My Daughter Is Going To Be On The Today Show....

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by lgp, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. lgp

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    on Monday 4/7. She is a second year recipient of a New York Women In Communications scholarship and will be doing the weather, along with the other recipients (there's about twenty of them) with Al Roker (that's NBC). Most of the recipients are high school seniors with a few of them return recipients. My daughter is one of the return recipients. We're so very proud of her. Her Dad and I will be there--maybe they'll catch us on camera--CBS did last year. Look for me, I'm usually the tallest woman in the crowd, and I'm always wearing sunglasses!!

    As I write this, it's so weird, but her twin sister is at another college, in another state, but I'm listening to her speak because she DJ's her own radio show on Thursday nights. I can hear my daughter's voice through my laptop. It's really strange.


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  2. Cromwell

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    You must be proud we will look out for a tall woman!!
    Well done to your kids.

    Love Annie
  3. springwater

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    how wonderful to have not one but TWO children who do you proud.

    Its testimony to you and your husbands parenting skills.


    God Bless
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    My son went to NY two years ago with his high school choir and they visited outside the studio... I saw him standing out there with his white hat on and sat there and bawled thinking man that's my son so far away! Got it on tape and grandma in Arizona got to see it on tape delay too...

    Great memories!
  5. kellygirl

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    It is a wonderful feeling when our children do well for themselves, especially when they work so hard for their accomplishments. You feel so happy and proud for them.

    It's great being a mom........
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    it is so wonderful to see the great things our children do w/their life.