My daily battle to avoid issues, what I have to do:

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mikewaz, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. mikewaz

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    1. Take a hot shower before bed to lessen pain in the AM

    2. Try to sleep on my back at nite as much as possible

    3. Ice my back and neck in the morning to lessen pain and associated bad mood resulting from pain.

    4. Drink Peppermint, Comfrey, and Plantain herbal tea to assist my digestive issues.

    5. Drink White Tea to lift morning depression and brain fog.(I try to stay away from caffeine but at the moment its the only source I use to get me going)

    6. Juice fresh vegetables and especially greens in my juicer and try to get 16-32 ozs of juice into me b4 10 am so I can get the nutrients I am not getting from food.

    7. Take probiotics and also Perfect Food to work on cleaning out my digestive tract which is loaded with candida etc.

    8. Keep my windows closed when the landscapers are blowing leaves, cutting grass, and sending fumes from leaf blowers and mowers.

    9. Play relaxing music while I make tea and make products to lessen the whole grind of doing it.

    10. Wear a charcoal mask when walking around the city and taking the city bus. Enviromental toxins increase my pain, fatigue, and contribute to migraines.

    11. Try to get 2-3 hours of direct sunlite in early morning or late afternoon to increase Vitamin D and serotonin.

    12. Cook plain food with no seasoning or sauces due to leaky gut.

    13. Take melatonin at nite for sleep.

    I wanted to share this because it reinforces what I must do to keep myself out of relapses. I try to kid myself that this isnt really real and then when I dont do the things I need to symptoms get worse, i get depressed, feel more isloated, feel like a victim, push people away, and beat myself up for being sick.

    I need to take ownership of my illness and try to release the anger I feel towards MD's and family and friends for not understanding. This is the hand I have been dealt and no one is going to save me other than myself. I want to make the best of it and focus on being able to work from home, and try to contribute to society, instead of being angry and miserable. I dont have to like this illness but for now I have to accept it for what it is.

    Thanks for listening!!!!
  2. mikewaz

    mikewaz New Member

    Thanks, finding a decaf white tea would be great but I have to find someting that gets me going in the morning, and caffeine seems to be the only thing that works for me right now.

    I am defficient in Vit B6 so I know I have to find a safe product to use to get that nutrient since I know it contributes to major brain pauses. Since I have 76 food allergies I seem to react to almost all supplements except a choice few.

    I just mailed out an extensive stool test from Great Smokies and will get the results in a couple weeks. I hope the $300 spent on it will give me some results I can work with and be more specific with my recovery.
  3. Pianowoman

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    It's a pretty sobering reality when you see it listed like that. Life is a constant struggle for so many with this illness. You are trying really hard to find acceptance and peace and I hope you can find it. You certainly are not alone, many here will understand your struggle. That's the beauty of this board.

  4. mikewaz

    mikewaz New Member

    Yes, I avoid all those nasty cookware items that release poisons. Lately I seem to react to everything. There is alot of smog in Phoenix these days and I think that may be contributing to the problem. It hasnt rained in 114 days and the air is pretty stagnent.

    I moved here from Massachusetts and now I feel like I may have to move to Northern Arizona to find cleaner air. I may have to look into Sedona or Flagstaff but also I cant tolerate temps under 40 degrees to Flagstaff would not be an option but MAYBE Sedona or somehting like Payson or Cottonwood or Prescott. I cant beleive sometimes how much the enviroment affects me and I dont really have the strength to move but I feel my life is pretty much on the line and I need to do anything I can.
  5. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    Thanks for sharing. I don't know if you saw my post today, but there is a non profit org. called Partnership for Precription Drug Assistance. They help you get you drugs free or at a reduced cost if you qualify. You call 1-888-4PPANOW and they help you complete the paperwork.

    Like you, I have suffered with this DD for years. We all have to have ways to survive with this, one day at a time.

    You mention that word "isolation". I think thats one of the worst things that happen. I have worked from home the last ten years due to this DD.

    We look healthy and many times have normal lab work, so most doctors don't take us seriously - thinking our problems are psychological.

    Thanks goodness for our support board.

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