My doc is being a PUTZ!!! He gives oxycontin like candy

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    but not Klonopin?? I hate the oxycontin but he says here take this script I am tired of seeing you in pain. I fill the script and give it to my hubby to keep in the camper in case of a horse accident in the backcountry. That stuff is wicked!!!! But...I call into his office about the Klonopin and he is very, very hesitant. I cannot stop this racing brain at night and am not getting any sleep. He told me to take more oxy until I am knocked out. YuK!!! I am going to give him Dr. Cheeneys article but in the meantime can anybody shed some light about Klonopin. Is it a controled substance?
    Madwolf if you happen to read this do you have any suggestions as to how I should approach him about this drug. Have a grand weekend folks. I have a date with my horse!
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    is in the class of drugs called benzodiazapines.these include other meds...valium,xanaz, etc.the meds usually end in "pams".
    my docs don't believe in painkillers!! my pdoc has me on xanax and klonopin for anxiety and RLS. i also take 100mg at nite of desipramine. this is a tri-cyclic a/d that is used in a sub-therapeutic dose for pain control. most of the time it works but i sure do wish that a doc would give me somethng STRONG to help with the break thru pain. i truly think that most docs are victims just as we are. however, there are pain issues in so many syndromes and diseases and it seems like docs are overwhelmed with all the info. well, i could go on and on about docs, but it don't make a d**n.
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    I think because Klonopin is in the same family as Vallium, many docs are hesitant to prescribe it. Many are ignorant of our seizure activity and many believe the Klonopin to be addictive (which it isn't any more than pain killers). In fact, the Klonopin may have some pain killer properties by disrupting pain signals in the brain allowing us to take fewer pain meds. There's a study starting now to see if this is true. Do give your doc the article written by Cheney's writer and explain to your doc that Cheney is one of the foremost researchers and docs treating our illnesses today.

    Love, Mikie
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    Dear Judywhit

    I find these posts quite difficult because the attitude to prescribing for FMS is so different in Britain. Oxycontin is only licensed for use in Britian as suppositry foir terminally ill people because it is considered so strong and benzodopamines like Klonoptin are only used very short term fro example if somebody has a bevereament. Here the main thing prescribed is codeine preparations and amitryptilene. Personally I've become immmune to the codeine and am now trying after my own research gabapenetin with limited success but have had to come of the amitryptelene because of contraindications. In some ways Iwish Iwas in the US at least it seems aI might get something stronger but I am worried about side effcts and long term effects. Also this Cheney everyone mentions, where can I look at his articles?

    I hope you sort something out Judy and give a big kiss to your horsie.

    Julie from England