My DH and BIL need your prayers

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by pepper, Nov 17, 2006.

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    My life is usually pretty boring - and I like it that way. Lately that has not been the case. My DH's dear sister died one month ago today and he is dealing pretty well with that loss.

    Yesterday he got news that his brother's kidneys failed and he is in the hospital on dialysis. This brother was dx with cancer a couple of months ago and the chemo has not been working. The cancer is spreading and has blocked the ducts to the kidneys. It is very serious. He could use some prayers right now.

    My immediate concern is my own DH. He is going for training today for a new job that he is considering. I don't know how he is going to get through this day since he is devastated by the news of his brother.

    He told me last night that he is going to talk to the doctors tonight about donating his own kidney to his brother. This may not be an option because of the cancer but he wants to do it.

    My DH is the only family member in this city with his brother so once again he is in the position of being the only support and having to keep all the other family members notified.

    Please say a prayer for my DH. He told me last night that God wants too much from him.

    Thank you.
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    Father I ask in Jesus Name could You please come into the middle of this situation and bring peace in the midst of the chaos, confustion, doubt, fear and wondering right now. Please let all those involved feel Your peace. Please give those involved wisdom to do what is right. Please bring stability and healing to the brother in laws health. Please also help Pepper's husband to focus on his training and remember what he is learnin. Please strengthen him and give him the words to say to his brother in law. Please also help this family to see You in the midst of this and please reassure them that You love them so very much and that You are not punishing them or that You have not abandoned them. Please Lord let some good come out of this. Please let them see that You have them in the palm over your hand. Thank you In Jesus Name Amen.

    Pepper grab your Bible and a cup of tea and a pen and start to read in the Psalms( that is in the middle of the Bible) and underline all the verses where God says He is with us and loves us. It will bring great comfort.
  3. pepper

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    for the beautiful prayer.

    It is cold and rainy here today so I am going to put on a fire and sit in front of it with my Bible reading Psalms. That is a wonderful idea.

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    What a horrible set of circumstances for your family. Seems one baby step forward and two giant steps backwards. Prayer coming for you and yours. Cancer is in all our families, I wish I could think of something to ease your mind, but God rules not us.

    May the road rise to meet you..... may the wind be always at your back...... I am mentally singing the Old Irish Blessing, which seems a perfect thing for me to do for you.
  5. pepper

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    Since my DH is from a very large Irish Catholic family, the Irish blessing is totally appropriate. And I think we could all use a little wind at our backs right now. They lost another brother to cancer a couple of years ago and this never gets easier.

    Thank you for your prayers and the Blessing.

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    I posted to you on my thread about my aunt but it might get buried as this board moves quickly sometimes. How are things now for you hubby. I have been praying for him to be able to deal with all of these new challenges.

    I was thinking about him this morning and praying and I think when we are all being stretched we never think we can take anymore and that is the place God really moves in us when we aren't always aware. I know the times that I

    didn't think I could take anymore that is the times I look back and see how much stronger I actually became. The going through it though is not fun and never easy. It is when we come out the other end stronger in our faith and stronger just because we know the Lord was with us is the times of rejoicing. I will continue to pray for him, you and his brother.

    Take care.

  7. pepper

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    for your prayers and words of encouragement. I did see your reply on the thread about your aunt when I was looking for things to pray for last night. I will check that thread to see if you have updated us on her condition.

    My DH was finally allowed to see his brother today and is quite upset. His brother has been strangely very private about his illness - my DH is the only one who is told anything and he is allowed to tell only certain things to the rest of the family! It is a big stress for him not to be able to share except with me.

    His brother told him today that he saw what he did for their other brother who died and did not want to impose that on him again. If he only knew how difficult it is not to be told what is going on! When he rolled over in bed, my DH saw that he has had surgery in the kidney area and he never even mentioned it!

    He also told my DH that he does not expect to leave the hospital alive and is hoping that it is quick. I am remembering back to the first few months of my DD's. I remember thinking that I didn't know that a person could feel as ill as I felt and as exhausted as I felt and still be alive. I am hoping that he might be feeling that way because he has never been sick a day in his life before this.

    Sorry, I am blithering. From frustration I guess. In my family we all know everything about the others so this is very odd to me.

    I know that supporting his mom and shortly afterwards his brother in their dying days was hard for my DH but he certainly did come out of it stronger. That was when he was so grateful that he had retired and was no longer committed to 80 hr wks and was able to be there for them.

    So hopefully he can see that this time too. Or perhaps his brother is just in panic mode from not having been sick before.

    I appreciate your prayers so much, Nancy. It is wonderful to know that you are out there and praying for us.