My Doctor Refuses to Help Me

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Newswoman, Jan 31, 2003.

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    My rheumy is refusing to "get involved" and write a letter to my employer explaining that I have FMS, when I was diagnosed, and what the symptoms are. He just wants to mail me his notes and says I can black out the parts I don't want my employer to see.

    Since I received this phone call at work, I couldn't go off on the nurse like I really wanted to. I'm paying this guy (out of pocket since I don't have insurance) my hard-earned money to help me, yet he won't write a simple letter committing to writing what he has in his notes? He's certainly "involved" enough to take my money. What does he mean he can't get involved? Isn't that his job? My knee-jerk reaction is to call his office back and tell and this...and then commence to find another rheumy.

    I can't believe this butt munch!!!

    Anyway, can any of you make a suggestion as to how I can get him to write the letter. Notes are going to be enough.
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    This doesn't sound right to me, either. It seems to me that it's part and parcel of being a doctor that they sometimes have to write notes for their patients.
    Good grief, my doctor writes sick notes for me because the school system requires it if you've been out five consecutive days. Usually he reminds me!
    Yes, his secretary could write the note. I can't believe that he doesn't want to get involved. What would he do if he got subpoenaed to go to court?
  3. Newswoman

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    Thanks for the support everyone. I didn't have the opportunity to talk to my doctor this afternoon, but I think I may have a way to get him to write the letter, and then dump him!!!

    I did some research and discovered that my rheumy is a member of the Association of Rheumatology Health Professionals. On its website, the organization explains what the role of a rheumatologist is (I cut and pasted this directly from the site) :

    "...the rheumatologist advocates for the patient in all aspects of health care, the community, and in the legislative arena. The rheumatologist educates the patient, family, and community, teaching not only medical information, but also techniques for preventing disability, coping mechanisms for chronic disorders, behavioral therapy for improving quality of life, medication regimes, and rehabilitative functions..."

    I'm going to visit his office armed with a highlighted copy of this information and explain to his nurse that I have enough problems at work. I don't need my doctor flaking out on me...causing me more stress and making me sicker than I already am. I will further explain to the nurse that he is violating the guidelines of the organziation he proclaims to be a member of and is violating the Hippocratic oath. My doctor treats patients with FMS everyday. He knows how stress affects FM patients, and what he's doing is unconscionable.

    We'll see how it goes, but it's frustrating. I have enough to deal with. I feel like I'm constantly fighting battles and it's starting to get really old.
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    This guy's a jerk and you should dump him after you get what you've paid for so far (your letter). Your idea to come armed with that statement is great. In my experience, however, people are often lazy in their jobs. For instance, I've wanted a local paper to write a story about things my student were involved in - and the paper could really use the "news," because there wasn't much else going on in the small town. But the only way I could get the story written was to write it myself, not that they gave me any credit for writing it, mind you.

    So here's my suggestion. 1) Come armed with the statement, and 2) tell him you've made it easier for him by writing it. All he has to do is sign it.

    Good luck,
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    Reading your message and everyone elses, it reminded me of what happens when my family doctor, specialist, or whomever write a report on my behalf to the insurance company or lawyer,
    they are not free. The cheapest was $125.00 and up to
    $450.00 with many enclosures like x-rays, cat scans etc.
    Maybe he was trying not to put you in the position of saying I can't afford this or you say nothing and have to scrimpt like crazy to pay him. I don't mean to suggest you don't have any money, it is just that meds and taxis cuz I can't drive anymore, seem to eat up any money I have.
    If you had a lawyer who requested a report from him, the doctor would write the report and enclose his bill. I found no doors opened for me until I got a lawyer and it makes things so much easier. I let him do my worrying wherein your case, you keep yourself in endless turmoil with the what do I do?
    I hope I have helped in someway,.........basket21
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    The more I thought about it, the angrier I got. Instead of going to his office waving some printout from the internet, I decided to write another letter to him expressing my disappointment in his decision and the affect his decision will have on my health. In the event that I decide to pursue the matter, me going to the office and verbally confronting him or his nurses makes me look irrational. Having it in writing means that I have proof of what I asked for and it doesn't make me look like I'm crazy.

    I'm dropping the letter off during my lunch break. We'll see how it goes.