my daughter is being affected by my illness

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    Help!!! I think my 11 year old daughter is suffering because of me. Jennifer has always been an A & B student. All of a sudden she is forgetting to do assignments, not telling me about book reports and projects. This is so unlike her. We had a big discussion about this over the weekend. She was punished for not telling her father and I about assignments. We went through all of her books, notebooks, and drawer where she stores everthing. I started having her bring a form for the teachers to sign about homework, bookreports and projects. On Monday we went over everything together. She was thrilled to have the past zeros's out in the open. On Tuesday she had positive comments from her teachers about the Monday assignments. Then BOOM, I get a call today telling me she did not turn in a book report today that was assigned in February. I honestly believe she had no memory of this being assigned. I think her worry about me is affecting her. I am beside myself which just causes me more pain. And then of course, the teacher does not allow make-ups since it was assigned so long ago. So now Jennifer has 4 zero's from the last bookreport not turned in and today another 3 zero's. I blame myself for this. What can I do????
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    I am so sorry . that must be hard. what i would do is talk to her about your illness and comfort her tell everything will be okay. maybe that will work.sorry i'm not much help. :/ peace...zoe