MY daughter is still coughing and was up most of the night

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    This morning she woke me up to let me tell her and my grandson good bye as she had to go to work. She had tried to call in sick today but another girl had already called in sick so they were going to be short handed and she had no choice but to go in and go to work.

    If she gets back to Logan early enough I am going to try to talk her in to going to the night clinic and get checked out. AS she spennt over a hour up last night just coughing so hard and was not able to sleep much.

    So if I can get her to see the doctor to instacare that is in a sepreate buliding than the hospital. I just want to get her checked out as she is so miserable. I can only hope that her boss has some brains in her head and can see that She is so sick and needs to see a doctor now. And will let her go to a doctor today and hopefully the doctor will tell her that she can't work for a few days.

    I know that she is getting irrratated as she is the one who is the last to leave every night at 6:30 and it is causing some problems with her husband as he wants her to be home when he is there. And she is not as happy as she was when she first started there. It makes her mad that she can't take a day off because of illness or that her baby is sick.

    She had to drive over a hour to wrork today as her hubby wanted her to be here with him at our house while he is staying here at night for drill. And for her it is a pain in the rear end to drive to work and drive back to logan and do it all the next day . And it is not good for her and the baby she is expecting and my grandson who is 19 months old.

    It is alot of stress and I think that she is about ready to tell them to bug off and I quit because she is so sick and needs to take care of her self asap.. She is trying to hold out till christmas so that they can have some extra money for the new baby and christmas. And then

    I am thinking and getting the feeling that when she has her baby in jan of 2007 she is not going to go back to work at the daycare as she will have a two month old new baby at the hieght of RSV season. And she should be staying home with the new baby and not expeoseing her to everything under the sun.

    And sicne this job is helping her get some bills paid off it is hard to quit and she likes the money but she has had a cold since she started working there a couple of months ago as has my 19 month old grandson. She said that her boss told her that she just needs to build up her immune system and then she won't get so sick as often.

    HOW STUPID is that. YOu don't let a pregnant woman work while she is sick and she does not need to be exposed to the colds of the kids every day. This may work if she was not expecting but it is not working now.

    So I am going to call her before she leaves work today and have her tell them that she is sick and is going to the doctor tomorrow and will not be in after wards as she needs to get some rest and time to recover as does the grandbaby. And I will make sure that she see's a doctor that can help her feel better.

    IF I knew the phone number at her work I would call and tell them that she has a doctors appointment today becuase she is so sick. And then have her come home and I will make sure that my gp can see her and the 19 month old grandson as well.

    But I don't know the name of the center where she works and I don't know the phone number to call them and talk to her about it.

    I am worried and don't know what to do. I wanted her to call in sick today but it didn't do any good at all to call..

    So I am oging to call my GP and ask a question about her cough and the baby's too and see if he can tell me if she needs to be seen now and the baby as well..

    And hopefully I can get a hold of her before she leaves work and tell her that she needs to be seen by a doctor as there is something going around and she can get phemumonia if she does not take care of her self as well as causing problems with the baby she is carring.

    Signed a worried MOm and grandma, It is hard to get grown up children to listen to what I tell them. She is 22 years old and is not paying attention to what I am telling her.

    Pray for me that her boss fells that she is too sick to work today and tomorrow.

  2. Bruinz

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    I hope your daughter is better today.

    How is she? Did she go to the doctor? Did her boss come to his senses?



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