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Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by Pippi1313, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. Pippi1313

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    I accidentally found this site/board just 1 hour ago. After reading some posts, I wanted to join y'all, even though I'm not a "joiner" by nature & even though my illness isn't on your list.
    I found y'all when I googled a phrase & received ONE hit! The phrase was in a post from "catgal", way back in 2003.
    So, here I am!!!

    I'm not here to find info about my illness. It's a rather uncommon condition & most of the "info" I've found doing research online, is just plain wrong. Luckily, my doc is quite knowledgable. :)
    I'm here because I have a severe chronic illness, & life pretty much sux... I'm SO tired of missing out on everything, dealing with pain, being a "cripple", being WAY too familiar with hospitals, & living in a world that doesn't understand & doesn't WANT to understand.

    I'm here because (judging by your posts) y'all DO understand!!!

    We can't talk about this stuff with most people.
    The last thing we need, is the agony (LOL!) of listening to some healthy person who feels compelled to give US advice about how-to-cope! As IF they have a clue!

    So, I'd like to join in here, if y'all will have me. :)
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    Welcome to the board. Lots of nice people here to talk to.

    Don't know if you are troubled w/ depression, but many of us have multiple
    problems and visit that board. You may also want to check out the chit
    chat board which is for socializing. People talk about kids, pets, TV, music,
    books, etc.

    You can find the board rules in the upper right hand corner.

    Yes, people who are healthy have all kinds of wonderful advice. If you'd just
    exercise; get a job; get married; get divorced; join my church; read this book;
    eat a lot of protein, etc. And, of course, the all-time favorite: Just Snap Outta

  3. Pippi1313

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    What to eat, what to read, who & how to worship... Makes ya wanna eat Big Macs, read comics, & publicly claim to be an athiest! HaHa

    I've actually heard phrases that include "stiff upper lip" something about my "bootstraps". I mean DUH! They could at least be creative & come up with something original (yet just as meaningless & dismissive).

    Seriously, though. Thanks for the quick response. And the advice. Depression is the one part I hate admitting to myself...

    I think I just might be in the right place. :)
  4. shelbo

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    :) This is a nice place to be - everyone is so supportive. I hope you like it here! :) Shelbo