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    i like to share the "wonderful" support i get from my kaiser doctor.

    I saw her(Rheumy) and got a diagnosis last yr. No follow ups, rx's, etc..since then. i emailed her for some direction and suggested a follow-up. Her support consisted of....

    I am not sure how to address your concerns. I am not truly an expert in CFS, but I am aware that the more you read of this entity, the more complicated it appears to be. I cannot say if your symptoms are due to CFS or not. You may want to try our health education library at Homestead, and she if someone there can direct you to the right resources.
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    And this is the doc that diagnosed you???? This is the worst of the worst yet!!! WOW.....
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    that's strange -- my docs specifically advise AGAINST reading anything (books or online) about these conditions.

    Apparently on the belief that reading about someone else's symptoms might cause them to appear in me?

    Or maybe just because they don't want me to know that there actually ARE treatments others have found helpful?

    Who knows? I might even start QUESTIONING their care and competence!

    I don't know what's worse -- but at least your doctor is admitting she just doesn't know anything. Too bad she can't refer you to anyone who does!

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    Based on this note I would not assume that she diagnosed you with CFS. You should perhaps request a copy of your medical records and see if in fact the did write that in her notes.

    Either way, she's a dead end. It happens all the time. I could regale you with stories of doctors who basically just said don't come back one way or another.

    They don't want to get involved -- write pain prescriptions, fill out disability forms, have to talk about anything even. They just want earaches and prescriptions for antibiotics all day because that only takes 5 minutes. This system really sucks but until the insurance companies stop flogging the HMO's and the drug companies stop running everything we are all stuck.

    Good luck.