comments but I have far worse bloating and migraines since starting the no sugar no fruit diet plus the caprylic acid so I guess the yeasts are being stirred up.

    I would be very glad of any comments.


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    Hi Pam,


    metabolic markers

    beneficial scfa's 18.2, good
    n butyrate 2.9
    beta glucoronidase 3655

    my ph is 8.1

    scfa distribution

    acetate 54.9
    propionate 29.2
    nbutyrate 15.9

    I listed all my bacteria and yeast on the stool analysis thread, it's not good. What kind of test is that your doc uses to detect yeast? I know the Dysbiocide, which is all herbs, and the low carb diet with no cheating got rid of the yeast in 2 months the first time. I'm counting on it working again. I think the tomato avocado salad with some vinegar was what brought the yeast back. Vinegar is supposed to be avoided with anti yeast diets, thought I'm not exactly sure what it does to help it along. I'd try this Dysbiocide from Biotics Research before I'd take any drugs. The drugs are going to be hard on the liver and everything. My liver is very sensitive and the Dysbiocide didn't bother me at all. And as far as I can tell, I haven't experienced any diet off whatsoever.

    I'll ask Farr about the ph the next time I talk with him, next week.

    This stuff is way over my head, I haven't studied all these things. I'm trusting Farr to know what to do so I've taken a break from researching everything to death. I'll get back on top of it at some point, but I just don't know enough to really say much other than muse how different our labs can be and geez this takes so long to fix it sucks. But I think as long as we follow the diet to a "T", it will be a faster fix. I got rid of most of the yeast, in 2 months. At first, I had 3 kinds of yeast, then in 2 months I only had one. Now I have 2 again. So no more vinegar for me. Lime juice is an adequate substitute, I just wanted to venture away from the diet a tiny bit and see what would happen. So to my fellow yeasties, don't try this at home. A tiny cheat can set us back months of treatment, which is costing money and inconveniencing our diets even longer.

    I have probably read it somewhere, but I can't remember squat. What are you doing for thyroid and adrenals? You may want to bump your reply after a day or so if I don't answer, I'm going to be busy with a project for a couple of weeks and won't be on the computer so much.

    It's late and I'm brain dead by now, anyway.

    take care


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