My Decision on "Yeast Thing" For Those Interested

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    Good Morning To All;

    First, let me say thanks to EVERYONE who replied to my original post. Some of you didn't get an individual thank you but your replies were read, considered, and appreciated! I didn't get to check in yesterday as this Nor'Easter thing we're getting here in NC had me in bed most of the day. The whole pain thing you know.

    I'm sorry the original thread got so long as I know that makes it difficult for people like us. Also, I'm very very sorry it got argumentative as that was not at all my intention. Everyone has their own opinions and beliefs, I totally respect that. Some of you have such passion! To me that's a good thing that I envy. Some of you are, on the other hand, skeptical and like to see the hard facts. I can truly appreciate that as I sort of fall into that category.

    All that being said, I've decided treating yeast overgrowth at this time is just not right for me. I now believe in it's existence, however I can't see it as a hidden epidemic. Those of you who have treated it and are much better, I don't doubt. Maybe you just intervened in time and had it not been treated, you might today have been in hospital or worse. Or, maybe the protocol you applied took care of something else going on in your body. But, I don't feel this is true for the majority of people with FM/ME(CFS).

    One reply to my post really jumped out at me. If you have your blood cultured and it grows yeast relatively quick, my opinion would be yeah, you have a yeast overgrowth problem. Also, if you have yeast coming out all orifices, then you'd better get to a doctor and have that culture done! Neither of those situations apply to me. That's one of the reasons I kept asking if a vaginal yeast infection was present when it was determined there was yeast overgrowth. Yes, I have a white tongue and sometimes a musty smell in places I won't discuss(not vaginal) but there are other reasons for those I feel. My theory, and I'm no doctor, is that if yeast is spreading through your gut and organs then it's got to be present in your blood.

    Another thing, every time I read an article on yeast overgrowth on the web it was connected to a site that sold lots of things to make the writer wealthier. Maybe that just makes me a bad researcher-I don't know. When I read medical papers I am more apt to give credence to a theory that cites other studies and research which backs up the studies. I guess I look for reasons why their theory should be believed even though I know to prove something is a ridiculous expectation in scientific research. Nothing is ever 100% right or wrong because of the magic of probability. I went to college with the ambition of becoming a researcher in the psychiatric field. I'm also a great fan of mystery and detective works. Maybe this explains my skepticism?

    I've been on probiotics for a couple weeks and I'm working on a better diet while adding vitamins and a couple supplements very slowly. Gut health I agree, should be addressed first. That was an easy decision as I have fairly intense IBS. A few times I was asked what was holding me back from trying a yeast protocol since it can be very inexpensive. The answer is my IBS. I have to be very careful what I put into my body because when it leaves my body it's sometimes debilitating for me. It has to really be worth the suffering and have no doubt I will suffer. At one point I could barely leave my home--bowel incontinence you know, very scary and no fun.

    I'm sure I have forgotten several points I wanted to make as my pain is pretty bad today. Because of several other problems besides FM/ME(CFS), I'll never get rid of that so I just have to adjust. Thanks again for everyone's help. I hope I never offended anyone by stating my own personal feelings and I wish you all the best in whatever decision you make for yourself concerning yeast overgrowth.

    Your Friend and Fellow Sufferer in FM/ME, Pat

    PS; Just a little tidbit I want to share--when I was 6 my newly born niece had thrush. Her mother had a bad vaginal yeast infection when she delivered. My mom and dad believed in the "old ways" so they took her to the 7th son of a 7th son. I watched as he laid her back carefully over his knees and blew down her throat. It was all very undramatic and as a 6 year old I was so disappointed. The next day she was completely better. Most people would laugh at this. Was her healing the result of her own body's defenses or some other extraneous variable? I'm sure scientists would say of course. People who believe intensely in a 7th son's healing capability would say no way--he did heal her. Just some food for thought!
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    bumping on up!
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    I understand that we all believe in different things and put our faith where our strongest hope or belief is.So go with what feels right for you, but don't let the yeast off the hook that easy.If there is a little room on a back burner, leave it there.I am saying this cause something you said caught my attention.I did an herbal cleanse last summer and I felt better 2-3 weeks in, but you are right it did make me sick.I too have that crazy IBS.It used to run my life.I couldn't go out to dinner and if I had a day of running errands I had to do it without eating anything not even a cracker.Now I am diabetic so I gotta eat, but if the ole bowel is acting up I am tied to the toilet.Ok, back to the cleanse,the second day I was sick for a couple hours, but no worse than the usual IB,which is pretty bad honestly.Anyway once I got passed that I didn't have any attacks while on the cleanse.Just normal urges to go to the bathroom.Oh I did experience a skin thing that was a bit unnerving.I suppose toxins were released and I would sweat and it burned my face.I broke out and my face felt kinda raw for a few days.But honest, when it cleared up things were better.I ain't tryin to convince you, I'll just keep ya posted.
    As for the yeast showing in the blood,I don't know.I just know I have the recurring vaginal yeast infections,white tongue and I've been on and off antibiotics ALL my life.I figure,if the cleanse don't cure me it sure ain't gonna hurt.As I said I did one, but I need to do it a couple more times as needed.I gave up on the meds the doctors give cause I have become allergic to most everything.
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    What is the 7th Son of the Seventh son belief? I have not heard this before.

    ~ GigglePoet
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    I am originally from the mountains of WV. I am the baby of seven children so my parents were no spring chickens when I was born. Both of my parents were raised by their parents to believe in the "old ways". Probably because everyone around them back then was dirt poor and doctors were a luxury. One of their beliefs was that if someone had 7 sons in a row and then that 7th child grew up to have 7 sons of his own in a row, then that 7th boy child had special healing powers. He usually healed by laying of hands, I can't remember if he prayed during this or not. The only 7th son of a 7th son that we knew has since died. If he were still alive I would have already been to see him!(LOL) What with people having less children today, it would be a miracle to find one of those!

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    I just wanted to say I am sorry that I caused your thread to get heated! I usually don't post to threads about yeast because I have different views about the subject based on my medical lab background, but I posted my thoughts to you because you asked about all views pros and cons. A few posters here and I have a history of butting heads sometimes, so I do not post to their threads so as not to cause problems here, but I felt it was okay to post to yours. So, I just wanted to apologize to you.

    I think the problem with my views and others about yeast is basically symantics. In medical and laboratory terms, systemic yeast is yeast that has invaded the bloodstream and is causing septicemia. It is diagnosed in the lab by a fungus culture of the blood. I think the one's who say they have systemic yeast, are using a different criteria based on Dr. Crook's books on yeast and alternative medicine Dr's dianosis.

    I am not going to change people's minds who are made up about this and I know that. I just feel that other views should also be on this site as well. Then people who are not totally convinced either way, can take all the info here and do with it what they will.

    That is kind of why I stick around here, it certainly isn't because people like me! LOL I have gotten a lot from this message board. I basically had to tell my Dr. what I wanted to try to ease the pain of this DD! And I got most of my info here from the kind people who were willing to help me. Especially Mikie, Shirl and other posters who I kind of got to know but who were banned for one reason or another. I miss some of them because they also were willing to stand up with me and my views.

    I don't post much anymore, because when I do post anything contrary to the alternative views it usually causes a fight. But this IS a supplement site and though I do use the ZMA from this site (awsome by the way!) and also magnesium, my other meds are drugs.

    This site is going to attract more of the alternative crowd and believe me they are a fiesty crowd! LOL And I don't say that in a bad way! That is good that they are dedicated to getting well, whatever way they chose.

    So again, I am sorry your post got caught in the cross-fire! I wish you well on whatever path you choose to treat these DD!

    Take care, Sally
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    Hi Sally,

    I'm not a yeast crusader, honest.

    I would like to know whether you think that yeast can be a problem for people without "systemic" yeast (meaning in the blood etc.) though.

    Do labs tend to believe that yeast can get in the sinuses? (I've had several mainstream doctors say absolutely yes, but that doesn't mean that it's what everyone believes.)

    What do labs tend to believe about the idea that gut yeast can cause allergic reactions, making people feel sick?

    Do traditional labs tend to "believe" in blood tests showing the presence of yeast in non-specified parts of the body? (Not yeast _in_ the bloodstream, just markers that suggest it's present anywhere.)

    Yeast seems to have been a big issue for me. I'd thus like to see if my experience is consistent with how most labs look at things or if it's at odds.

    As you said, it may just be semantics. If so, that would be interesting to know.

    No flames from me regardless of what you say!!

    Best, Lisa

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    I totally believe you that you are not a crusader for yeast.

    I have gotten to know you a little bit through this extremely limited medium and you have a very respectful attitude and spend a lot more time asking questions and trying to figure things out for yourself.

    I was hoping that Matthewson would come back, because I would love to know more about the world of lab testing, and she would be a resource.

    I am a yeast "believer" you might say. I was not expecting a blood test for candida albicans to come back "negative". The test was to detect antibodies, not for the presence of yeast particles themselves. This created about a dozen questions in my mind.

    So, Lisa, would you be game to start a new thread on this? So we don't keep this one going too long? I would like a peek into the world of lab testing, myself. I should say, if I started a new thread, would you jump in?


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    I think you make a good point. But I think many have yeast problems because in all of us our immune systems are not functioning properly. I am curious if anyone on here diagnosed with IBS and/or has a lot of food allergies has ever suspected a parasite? And if so have they ever had any luck finding them. Just a thought. And if so, can a parasitic infection cause the yeasts and food allergy problem to grow?
  10. Slayadragon

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    I'm happy to talk a bit about yeast with you and anyone else who's interested....

    best, lisa

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