My chiro visit - accomplished a lot

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    I saw my chiropractor today for my back and neck
    and had a very productive visit. I had so many things
    I wanted to discuss with him.

    First thing I did, was tell him about the fall and my
    eye and numb leg goings on, as well as my back
    neck and leg. I was kind of teary eyed and shakey
    as I spoke to him. I also told him about my mother.

    We discussed her for awhile and I asked him about
    a good psych and also endocrinologist. He said
    he thinks it is most likely anxiety due to her age
    but to also get her checked out by endo.

    Next we discussed me. First off he told me that
    he doesn't' know much about the eyes. He checked
    my neck and said it wasn't really bad and that
    it is not related to the leg, neck, back thing. He
    thinks it is just a coincidence. He said to see
    an eye doctor. I am going to wait because I see
    the Lyme specialist July 22 many weird eye
    problems go with Lyme. He said he thinks my
    description of floaters sounds more related to
    lyme than FMS.

    He did some stretching on my back and checked
    my leg. He said I did a good job on my leg and
    he can feel the knots. He used the electric massage
    thing. He also did some towel traction on my neck.

    Next, I addressed my old Percocet pills. He said
    that I could definitely take them. They are four
    years old. He says with those, it is fine and he
    does it himself. He also said he thinks the endo
    might give them to me on Tuesday.

    I told him about my dr. doing my stool test at
    hospital and how I wanted them done at
    Great Smokey Labs because I know they are supposed
    to be the best. He said that I shouldn't even bother
    with the hospital ones. He said Great Smokey
    is definitely THE best lab in the country for
    intestinal problems. I asked if he could order them
    for me ( he used to be more into this stuff but now
    just does straight chiro). He told me that because
    he is not an MD it would cost me much more than
    it would cost if I got my dr. to do it. He said he would
    but I should see if the dr. would do it. He said I
    could tell her that she said they are the best.
    HE also said he would help fill out all the forms, etc
    for me or help me to.

    He left it that if I feel better after what he did today
    to call him for another appointment. I asked
    if I could ever call him just for advice or to talk
    things over. He said yes. He just said he would
    call me back during his lunch hour.

    I am so relieved about everything. He has always
    been great to me and now I know that he agrees
    with everything regarding lab and also that he
    is aware of chronic lyme and it definitely exists.

    I feel like I accomplished so much today and feel
    comforted by the fact that he can be leaned on
    for help.

    That's it for now.
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    After all your frustrations and worries you found someone to help with your immediate pain, worries and gave good advice. I think it's marvellous too that he has given you permission to contact him as well.

    There are some good doctors, chiros etc, out there it's just a matter of finding them.

    Hope you manage to persuade your doctor to do the Great Smokey test.

    This is clearly the turning point for you now.

    Good luck with it all


  3. Jen F

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    so happy for you!