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    Our God is awesome and wonderful; quick to come to our aid!
    His mercy is everlasting!!

    Mary Lou has been found,(see Prayer for missing cousin post) and in a rather astounding way.

    When my sister discovered that Mary Lou was missing, I suggested that she call her doctor and let him know. This man has been my cousin's doctor, friend and advocate for over 15 years. He asked that Mary Lou's sisters come to his office immediately, and he would call the police and help them file a missing person's report. They did this.

    Fast forward a couple hours. One of this doctor's office workers goes to our local hospital to visit a relative. She walks in and sitting in the waiting room is Mary Lou.

    She was waiting for a cab and planned to go into the city around the Inner Harbor. The hospital waiting area had phones and was warm. She wasn't going downtown for a pleasure trip.

    The office worker called the doctor, and he has had Mary Lou admitted for evaluation.

    I am overwhelmed with thanksgiving, for God has once again preserved her life.

    Mary Lou has been a strong and determined woman. She has overcome many profound adversities. Often, she has been a care-giver when she should have been receiving care. Recent circumstances have evidently been more than she could bear.

    Please continue to pray for her, that God would use this situation to get her the best help for her physical and mental needs, and that He would provide her a better living situation.

    Thank you all for your prayers,

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    I join you in Praising the Lord for the Great work He has done!!We know there are no coiincidences ! Yes, indeed , Our Lord is Awesome, and Wonderful,; All praise and gory to His Name!! I pray He will provide all the care that your cousin needs...I am happy to celebrate the greatness of our Lord with you!! God Bless you and family, blessings
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    I'm so glad that Mary Lou has been found !!

    There is certainly POWER IN PRAYER !!

    Many Blessings to you, Judy <a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border=0></a>
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    This is so great. I will be praying for her that she gets her depression under control and finds a better, safe place to live. She sounds like a good person who has been through a lot in her life.