my daughter w petituary tumor had a heart attack

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by atiledsner, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. atiledsner

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    I am distraught, disgusted, tired, and the list just goes on. I feel like life has cheated my daughter. I don't know where to ask for help. I am overwhelmed.

    She needs help financially,physically,emotionally and every way. I am in worst condition I can remember being in for a long time.

    I see all these people on Oprah, Dr.Phil---------get help.I don't know where to start to ask for help for her. Doctor told her he wanted to skip stress test and do arteria gram.

    I can't seem to even concentrate tonight.Please keep us in your thoughts.I just want to cry,scream, anything just to change what I am feeling right now.Help.........Dianne
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    I am so sorry about your daughter. I will remember your family in my thoughts and prayers. You need to get some rest, but then again it's hard to stop your mind when you are so worried.

    Everything will be ok. I know you will recieve a lot of support and prayers for your daughter. Bless you as you are going through this tough time.

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    so sorry to hear about the news of your daughter. sometimes things just don't seem fair in life. i have felt like that many times in my life time. different situations.

    i pray she is healed well and quickly. things have a way working themselves out.

    email oprah or dr. phil. why not go for it can't hurt.

    my son has felt like this in a way, watching that home show where they give people a new home to live in. that makes me hurt as well.

  4. atiledsner

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    At first we thought the tumor was a new thing that had developed, since she had her radiation treatment years ago.

    The doctor said that technology had become so advanced in the last few years that the tumor was always there but couldn't be detected.

    So in a way that is good news because she has been able to live a somewhat normal life for the past few years.So if the tumor was always there and she survived that gives me hope.

    The aterialgram has not been scheduled yet. We live in such a small town that if they did it here and found that she needed a stint or other treatment she couldn't have it here. She would have to go to a larger town and have a second one done then treated.

    I called her doctor and told him I saw no need to put her through two aterialgrams.That when he referred her to a heart doctor refer her to the larger town.

    It is so exhausting to deal with all the details. I just have to do a little sleep a little all day and night.

    I did write Oprah years ago because we found an article in a magazine about a doctors wife that was diagnosised with Cushings. It was so rare then she had it several years before she got the diagnosis.

    Oprah did respond as to the fact she got the letter.That was all I ever heard.

    Again thanks for your support.
  5. Marta608

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    Oh, Dianne, it's harder to have something wrong with our kids than it is to deal with our own problems.

    I'll keep you and her in my prayers.

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    I've just bumped my thread 'web site for informational purposes' for you.

    It's a gov web site that seems to be the portal for all things government. All links you may need to get her financial help (or anything else too) start from this web site.

    I'm so sorry to hear she's had additional health problems.

    I know it may seem at the bottom of your priority list right now, but please....TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF you can help to take care of her.


    Nancy B