My doctor appt this morning, and thanks for the support

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lisadot, Sep 30, 2005.

  1. lisadot

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    Thank you to everyone who responded to my post-you are all very kind. I have to admit, I can't figure out this message board LOL! I see "bumps", and I see reply buttons at the bottom of each reply, but then it just goes back to my original posts. Anyhow...

    I saw my gastro doc this morning, and he ordered an abdominal ultrasound. It should go well with the pelvic ultrasound (not a fun date) I need to have done due to the female problems I've been having. He ordered more blood work, mostly to check and see if my cholesterol is down from the new meds, and I guess to see if there are any other issues. He gave me those lovely cards to check for occult blood, and said he may need to do another endoscopy. Oh joy. So my mind works overtime again about the worst possible outcome.

    He also told me to take the Acidophillus three times a day for 2 weeks straight, and see how that goes. I'll give it a try, as I can't stand these yeast infections.

    I think I hate doctors, at least having to see them. I used to run away from them when was little. How on earth did I become a nurse?

    I did laugh about the reply about Maui and moving there. I'm sure it's the fact we leave our home/work lives BEHIND that makes us feel better. If I lived in Maui I'd probably develop problems there as well. I have a real problem relaxing. Just letting go. My ex capitalized on all my fears/weaknesses, and it still won't let go. I must find a way. I keep thinking about hypnosis. My perfectionism isn't a good thing. I'm too uptight! I'm a firstborn who was made too responsible at too young an age, and I'm afraid to say I have control issues. Caretaking can be a huge burden - if you aren't really careful. Hmmm...That's when I start worrying/wondering if I've done this to myself.

    Thankfully, the doc renewed my Ativan prescription. I'll need it to chill myself out while waiting for the tests/results. And I'm leaving early for a massage - I found a school near me where students do it for only $28 for 50 minutes!

    If anyone can tell me a better way to reply to you folks, I'd be ever so thankful! I feel kind of clueless with all the posts here.

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    You're doing fine replying to us!!

    Welcome. I see you got an overview on the reply, bump, etc., so I won't repeat anything!

    I just wanted to say that I hope all of your tests will prove beneficial, and get some of your problems corrected.

    Take care of yourself,
  3. lisadot

    lisadot New Member

    Thank you so much for explaining some of the details to me. Hopefully I'm a quick learner, because this board is sure busy!

  4. lisadot

    lisadot New Member

    I truly appreciate your support as well. I hope my tests are all negative, and it's just a case of "simple" gastritis. I've had more tubes of blood drawn these past two months, than in my whole lifetime combined! Everything thus far has been negative, sans a borderline ANA positive test (I've read not unusual with FM - and an elevated SED rate, which is now in normal range.

    I envy your ability to speak with your family about medical issues- whether physical or psychological - especially since it won't cost you more than a family dinner ;o) My boss is a doctor, but I just don't feel able to discuss these issues with him - yet. Ironically, many of the meds you all discuss I'm extremely familiar with, due to line of work I'm in.

    And completely OT - I read your bio, and forgot to indicate on mine how I collect depression glass as well!

    Thanks again,


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