My Dear Tiggy

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    I am standing with you in prayer my friend.

    When we've done all we can do we just have to stand before the Lord and wait, by prayer and petition we ask, we knock, seek and keep on asking, Hoping on in Faith my dear Girl.

    Father God,
    I lift Tiggy up in prayer this day, Lord as I ask each and every day because Your word says by prayer and petition, I ask again this day for every Blessing that you have portioned for her to be released from the heavens, that Lord you would cover Tiggy with Your mighty hedge of Protection, Please father hide her in the secret place, Lord wrap your loving arms around her, Please bring to pass the blessing of another person to love and walk with her, please Lord provide tangibly, Your word says we are Blessed as servants of You Lord, please bring to pass the abundance and overflow that comes from you, that tiggy will not only have enough, but more than enough to help and bless others, Lord please have mercy.

    In Jesus Precious Name I pray Amen.

    Hold tight, you are a conquerer, Its all in The Lords timing, In Him we trust.

    Love and prayers.

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    I just checked in, its the early hours of the morning for you and late at night for me, I'm off to bed, have to work an early shift in the morning.

    I am praying for you.

    I know these hardships will pass, I just know it, God has good plans for each of us, You are a mighty servant of the Lord, he loves you with an everlasting love, Hold on and trust, even when it looks bleak, The Lord will use everything for Good for those who Love Him.

    We are headed toward the promised land, I just know it!.

    Love you Girl, Praying for the Angels of the Lord to surround you, As a new day dawns for you I hope and pray you have peace and sunshine, Joy and a new song in your heart.

    Love Cindy.
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    I really do.

    I think I'm past the desperation, I'm at a strange place in my life, never been here before.

    Right now, my life is just plain and simple...meaningless, in the world anyway, spiritually I am feeling strong...I know I have done all I can, I am truly just waiting for the Lord...whatever He has for me.

    For me 8 years ago my life changed dramatically, its been such a struggle, 8 really long years, I don't know that I will ever understand the whole situation, the only way I can reconcile it in my mind is that I lacked knowledge, made a poor choice, and I am living the consequences.

    Yet I believe in the word of God, I believe a new day will dawn one day, until then I will be obedient and do my best to make the most of my life.

    I am incredibly unfulfilled, starved, lonely, and sick to my stomache of my circumstances, I am exhausted, but what can I do??, I am restricted and controlled, my choices are limited, so I do what I have to, look for the blessings each day, I am very thankful, more so than I have ever been, I am grateful to get through each day these days...and I wait.. and wait for the promises of God to come to pass.

    I know how it is and I'm sorry you have to go through such hard times, lets keep praying and serving the Lord, rest when we can and give thanks for everything everyday. I pray for comfort and peace, I pray for us to have patience, I pray for our Lord Jesus to visit with us and assure us of His great love, His ways are not our ways.

    Hold tight, this too shall pass.

    God Bless you Tiggy.

    Love Cindy.