My coconut oil arrived - what do I do with it?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pepper, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. pepper

    pepper New Member

    My Tropical Traditions Extra Virgin Coconut Oil finally arrived from the Mercola site. And I don't know what to do with it!

    I know that Jasmine takes it straight - ugh! - by the tablespoon! I tried and cannot eat it like that. It isn't the least bit sweet. I think that it tastes terrible!

    I use it to grease my egg poacher in the morning. Aside from that, I don't have a clue what to do with it.

    Any ideas?
  2. springrose22

    springrose22 New Member

    Use it in a homemade vinagrette for a salad dressing. Marie
  3. LdyM

    LdyM New Member

    I put it in my morning health shake/smoothie!

    I've tried it on toast w&wo salt and that did not work for me. I sometime saute with it also Pepper.

    Very pretty photo in your bio, **LdyM

  4. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member

    Yes, I have also used it on my skin. It takes care of the dryness like nothing else can.
  5. Grandma6

    Grandma6 New Member

    Hey All,
    I've been off the boards for awhile and have no idea what the news is on the coconut oil. Please,someone fill me in.

  6. pepper

    pepper New Member

    On a salad, in a smoothie, sauteeing, on my skin, use it like olive oil or butter on veggies. These are all good ideas and I will give them a try.

    If all these fail, I will give it to Marsha's sister! :) Just joking, I want to use this stuff.

    Grandma6, if you search on this board and on Dr. Mercola's site, you will find all sorts of good information on Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. It has to be high quality stuff. It is supposed to have anti-viral properties and perhaps help with candida. Many people with CFS have found it helps their symptoms probably because of these properties.


    Edit: For Grandma6: On searching through the old posts, I was reminded that it is good for those of us with hypothyroid issues and possibly for weight loss. Time will tell if it works or not!
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  7. pepper

    pepper New Member

    I typed you a message and don't know where it went!

    I have high cholesterol too and my CFS doctor told me that the coconut oil would not be a problem - it might even help, as long as it is high quality stuff.

    Spreading it on whole wheat bread sounds wonderful! Whole wheat bread sounds wonderful! Unfortunately I am on a gluten free diet and have tried it on the brown rice bread. Not so good.

    I am wondering if I should try it on another kind of gluten free bread. If there is a good one out there.

    I missed that thread last night when I was searching. I will have a look now.

    Thanks for the suggestion.
  8. Jasmine

    Jasmine New Member

    It's Jasmine! Yes, I do take my coconut oil straight from a spoon after breakfast every morning. It's tastes okay, it's not that bad. But I think you could put it on your morning toast and pretend it's kind of like butter or put it in your morning smoothie or in your eggs or cereal even. I've been taking 3 tablespoons now for the past four months and it's great. I even started putting it on my skin every night before bed as a wrinkle cream and mousturizer. I'll try it out on the hair soon as a hot oil treatment before shampooing my hair. It's great!

    Love, Jasmine
  9. pepper

    pepper New Member

    You are a brave woman swallowing that stuff straight! I thought I would be able to do it - until I tried just a teeny bit. It's horrible!

    However, I have been "buttering" my toast with it (rice bread toasted) and it is fine. I also made muffins it. I was having two muffins a day and started to herx (I think) so am just using it on my toast.

    I am going to try it in muffins again and see if I have the same reaction. Then I will know that I am herxing and just cut it back. But that will be proof that it is doing something!

    Thank you for your reply.

  10. pepper

    pepper New Member

    Willow_whisp, swishing it around with hot tea in my mouth might be a way to take it. I may give that a try.

    Dianna, we should watch for any cholesterol warnings about it. I am going to double check with my CFS doctor when I see him in March. He told me to go ahead and try it saying that it might help, won't hurt. He knows about my cholesterol but I will remind him.

    It is so hard to tell what is working and what isn't. I am feeling better this past week and cannot decide what is helping. I used to just try one new thing at a time but it takes so long for some things to kick in, it is just really hard to tell what is having an effect.

    Best to stop something as you have and starting it again to see what happens. I am going to try those muffins again tomorrow and see.

  11. Jasmine

    Jasmine New Member

    Luckily I had no negative reaction with the coconut oil. Those little spots could be hives and that would mean you are allergic to the coconut oil. Or you could be going through herxheimer reaction with the coconut oil. Be careful with it!

    Sometimes I get the itchies and I take Vitamin C 500 mg pills because I think I have a large amount of histamine in my body.

    Love, Jasmine
  12. pepper

    pepper New Member

    I have had a rough couple of days and have not been on the 'puter. I was so happy to see these replies. I am definitely going to stick with the coconut oil and see what happens. Yes, Dianna, keeping it to 3 tbsp is a good idea.

    It has taken me awhile to develop a taste for the stuff but I really do like it now. I could never be as brave as you though, Jasmine.

    Thank you, Anastasia, for all those great ideas on how to use the coconut oil. I should have no problem getting down 3 tbsp using all these ideas.


    Edit to say: wamps, that sounds like hives to me and you may be allergic to something new that you have started, whether it is the coconut oil or something else new that you have eaten or bath products you have used or detergents to clean your clothes.
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  13. Jasmine

    Jasmine New Member

    I'm glad you're feeling better now. I just remembered I forgot to take my coconut oil this morning! What a memory! Coconut oil straight up for me! LOL!

    Love, Jasmine
  14. jfrustrated

    jfrustrated New Member

    One way of using the coconut oil is to add a couple of drops of essential oil e.g.,lavender, and use it as a body cream: more easily absorbed straight after th shower, on the way to bed.

    Some one I know empties a few capsules of vit E oil into about 2 cups of the oil and rubs that on for a good body cream.
    A bit sticky, but she says that it absorbs quickly.

    fry some (prawns /fish/chicken/pork/veal) in coconut oil and then add a tin of coconut cream and some thai green curry paste (mild:medium or strong) and some chopped chives or shallots and such vegs. as sliced carrots/peas/snow peas. Serve over steamed rice.
  15. Bailey-smom

    Bailey-smom New Member

    I had to post because so often I buy things and worry later what to do with them:)

    I just wanted to let you know that I got a chuckle!

  16. pepper

    pepper New Member

    jfrustrated and Stormyskye for your ideas. I think this stuff is going to be useful after all!

    Jasmine, I have a feeling that you'll be all alone in taking it straight up!

    Kelly, I do this all the time too. I send my DH off on errands to get very important stuff for a recipe and then forget all about it until I am cleaning out the fridge or the cupboards months later. Or I see it sitting there and wonder why the heck I had him buy it!

    And I buy supplements and stuff and often forget until my doctor asks how they are working! I guess we might as well chuckle about it.

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