My Disability file is finally in the hands of a judge

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tinaeve, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. tinaeve

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    Hi, I am pretty happy to find out that after almost 3 yrs a judge has finally got my file.My Senator Evan Bayh(Indiana) has been following my case and he wrote me with the news. I called my lawyer and they haven't even heard anything yet.Said it could still take up to 2 months before I get a date for court.

    Now get this, I have had 2 back surgeries in less than 2 years and I still have alot of pain.So went to see my surgeon about it,he did x-rays and said the fusion looks good.So,doesn't understand why I am still having problems,so sent me to have another EXPENSIVE MRI.

    My lawyer has a simple form that he likes for Drs. to fill out to make it easier for the judge to read than a jumble of paperwork.It is 3 pages and asks questions like,how long can I sit,stand,etc.. You will not believe what this Dr. is charging for filling out this simple form.$200!! And My lawyer will cover the expense and I will pay him back whether I win or lose. Now,this Doc never spends enough time with me to know the answers to these questions.So I am guessing what he will do lie on the form and possibly make it look bad for me? I called his office and told them that I will be present when he fills out the form.Have an appt in the morn for him to read the MRI.

    What would be the point of paying that much money and then not be able to ue it in court because he filled it out not in my favor.He has always said that my back problems would not disable me.Well,they have!!And I want him to let the judge know that.

    Sorry,I just needed to vent.How many of you have had to pay this much money for this type of form? It is an injustice as far as I am concerned.Thanks for listening.

    Peace to all,

  2. Britt2

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    Good luck with everything!! I am in kinda the same boat at the moment.... I am waiting on my insurance co to make a judgement on my Long Term Disability..... Its been 6 months of waiting and no income....
    I am just praying that they dont try and turn it into a 'pre existing' thing, I've been told that they really try and do that with CFS cases.......PLEASE! I was not impressed.
    I live in Canada so when we get an MRI it is covered by our med system. We have to wait about 4-6 months usually to get one done too . So I couldnt help you out with the cost question...
    But best of luck to you, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you too Tinaeve.
  3. charlenef

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    to charge you for info on your self? this hardly seems right get i new dr what a jerk!!!!!! chARLENE
  4. NyroFan

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    I sat with one doctor while he filled out a seven page SS form. He said that he usually charges $100 for it. So, I thought he would give me a break.

    When he finished he handed me the form and said 'That will be $100'

    Yes, I paid it and won my case.

  5. llama

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    Hi all,

    Sound a little bitter, you bet. I haven't so far had near the problems that some people have had on this board. However, I've all ready jumped through a bunch of hoops for these hypocrites and am probably at least a year from my hearing.

    I can't understand why so many physicians are so callous regarding filing disability claims. I realize that it takes their time and a little thought but I think, most people are willing to pay a reasonable amt. to have the forms filled out. If the physician has been documenting what he should be at every visit, then these forms shouldn't be that taxing to complete.

    These physicians that doubt our pain, fatigue, physical limitations, I wonder would they hire us? Would they be willing to pay a "disabled person" the same pay as an able bodied person? He!! no they wouldn't, if you couldn't keep up with your job, they'd be handing you your pink slip!

    Sorry for the rant. Just hard to contain your anger sometimes...........Jill............
  6. tinaeve

    tinaeve New Member

    to all of you who replied to my post.I will hopefully one day be posting some good news instead of all this negativity I have been feeling. I will one day win my case,I just have to. Love to all,tinaeve

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