My confusion with D3

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    I had been looking for Calcium with D3 and the packages would say Vitamin D (cholecaliferol) and I thought that meant just plain Vitamin D. The pharmacy incorrectly told me that Calcium with Vitamin D only goes to D2.

    I then checked on the website for the Vitamin D counsel and cholecaliferol ACTUALLY IS D3. So maybe this may help anyone else that was confused too. I wish the package labeling would be clearer.
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    I've learned a lot about the importance of supplementing with Vitamin D3 from the website It & prohealth are my favorite health websites.

    I buy Carlson brand Vitamin D3 drops (2000iu?) from I like the drops because you only use 1 drop (not dropper full) and it's tasteless so you can add it to your & your family's drinks. I use the gelcaps when traveling. I wish all of our supplements were tasteless & could be taken this way! : )
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