My daugthers diagnoses

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sheila1366, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. Sheila1366

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    We found out toda Carrie has Cushing Syndrome.Her cortisol level is very high.This cause extreme weight gain,stretch marks all over her body,possible high blood pressure and diabetis and a few other things I have yet to understand.I plan on doing a bit of research today.

    The only cure ,which is 70% is removal of the tumor.She has an mri next week to check her putiratory gland.These tumors are very small and take time to find.they can be anywhere in the body.

    Along with all the other symptoms of cushing it causes depression and anxiety.My girl has been so depressed lately.She is just not herself at all.And not to long ago she hurt herself just out of being so depressed.That is what Cushing Syndrome does to people.

    This break my heart.She has so many other medical problems.

    We take it day by day.Enjoy every second with her and try to make her life as happy as possible.

    Please lift her up in prayers.
  2. daylight

    daylight New Member

    My prayer are for you and your daughter today.
  3. sisland

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    I'm so sorry to hear about your girl!! you and her are definalily in my prayers!!
    Having 3 girls of my own and always worrying about their health is hard to do! but again my thoughts and prayers are with you! Sydney
  4. futurehope

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    I am so sorry about your daughter. I am sure that they will find the tumor and get it out OK.

    Just wanted to let you know I know what you are going thru in a way.

    Our male Black Lab has Cushings Disease.


    My husband has a Pituatary Gland Tumor (which is a lot rarer in males). He does not have the Cushing Syndrome kind. He has a Prolactinomas Pituatary Gland Tumor.

    There are several different kinds of pituatary gland tumors.

    My husband does not take his seriously and does not try to get it shrunk down by medication. He just doesn't get it.

    Take care!!
    She will be just fine!!!

    Love and prayers,
  5. darude

    darude New Member

    I too have a pituitary tumour 7mm and I go back for third MRI shortly. Heres some info for ya

    So many patients are not diagnosed for years, due to overlooking a few of the simple tell-tale symptoms of a Pituitary Disorder:

    Mood/Emotion Swings
    Loss of Memory
    Loss of Sleep
    Sexual Dysfunction
    Eating Disorders
    - Anorexia
    - Obesity
    - Bulimia
    - Weight Gain
    Weakness in Limbs
    High Blood Pressure
    Irregular Menses
    Unusual Hair Growth

    Take time to go through the important information here on the PNA Website. Remember, the list above is merely an overview of possible symptoms you may be experiencing.

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