My Doc Thinks That I Am A Scam Artist!!!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kmelodyg, Jun 6, 2003.

  1. kmelodyg

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    Well, I had my wonderful doctor's visit today. He was taking extensive notes to make a report for the pain clinic that he's trying to get me into. He did some more examinations, and FINALLY DIAGNOSED ME WITH FIBROMYALGIA!!!!!! YYYYYAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!! Too bad he dosen't believe in it whatsoever.

    He said some very bad things to me. He said that my widespread body pain is "out of proportion". He said that he thinks that alot of my pain is caused by physcological trauma. The he said that the medical communtiy will not believe that I am really in pain. And finally, the whopper, he said, "If you are scamming the medical community, you will be found out". At that point I said that I was very uncomfortable with having a doctor who does not believe me. He said that no one ever will.
    He said that I am lucky to have him as a doc, someone who is understanding. (?????) At that point I burst out in tears, and swore that I really AM IN PAIN!! He said, I know you are. (Wait a minute, he just said that he dosen't believe me!?) He ended his visit, gave me some tissues, and said goodbye.

    What a jackass!!!!! I am sooo mad, I wish I could scream!!!!! How dare he say those things?? A couple of days ago, he said that he wanted to take me off of all the pain killers to detox me, to see where my "REAL PAIN" is!!! I wish I could sue him. Who can I complain to? I don't deserve to be treated like this!! It is definatly the last time that I am going to see him. I feel like I've been chewed up and spit out. Anyone have any recommendations? I need help!! Thanks....

    Lots of Love,
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    he doesn't believe you. Maybe this jack ass was testing you. He went through all of this with a DXing you with FMS and then puts you through a most humiliating rough up. Has he always been so inhumane. If he is really helping you at least you have time to find someone else. Have you looked at the doctor referral here yet. Or you could post your area and ask if someone here sees one near you.

    Good luck and we are so sorry that you were put through this, Kim and Gary
  3. Mikie

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    Like yesterday's garbage and find yourself a good doc. The days of these guys' treating patients like this is, thankfully, coming to an end. The really smart docs are specializing in our illnesses and finding their practices growing like crazy. He works for you; fire his ass!

    Love, Mikie
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    I am DEFINATLY planning on never going to see him again. I am waiting for my insurance to go through right now, so I can't afford to see anyone else at the moment. It should be another month or so until it goes through! I can't wait anymore! I need a good doctor NOW!!! I need adequate pain management!!! Sorry, just needed to vent....

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    (New to the boards; first post; been reading topics for about 2 weeks; FMS for 4yrs now....)

    I had to write because you shouldn't -- no-one should be! -- treated this way by their healthcare professionals. Write the clinic's/hospital's business unit w/ a complaint against the physician and against the bill (that will go to either you or insurance) and have them not charge you for such a ridiculously awfully visit. Trust me, it works. I had to do that some years ago before I found my first doc that actually worked w/ me and dxed me w/ FMS in 1999. I'm sorry you experienced the humiliation :(

    Take care! (And back to being a mole for me....)

  6. kmelodyg

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    I am really strongly considering sueing him. The mroe I think about it, the more mad I am getting. If the stupid jerk would've just listened to me months ago, and treated me properly, I wouldn't be in this mess!! And the things he was saying to me, I find very offensive and very unprofessional. Do you agree? How would I begin to sue him? I am new to this. Help!!

  7. JLH

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    Other than the fibro, do you have any test reports, CT scans, MRI's, or anything else which indicate a basis for your pain? If so, make sure you get a copy of them from this doctor before you leave him and go to another doctor. You want to make sure that the new doctor knows that you have problems that warrant strong narcotic pain medication. I know that doctors tend to look at a young person, especially if they are unemployed, and jump to the conclusion that they are drug seekers who want a free ride in life. Your mission should be to prove him/her otherwise.

    Go to a new doctor ready. Take copies of your test reports and x-rays/scans. Take a list of things that you have done or are currently doing to help yourself feel better, like physical therapy, or taking daily walks, etc. Go into the office looking nice, etc., so he/she won't make any pre-determined opinions of why you are there.

    Some doctors are arrogant jerks, but all are not. You will find a good one, I am sure. They went to college for 8 years, then for another 3-6 years of internship/residency training, and most owe a ton of money for this education. They want to tread easy on starting out a young person on narcotics so that they DON'T get sued and/or lose their license. They have a lot a stake. Keep this in mind.

    Don't get me wrong. I think each person's doctor should work with their patients to come up with a satisfactory plan for treatment for their illnesses and medications to treat them. I have a lot of major health problems in addition to the fibro and I, too, am in tremendous pain each day.

    Good luck on finding you a doctor who will be understanding to your/our fibro problems and one who will help you get to feeling better.
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    Kathryn---I have to agree with Mikie that you should boot him in the butt after the way he treated you!! I often wonder if the docs who act this way missed their human compassion class in med school. I have decided that with this disease we need to hit these docs where it hurts them---in their pocketbook. We put up with enough bad stuff everyday and shouldn't have to be humilated by the people we pay to help us. Hope you are able to find a better doc who has some people skills real soon. Take care. lynnkat
  9. skychomper

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    I can't believe "we" still have to deal with things like this- I understand though, I fainted at my last doc appt. and when i awoke he said he noticed an "affect" in my personality. pure genius he was. anyway, I am on the search for a new doc too, and just want to offer support for the journey. thinking about mazlen or cheney. (I need the big guns now, no more small time punks!) good luck!
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  11. kmelodyg

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    Thanks for all of your recommendations. I think that out of curiosity, I am going to call a couple of lawyers on Monday to see if I have a case. Alot of lawyers do not collect money unless you win, so I'll call them. I am also going to look into finding out who his superior is. I want to make a difference to this doc, so that he will not treat his other patients like this. I will also try to go to another doc, even though I don't have insurance yet. Hopefully I can get someone good while I'm waiting. I cannot wait a month to get adequate treatment. I need it like yesterday!!! So, if I find someone who believes in my condition, it will work better in my favor for the suit against my doc. I really honestly think that if I had been treated correctly months ago from my doc, I would not be in such bad shape now. Has anyone else ever sued their doctor??

    Lots of love to my dear friends,
  12. MemoryLane

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    I think you and all of us should make a point to always have someone in the exam room and with us at all times. A Doctor would never speak to you like that in the presence of another person - he would be an idiot for sure if he did.

    I take my Husband, Mother and even dragged my Dad and my 21 year-old Son with me one time, whomever I can get. This also helps in case you have overwhelming fog that day and need help remembering or taking notes.

    Never go alone if you can help it and don't let them discourage you about having a helper assist you.

    Wishing us all well,
  13. kmelodyg

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    That is such a good point. I wanted someone to go with me today to help back me up, but no one could go. I had to drive myself which was also a very stupid and dangerous idea. I think that i would've been treated alot better if I was not alone and vunerable.

  14. Applyn59

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    I don't understand why he thinks you are scamming
    the med. community. What would your motive be?
    To get drugs?

    I think you should file a complaint with the state
    licensing board or something and get a new dr.
    I have had many really bad experiences with
    several drs. I don't really see a case here and
    I think it would ultimately hurt you in the end
    because other drs may then really think that
    you are out to get all that you can. Also,
    it will only make you worse - all the emotional
    and physical energy it would require. I am
    sure half the people on this site have a similar
    experience. Choose your battles wisely.

    It's just terrible the way theses drs. cause so many
    of us to have even more sleepless nights and
    more anxiety.

    Good luck
  15. anngee59

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    i went to a rhuemy and before i made the appt i ask if he treated fms and they said yes. well during our consultation he made me feel as if i were crazy and told me a bunch of doctors in italy sat around sipping chanti and came up with the tender points test, and its not an accurate test well i told him he was not the doctor for me.

    i went to a new rhuemy and got the dx for fibro, but she did not ask me to return as a patient.

    thank god my regular doc is helping me to find a med i can live with to help. i just started b-12 injections and i am praying this will help with sleep and fatigue.

    good luck finding a new doc.

  16. romey

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    i know just how you pain started last year and my ass of a gp said i had depression!and the rest was in my head !!!! so he threw lots of medacation at it ...valium,prozac,mytol,tylex and i was only 17! i bcame way dependent on the drugs and once i came off them i realised that half the things making my fm worse was cause of the drugs.....stuff like nosebleeds,vomiting and parianoea! stupid ass! so your not alone there are alot ignorant docs out there!
  17. tulip922s

    tulip922s New Member

    So much of the medical community seem to be behind the times on pain management, more worried about being pegged a "doctor feel-good" than treating pain with pain meds. For the few who have abused pain meds,,,,damn you! You have made is difficult for the rest of us that need relief to be able to get past the pain. A movement is needed for re-education of our physicians, pharmacists, and health insurance companies. Tulip
  18. Stillkicking

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    I'm so sorry about your bad experience, but I think he told you the truth. Not the truth you wanted to hear, because you needed sympathy and understanding. I think when you have calmed down you will see that it was a productive visit for several reasons.
    1. For instance, you were diagnosed with FM- this is a big deal.
    2. He's trying to get you some help by sending you to a pain clinic - this is a good thing.
    3. He's wants to take you off pain killers to detox you and see where the pain is comming from. This shows an interest in actually helping you by finding out the cause instead of doping you up. You need to find the source of your pain. You don't want to take these pain medications forever do you? Find other ways to deal with the pain.
    4. No one can see or feel your pain and there are no physical signs. This is why its so difficult to believe. Yes, the pain is out of porportion and most of them think it is psycological.

    He is a very much a dumbass for being so insensitive and blunt. Someday when the cause of the condition is recognized they will be ashamed their ignorance and how they treated patients.

    Believe in yourself and don't let those people, ones who have never experienced this kind of pain, hurt you.
  19. kmelodyg

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    Thank you all for your input on this matter. I do understand why he had his concerns. And I do believe that it's important to not rely on Pain meds as your only source of pain management. But the way that he has dealt with me is beyond inappropraite. He works for me, and I feel like he is beating me up or something. He knows that he has me in the palm of his hand. He knows I am as vunerable as a little child.

    He puts me on all these drugs for so long, which builds up my tolerance, and expects me to just go off of them cold turkey. He knows that my symptoms are really alot worse in the past few months, yet he dismisses it. He admitted to me that he is "only a family doctor" and "does not know much about pain management". Then why is he trying to treat me in a inproper way? Why does he dismiss all of the research that I have done on these subjects? He does not know what he's doing nor what he's talking about. So, he should've passed me on to someone else a long time ago.

    I will look into anything I can do to make an impact on this guy. I have seen doctors do this to my mother for years. I always wanted to fight for her. Now I want to fight for all of us. It has now become my goal to fight for patients' rights. I don't know where to start, but I feel like the Hoover Dam just broke. Mabye this is what I am supposed to do with my life. Mabye this is why I have developed FMS! If anyone has any reccommendations on how I can start, I am all ears. I feel so strongly about this. Thanks everybody!

    Lots of love,
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    I gave my doctor a paper I got from this site,he looked at me as if I was nuts.He said stay off sites like that.I think doctors should feel are pain for one day and see if they don,t need some strong pain pills. This site is the best thing that happened to me in a long time. You people helped me more then he ever did,and this site is the best.I love you guys.STAY HAPPY
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