My doctor skipped town!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Saoirse3, Jul 9, 2012.

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    I got the following letter from the hospital in the mail: As of 1 July 2012, "Dr. Who" is closing his practice. "Dr. What" will be taking over his practice, as his methods are more compliant with the hospital's standards. Thank you."

    I'm not sure what to make of this - only that I no longer have a PCP and from what I have heard (word of mouth travels fast around here) "Dr. What" is awful and pushes drugs you neither want or need. But I need SOMEONE to check my liver panels and A1C. This makes 4 PCPs in 5 years. Wish we had a larger selection, but we seems to get the lower 48's leftovers. Until, of course, they skip town!
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    Sorry you're losing your doc, but it's been my sad experience that Drs. 'Who' and 'What' are about the same! And I live in the lower 48. lol

    In 34 years with CFS/FM I've only had ONE doctor who even acknowleged the CFS diagnosis. He left his practice about one month after I went to him. He told me that CFS patients were too time consuming and I got the impression that the group he was with didn't like all the time he took up with CFS'ers.

    He spent about 2 hours with me on my first visit. He was a wonderful doctor, but it did me no good. He apparantly didn't continue to practice in my city because I never saw his name in the phone book again.

    I've had so many drs I can't remember them all. All good, I'm sure, but NOT for CFS. They give me tests and treat illnesses that come up, but no help at all with CFS or FM. They never even mention it to me. Guess it doesn't exist. lol GB66
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    although where I live, the doctors are about interchangeable (Doctor Huh?), none know anything about CFS and just do the usual. I am lucky in that I am within driving distance (at the right of time of day) of Los Angeles, where there are integrative medicine doctors who do believe CFS is real and might even help a little.

    Four PCPs in 5 years, that's a lot. As Jam said, it is good you educate yourself, we have to do that down here too - and this and other boards are invaluable sources of information, as well as "Dr. Google" -

    Best wishes,


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