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    Please keep me in your prayers at your Easter worship services. I can't attend due to severe panic disorder, and right now I need help.

    My bible is my friend and I get much comfort from it, but right now I need your prayers also. I miss our friends that are no longer here and have been crying today for the loss I feel. I know they are safe in God's hands, for their faith is strong...and I know I'm safe too, but I'm having difficulty knowing how to handle certain situations on the board.

    I don't want to let my Lord and Savior down by not standing up for His name....He has given His life for me/us and I refuse to turn my back on Him. I pray that He will guide me and give me the right words when I need them most....please ask the same for me. In Christ, who suffered from the hands of those who did not believe***Jole***
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    My prayers that you have a blessed Easter, that the Holy Spirit will grant you his peace. Also, I watched the Passion of the Christ last night. I think you mentioned that you haven't seen it yet. Very difficult to watch,I cried through the whole thing,many times had to look away. Watching this through Mary's eyes,was very painful. She too suffered greatly, having to follow silently along side her Son. As difficult as it was to watch,it also reaffirmed on a deeper level,what I already believed(other Christians as well). Our Saviour suffered unimaginable pain for all of us. He loves us that much! I am grateful to Mary for saying "yes" to God. Because of her fiat,we have a Redeemer who through His will,offered Himself up for all of mankind.~~~ Blessings,Jeanne
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    So sorry that you are taking the losses of our friends so hard. I feel badly to but there is not much I can do for sure. I also know that I have not been in the midst of all this but I have done alot of reading rather than posting. I am so sorry also that you can't attend regular church services. However, I am sure that our Lord understands your limitations sweetie. Try just to pray in your own words and to read the bible or other stories of holy people.

    Take care my dear. I don't know if you will be seeing your family or not tomorrow. If so that will be something positive that you can also look forwards to. Maybe you could watch some TV services. I think maybe someone also mentioned that. Just pray and I am sure HE will hear you.

    God bless you Jole and I will thinking and praying for you at our Mass tonight.


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    Have been praying for you today, that the Lord will bring comfort to you in your grief. And that he will guide you with his perfect wisdom, to know how to feel at home here on this board, or to lead you elsewhere.

    He won't let you down!

    Wishing you a joyous and Blessed Easter.

    I'm waiting for the first signs of dawn, for my own Sunrise Service.

    He is Risen! Hallelujah!!!

    Will keep you in my prayers,