My Dear Father

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    Dear God,

    I need you more than ever right now. I know I have strength within me to stay on the path. I know that I am not using the gifts that you have given me to their fullest potential. It is a waste and not honoring you. Lord for when I am weak I am strong. Please fill me with your strength. My strength is not enough to fight the battles ahead. Just like you gave the strength at the Battle of Jericho, just like you gave the strength to David, fill me Lord. Make me holy. Fill me in You.
    Health both mental and physical weigh me down, distractions come to take me away from you, my work and from allowing me to be the Child you created me to be. Help me fight Satan around me. I have allowed the sin of this world and the pain of this world to distract me too much. Bring me back to Your path. Your strength.

    I am scared. I am scared that my work has suffered, that I will get hurt picking myself back up. Remind me of being that child where skinned knees would happen and there was not fear we would all pick ourselves up and run again. Give me the strength to ward off temptations, doubts, fears.

    Lord in you all things are possible. My greatest dreams can come true and be exceeded, as long as they are founded in Your Will, in Your Plan.

    You are a most gracious Lord and able to heal my heart, heal my fear and keep me moving in Your Light. I am far from perfect and have fallen several times and I thank you for always picking me back up. Show me Your path and allow me to be an example of your way through my actions.

    You are my Alpha and Omega. This middle can be muddy and dark but you are the true first and last of my world, my center and stabalizer.

    Mold me into your servant and where you want me to go from here.

    Oh Lord, I am your Child

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    Very inspiring to me.

    Lord, I join in with here2talk's prayer, and Tiggy's response.

    Bless us all here with the fullness of your Presence.

    Teach us how to receive your strength in our weakness.

    In Your Holy name, Amen