My daughter has Crohn's disease--she is only 16

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by razorqueen, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. razorqueen

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    The diagnosis is in and Jerica does have Crohn's. We will have to go to Winnipeg to the Childrens Hospital to see the pediatric G.I. specialist. We have a long road ahead of us and we learn about this DD and how to treat it, find the right meds, foods, and supplements.
    This is so overwhelming for me. As if I don't have enough to deal with concerning my own health. My IBS of course has acted up already. I can't seem to think about anything other then this Crohn's. So many unknowns yet. that I guess it the scary part. We don't have a clue what to espect.
    Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we head out on this new journey. If any of you have Crohn's and have any advice to offer, I'd would love that too
  2. chubby

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    Hi. So sorry your daughter has Crohn's. I have ulcerative colitis (as well as CFS) so I know how miserable she probably is.

    There is very good evidence now that Crohn's is caused by a bacterial infection by the MAP bacteria. It's transmitted through dairy products from infected cows. There was an article on it in the March/April and May/June 2004 Saturday Evening Post magazine. You could probably find it at a library. Do a google search on MAP and Crohn's and you will also find information on it. Some doctors are having excellent cure rates using specific antibiotics.

    Good luck.

  3. Pianowoman

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    I don't have any direct experience with Crohns but I wanted to just say that you are in my thoughts today. Although a lot of teens have diseases like this, it seems so unfair.

    I think, though, that you are a strong and I'm sure your daughter is too. In the end, I know you will find the answers. You will get through this one day at a time.

    It's normal for you to be thinking only of Jerica now but I hope you can pace yourself ay least a bit and try to consider your own health.

    You know you have support here. Take Care.

  4. mbofov

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    I read the same thing a few years ago about a link between Crohn's disease and bacterial infection. It reminded me of how modern medicine used to treat stomach ulcers -- doctors used to say ulcers were caused by stress, and they couldn't help much, until it was discovered maybe 15 years ago or so that most ulcers are caused by a bacterial infection and are very easily treated using antibiotics.

    So, if I were you, I would do my own research and depending on what you find, educate the doctors if need be. It took many of them a long time to learn about and start treating ulcers properly with antibiotics, so I'm sure the same would be true with Crohn's.

    I'm sorry your daughter has to go through this. And for you, I know how painful it is to have a sick child. I'll say a prayer for you both --

  5. heavenlyanimals

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    i was just posting and i had asked if anyone had heard about your daughters test yet. i am so sorry and i have been PRAYING FOR YOU ALL. i have put her on my mothernlaws PRAYER chain in kentucky. my nefhew had ulcerative colitis and had to have a colostomy,but it was reversed a year later. my sister said to tell you all about the cleveland clinic . she says they are wonderful. again i am so sorry and i send Love and Prayers.. IF I GET TO GO TO CHURCH TOMORROW I WILL REQUEST PRAYER FOR HER . COLLETTE
  6. razorqueen

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    all, for your thoughts and prayers. We need all the prayers we can get. With all the things we have been thru in our life already, God has always been there for us, and I know He will not abandon us now!
  7. PepperGirl52

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    I know personally of a little girl, who's 10, who's battled crohn's for several years. She was in and out of the hospital-touch and go-so many times! I am a good friend of her grand parents.

    Her mom and dad put her on the Maker's Diet from the book, and she is off ALL medications, doing amazingly well, back in school, gaining weight, in better health then ever!! It would really be worth a try!!

    I definitely would NOT push anything that I didn't know for sure, but this is one thing I can tell you for sure-it worked for her. The author had a terrible case of crohn's, too. Good luck and God bless you!! PG
  8. kgangel

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    So sorry for all you are going through, it is always hard when our kids have problems especially health problems. though I do not know much about Crohn's , I do know my mother has it and the diet she is on helps her. She has to stay away from certain foods or she will really be bothered. She is doing very well though. I guess I would just read as much as possible about it and be there to comfort my daughter as I am sure you are!!

    Hope things get much better for you both soon.

    Best Wishes and Hugs to you both!!
  9. southernrose

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    RazorQueen, my family and I will be praying for your daughter. Please forgive my typing,for my meds kind of mess my head up. I was fixing to get off and saw your post. I have taken care of patients with crohn's. I haven't had it but I will try to find out more info for you and her. the sad part is she is so young, but with God's help she might be able to live a good life. Remmber now that my patience were a lot older, so hang in there beautiful young lady. GOD BLESS YOU BOTH AND MAY HE KEEP HIS HEALING ANGELS AROUND YOU BOTH. SOUTHERNROSE
  10. razorqueen

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    don't get to see the specialist till Nov 21st, unless there is a cancelation. Our GP is 80% sure she has Crohn's according to all the tests that they have done.
    Now she has come down with ANOTHER cold, its her 3rd since July. Missed school again today.
  11. razorqueen

    razorqueen Member

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