my Doctor has been charged with sexual assult.

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    This is really upsetting to me. He has not done anything wrong but yet here he is going to court in Jan. I was told as were all the patients that two women came in complaining of pain. One had a procedure was done. There were 2 nurse's and the doctor in the room. The woman was put in a gown with her under garments on {Bra and panties.}

    She was sedated and had this precedure done and the nurse's stayed in the room assisting the woman getting dressed and stayed with her till she was awake and talking. Not once did the doctor ever go in to the room with out a nurse there, yet a year later she filed charges that he had touched her in a inapproaite way. He had touched her breasts and other parts. Mind you this was over a year later.

    And she had been given versed,& Demoral . The versed is a drug that gives you amnisiea and you don't remember what has happened to you. I know it does this as I have been sedatated with it or a D&C and I don't remember a thing. And it was 17 years ago. So the meds are even better at working.

    And she was on the strange side asked for things that most pain patients don't ask about. I don't know what they were as it is under the patient privlage account so I don't know what she asked but the doctor thought that she needed some meantal health care.

    The next came in for 1 visit and told the doctor what her problem was she was seen and saw the doctor she too asked questions that didn't seem nromal to the doctor as she didn't want to be touched my doctor didn't touch her, he didn't want to up set her yet she wanted to have some oxcycontin and he would not give it to her as he could not do a exam and he had no x-rays that would account for the pain she said she was in. She too was told that she needed some mental health help and it was noted in her chart. She also filed charges a year after the visit and with her visit as the doctor never touching her left the door open so that anyone passing could hear her or him call out for help . And no one did.

    So my pain doctor has now been charged with 2 counts of felonly sexual assult charges. HE will go to court on the 17th of Jan of 2006. he has asked all his aptients to be tg the court house on that day to support our doctor and if needed to be called upon to testifiy for our doctor that he is not done what he was accused of doing ,And of the over 500-700 + patients NO one has ever accuused him of doing any thing inapaproiate to them.

    HE will leave the door open so if he needs the nurse of if a patient thinks that the doctor is getting out of line they can call for help and this has never happend to him except for the two people who filed within 2 days of each other.

    If he loses he will go to prison and lose his medical lincse too and we will have to find a new pain doctor too. It is so upsetting as he would not do the things he has been accused of doing.I hvae been going to him for just over 4 years and not once has he ever tocuhedme that was in a wrong way, he has always treated me with great respect and helped me with the pain that i have and he has worked out a plan to help me with my pain. He leveaves the room door open and does not touch me where he should not touch me. he is so kind and gently and does what he should be doing. I love to see him becaue he really is interested in me and how I am feeling and what I am albe to do.

    What ai am asking you do to is to pass this on adn get it to thenews if you can. he has done nothing wrong to any patient he has treated Yet he needs help to prove him self innocent of these crimes and he needs all the he lp he can get. If you know of a way to get this story to the press I would like to hear about it and run it by my doctor, I k have the best doctor there is he alwaasy listennns to me nd help me when he can. I have never had any complaints about him and I have never heard anyone say anything bad about this docto so it really makes me wonnder why the two women want to charge him with feloney charges.So if you can help me in any way let me knwo and i wil let Dr. Ray mond Bedell who will find out if it is what he wants it to be.

    He has asked that we help him to bring this to the peoples attention and not just locally but nationally too. Like on the looooocal news and the news magizine like 20/20 and get the help that he really needs.If you are wiling to hel me please let me know what you can think to do to help him. He is a great doctor and is the kind who will go out of his way to help you of youa re following the rules but the tow girls didn't ollow his rules adn were sent letters that he would not be able to see him again and they were given 30daays each to find a new docotr to treat each of them and after that thirty day he would not treat them at all as by them they shoud have new doctors to help them with there problems.

    Will you please help me to find out how i can get his story on teh national news so that everyone can see that he is being falsely accused too and that he needs that suport he can get. PKease help me to find a way to get his story on national news so that he can in his own words tell the story that has happened to him and them more that know it will really help him.
    as you may know that there are more andmore doctors who treat pain getting charged with false charges so that they will quit prescribing narcotics. It is the narocitc meds that they are prescribing that is what gets them in trouble as people doctors.lawyers, polically minded people all think that they know what pain is and how to deal with apin, like ther is one type of pain and one way to treat it and if you chagre narcotics you are assisting the patient to become addicted too. Many doctors have given up on treating pian as it gets them in to trouble. People don't like it when other patients who have illness;'s that don't have easy findings to say what they have like fibro and other diease's too.

    People try to put all pain in to one=place and one kind of pain and everyone should have the same kind of pain and it all should last the same amount of time and no one should be different and if they are and they are treated with narcotic meds they are addcited to them even if they have just started taking them. And doctors don't like other doctors presscribeing patients narcotics as they feel that they are just adding to the addidcts that are here and there will be more people who will be stealling adn hurting other and the doctors will be abusing there narcotics too..

    So tell me is your pain the same as mine? Do you hurt in the same manner as I do? ARe your pain issuuues the same as mine ? Are we to be treated the same way and all get the same amount of medicatations? ARe we all the same?

    PLease help me if oyou can. Think of some one who you can tell thinns story too so they can tell it to some one else and help him my doctor Bedell find his innocence?

    IF there is a magizine taht you read and has a medical part to it let me know and I will let my doctor know and have him wirte his story for it so that the truth will come out and everyone will see that two women are faking and lying to get money from him with false claims. Can you help me please.If you can think of anything on TV that wil help him please let me know and I will pass it on for him to write this story I just need you help so much.
    I want to keep my pain doctor he is good and treats me with great care. he askkkks me everymonth how I am and he notices the things that are different in me.

    So I am asking you to please help me in finding a way to get this story out in to the public and to the nation. PLease help me to keep my doctor.
    Thanks so much for your help.
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    I'm sorry I don't have any help for you, EXCEPT.....

    Here is something I think you should run by your doc, and HE SHOULD MENTION TO HIS LAWYER!
    These 2 women filed charges within 2 days of each other??? But they are the ONLY ones who EVER have.... sounds fishy to me!

    The lawyer should look into the possibility that maybe these girls KNOW EACH OTHER and actually PLANNED this just to get a huge check from the doc's malpractice insurance company!

    AND/OR..... they may also just REALLY dislike the doc for some totally unrelated thing and this is their idea of "revenge"?????

    I don't know, but I would definitely check into it, if I were the doc and/or the lawyer!

    Hope this helps!

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    I agree with the previous poster. I think the judge is a judge for a reason and can easily figure this out too. I will keep this doc in my prayers and wish you well.
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    It sounds to be like they think they'r going to get easy money. Plus the revenge factor could be the doctor telling them they need mental health help. A lot of people don't like to be told something like that, especially if they don't think there is anything wrong with them.

    Hope that helps.

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    Happened to the only GP here who was willing to treat pain patients. Those women might have been shady DEA agents, or just someone picked off the street that got paid to lie about him. We know the dr here was set up, but there is such a frenzy to paint these drs as drug dealers, and their patients as addicts that no one cares.
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    First off it does not mean that he would absolutely go to prison if he were to lose the case,and second since you were not there you are not in a position to say he is innocent.Perhaps he is and if so then I pray that the truth will shine through at the trial and he will be exonerated,but because he was always nice to you is not proof positive that he is a flawless human being with everybody else.If someone were truly to be touched innapropriately then they have every right to bring this to light.
    I am not on the patients side nor am I on the doctors side.I will support whereever the truth lies and again I will say that in the court room I pray that the truth shines through and the party that is lying will be exposed as a fraud.
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    That you know so many details? Also, I don't think it's very appropriate that he is asking his patients to bring this to national attention. No offense, but as a past victim of sexual abuse, all I know is there are 2 sides to every story. People generally are not indighted for a crime unless there is some evidence - particularly in sexual crimes.

    It's admirable that you want to support someone, but let a judge and jury decide if he is innocent or not.

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    I agree with everyone above.

    1. It seems very fishy with these two ladies.
    2. It seems odd that your doc told you so much about the case and that he is requesting the action of his patients, etc.
    3. Is this a criminal or civil case?
    3. If criminal, is this just an arraignment hearing or have the charges actually advanced to the trial phase?

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    You said that you had Versed 17 years ago.

    As a retired, really disabled, CRNA, I can assure you Versed was not out on the market 17 years ago.

    Versed more or less replaced Valium, as it has a short half life, where Valium can linger for hours, if not days, it doesn't cause problems being given in veins, and has a very good, predictable effect.

    Someone on multiple drugs, who then receives Versed and Demerol, according to the dosage could have some weird reactions.

    I recently receive Versed and Demerol for a colonoscopy, despite HAVING TOLD THE RN NO DEMEROL. It is a nasty drug. It takes forever to reach its' peak, even IV, isn't particularly good for pain, and MAKES MANY PEOPLE, INCLUDING YOURS TRULY PUKE, PUKE, AND PUKE.

    This guy is being put through the ringer but if what you relate is true, then this woman's claim shall not be upheld and she may well be in for some very nasty litigation, herself.

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    I just brought up this issue on OPRAH.COM. All I did was tell the story & the Drs. name but forgot to say how to get ahold of you or him. So I put to get ahold of me so I could get ahold of you. Everyone else should also write. Maybe the more the better. If you wrote you could give better details.

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    This story was run in the local new a few months ago and they gave out many things in the story that seemed to be strange and not something that eveyone would know about this story;.So much has been printed about this story
    and if the women were really abused as they claim why were they telling the news paper what had happend to each other?
    To much has been said about the case that should not have been said and brought to the attention of the public. Msost abuse survivors don't talk about the things that happened to them

    And someone said some thing about sexual abuse case's .I know far more than I wish I did. I had a family member who was raped that is more sexual abuse than anyone else needs to have in their lives.
    I watched my this family member suffer with this so much pain asnd had to listen to people tell ehr that they knew all about it and what had happened adn she would not talk about it as she as told not to say anything.

    In my eye's if these ladies were really abused as they claim then why did it take them over a year to tell anyone about it? IF I was in that situation and I would have reported it the day it happend and not waited for over a year to report this abuse. And from the stories I hear they can't get the same story right all the time. They don't remember whhat they said from time to time in there questioning.

    But this is not just about my doctor, It is about your doctors too. There are more and more doctors who treat pain and use narcotics who are being persucted for perscribing narcotics and someother doctors feel that we as pain patients are faking our pain so that we may be given narcoitc pill meds and more andmore docotors are being charged with being someone who distrubues to sell this medicatation. what would you do if this was your doctor?

    . All i want it a judge who is unbiasied by people who take pain meds and don't abuse them that is why My doctor has asked his patients to be at the trial and to have use be able to state our knowlege of how he treats us.
    We as patients don't want to be treated like we see our pain doctors just because we want the nercotic pain meds . I need the meds I take becasue I suffer from degenerative disc diease, spinal stenosis, aritritis, fibro, bad knees. All I really want to is be able to have a doctor who can treat me for the REAL pain I have each and every day of my life. That is what I want , not peole who think that we are all just addicted to the narcotics that we take. We are NOT.

    I have heard that gossip that these women are going around discussing what they had happen to them to anyone who will listen and if they had really been abused they would not be so wiling to share those painfull details, would they.?

    I saw what it did to my family member I saw how she acted and to have to go to all the pretrials and to have to face the guy who did this to her and caused her so much pain in her life. She didn't tell anyone but the police and she didn't wait a year to tell them either.

    Forgive me if i am sounding hostial I dont' mean to be. It is not your fault that this is happening to a really good doctor who is really helping real pain patients. I don't mean to sound all know it all about this and if I have offened anyone i am truely sorry about it as i have not meant to say anyhting that would cause harm to any one.

    PLease belive me I don't mean to sound like I know it all as I don't. I Just want you to know that not all people really tell the truth about the things that happen in there lives. And i have been through this twice now and once with a a close family member of mine, so I am really up to up to date about this. thanks for listening to me. Rosemarie
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    I agree 100% with Sherry. And I too hope the truth comes out, either way whether it be the women are lying or the doctor is. Nobody but nobody knows the truth other than those involved in the case. He may be a good doctor but I would not put myself out on a limb trying to prove his innocence. In my opinion prayer would do you more good. How many times have family members deceived other family members by sexually abusing another family member and no one ever thought they could be capable of such a terrible act!! I really believe that if you want to help, just pray that the truth comes out.
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