my childrens speech is bad, do u think????

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    my girls are preemie twins. they had their twin speech for a long time. i could tell they were having speech problems before i got sick, then i got sick and i dont know if i talked to them for a year, i mean i cant remember that year. talking was kind of out of commision for me, it exhausted, i stuttered. i could put my words together to save my life.
    they are 8 now, speech classes since they were 4. i am not going to agnoize if i hurt them in this, but do u think there might be a connection ????? they are good girls, and they love going to speech class, so i am glad about that.
    i would love any imput.
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    but my 4 year old is having problems with his speech. He stuters and slurs his speech. I am hoping that my bad speech for the last three years has rubbed off on him and he is not sick as well. It scares me even more when he does not want to socialize, play and has serious sweats at night.

    As much crap as I have been through just to get a dx., not even a dx. I would hate to put him through that.
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    That's interesting - now that I actually think about it - I had a lisp when I was a little girl. I started speech classes when I was in kindergarten.

    My oldest daughter is 8 now and still has a little lisp. But these days, instead of slamming you right into speech class like it was a cancer they had to root out of you (much like being left handed - I am ambidexterous and they also made me be right-handed) - they test for "age appropriate" speech.

    I have had her evaluated every year since she was in kindergarten and so far she is still "age appropriate" even though she has some trouble with "ch" and "sh" sounds. My youngest is just learning to talk so I really can't say yet whether or not she has the same traits.

    Speech impediments can be inherited but as far as your lack of speech to them I don't think that had anything to do with your not speaking to them.
    It is most likely due to their developmental delays as preemies. Generally by the age of 9 months full-term babies have all the language processing information they need to begin speaking. Why they don't until many months later is still a mystery.

    Because both girls came early, their neurologic systems were immature. Some of the wiring for language was probably affected. But don't blame yourself - its just what happened.

    I had preterm labor with my oldest and managed to stop it with bedrest. However, pre-term labor is considered "traumatic" to those last developmental finishing touches to the baby. As a consequence my daughter has incomplete tooth enamel on both her baby teeth and her adult teeth. I didn't ask to go into pre-term labor - same as you didn't ask for it. It just happened. Teeth are just fallout stuff that resulted from that event.

    Now my husband and I have and will be spending tens of thousands of dollars to have all of her teeth crowned. She already has eight stainless steel crowns that were put on to preserve her molars until they are ready to come out when she is about 12.

    Instead of making her self concious about it we celebrate them in my house - I tell her all the time that she is going to have a "movie-star" mouth full of beautiful teeth by the time everything is said and done - the best teeth in the family - far better than the "natural" teeth that her Mom and Dad are stuck with!

    Just tell your girls that after all their special speech lessons, when they get older they will be fabulous speakers and can do something better than everyone else when it comes to speech - like be the best actors in the school plays or on the best kids on the debate team.

    Madame Curie
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    When my younger sister started elementary school, the speech teacher sent home a note that my sister needed to start speech lessons.
    My mother was very annoyed by the note. She said There is nothing wrong with the way she talks!!
    I told her to just go to the school and voice her opinion.
    Well, my mother being very British and all began to talk to the speech teacher and the teacher asked her a few questions like where Daddy was from, (Texas and Louisiana) and she started nodding her head and said Okkkaaayyyyy, now I understand! Of course, There isn't anything wrong with the way she talks!
    Baby sister had her own patois, a cross between British and Cajun. HA.
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    Often have speech problems. I think you proably DID speak with them, ypu just don't recall doing so. Stop blaming yourself. They sound like nice kids.

    Get a list from the S and L therapist as to what the problem is and how she is working with it. It could be just the way they use their tongues, or in preeemies, the voice box gets delayed in dropping lower into throat.

    It probably is something physical rather than emotional. Usually is.

    Love Anne C
  6. Hope4Sofia

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    They were born 4 weeks early. They didn't have any serious problems (a little jaundice) but they have never slept well - EVER. They are almost 6 and still get up every night.

    They didn't say any words until they were about 2 1/2 and that was because a friend of mine(a speach therapist) was working with them twice a week.

    They were very difficult for others to understand until they were about 4 1/2. Now they do pretty well. I don't know if it was the premie thing or just them doing things in their own way and time.

    My daughter spoke early and well.

    Anyway, don't take too much blame here. It is what it is and you're dealing with it as you should.


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    and not one of them had a speech problem until our youngest.He eventually grew out of it,but we talked to the others and didn't use baby talk-Who know's where it comes from.Linda..........WE talked over the issue of being stigmatized.he is now in the 10th grade and doing well.
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    i had preschool that one day had the local school district have speech evaluations...done on 3 and 4 year old children....

    they told me i needed to get in speech therapy right away...well i called my mother in law, who taught kindergarten for 12 years and retired after 30 years of teaching....

    she said jodie, be careful the school's get more federal funding if they have your child in special ed classes or counseling...she said if he needs classes try to have him get them done outside of the school if at possible...because it saves on the feeling of being different and he will be missing classroom time, which will put him behind to begin with...and she said there is nothing wrong with his speech...

    so i made pedo appt...he was ticked at what this evaluation stated...he said he is too young to be speaking all of this and that...he explained and got me a handout from u.c.s.f medical explained by the months to the years as to what sounds a child should be making...he said there is nothing wrong with this kid, but i will make a referrral to a speech pathologist and an audiologist...

    so i went...they tested his hearing...hearing was fine..if i remember right it was a little different in one year but no concern because he had a p.e. tube in it..

    then off to the speech therapist...she said he is still to young to take speech classes..but we could try some and see if it does i took him to blow throuhg a straw to hit at kleenex so it would move...

    she explained just like the form stated from the medical school...unitl he hits 8 his muscles in the mouth are not fully developed until these could be a waste of time until he turns 8...and when he turns 8 he may have out grown any problems he may be having///

    he was tongue thruster...meaning he was not pronouncing his "th's" would say free instead of three, say fumb instead of thumb....

    well i had been thru dental school as a registered dental i knew something pertaining to speech problems and the i took him to an orthodontics the put some bracket device on his inside of his lower teeth...they had a few little prong to sort of poke his tongue back...did'nt hurt him or make him bleed...

    it was a habit that needed to be did the trick and happy to say he did not need any additional orthodonitics...

    he had an open bite that closed up once he stopped the tongue cost me only $800 becaue i got a 50% professional discount...we did not have dental insurance...if hubby had it at the time iwouldn't had topay anyting...

    so parents pleas turn every leaf and page before you listen to your schools concerning some issues...research....don't deny that there is a problem but do check every avenue you can....with internet now days it is even so much better....

    so i saved my son's self esteem and the insurance company money then myself time and gas spent sitting in weekley appts....

    just wanted to let you guys know sometimes it isn't always necessary...there are people, shcools benefitting off from prying on young children...

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    working on his speech problem until 2nd grade-He didn't have to go to a special class-the teacher came to the room and helped other children in the class too.The children didn't realise that the teacher was in speech therapy.

    He is now in tenth grade and doing well.We talked over the fact that the school would get income but decided to go for it when they explained that he wouldn't leave class.Linda
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    i agree with you about school.

    my girls are unfortantly quite severe, where they were self concious and other kids saying 'what are they saying'. but now at age 8 (2nd grade) so much better, and i am so grateful for our public school system, whew.