My daughter's hypothyroid now too

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    And I know it sounds odd, but I'm so tickled for her. This is something that can be fixed with a regulated dose of thyroid meds.

    I've been so concerned about her and her fiance bickering, her moods have been off the chart, she's sleeping all the time, cranky, (I call her cranky pants) and the weight gain was really troublesome.

    It corresponded with her moving in with him so I was thinking something was really going wrong. I haven't seen her glowing in months.

    Now we know why!!!! For all of the problems she's had, she's always had a lovely disposition and the change was just a 180 turn around.

    Poor thing....I made her take her first dose of thyroid meds at the counter when they handed us her meds.

    There's hope for her and this marriage yet, and I'm so relieved to have it be something that we can work with....not just a problem between the two of them. Whew....

    I knew her fiance had to be wondering what happened to the young woman he fell in love with, now we know.

    And yet another reminder to never ignore new symptoms...

    Hugs all,

    Nancy B

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