My doctor wants to put me on new meds lyricia, Savella, or cymbalta

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    When I last saw my rehumy he wanted to put me on lyricia and when I said that I didn't need to gain any more weight, as most people I have read about or talked with gain weight and I weigh more than I should. doctor said that only 10 % of patients who take it gain weight when I said that I am a part of that 10% of patients , he told me to stop being so negitive and have a more postive attitude about things it could help . Needless to say that did irrate me a lot. I have taken some of the meds like cymbalta and it made me feel strange, itchy , irratated, and just p lain didn't feel like my self, so I stopped it and it took a few weeks to get feeling back to normal { or as normal as I get}

    As for the others I have looked up the cost on my medicare insurance plan and they are a tier 2, which will cost me $42.00 a month of 30 days. Why would I want to spend that much money on a medication that may or may not make me feel icky? or could have side effects that are strange ,unusal, weird, not the normal side effect? I know from past experence's that I get strange side effects with meds that I have never taken before, this has happened so many times that I don't want to try any thing new. Besides the abnormal reaction to the medicaiton, I can't afford it. For all the meds I take except for my xanax which my plan does not pay for , my cost is $5.00 per script. The five scripts I have cost me aobt $40.00 a month.

    The savella is a tier 3 GL quanity limited, and it costs $79.00, that is not even close to what I can afford to pay.

    I have tried to get some samples but since I see a rehumy hd does not get alot of the samples I would need. My primary care doctor will not prescribe my pain meds which includes soma, xanax, visterial, MSir, mscontin, and i have to stick to one doctor so I will stay with the rehumy, but have to tell him that I can't afford to try the meds he wants me to try.
    I wish that my family and doctor would accept the fact that I am not being negitive about trying new meds, it is because I have tried many other meds and had bad reactions to them.I don't want to be a guinny pig any more and that is what I feel like.
    Thanks so much for listening to me.

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  2. hermitlady

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    I have the same issues w most meds, always get the nastiest of the side effects. The last couple of times I tried something new, I got sample packs from my doc. I also always start w a tiny dose, less than the minimum dose they want to start you at. It seems better to start low and go slow IMO. I did try Lyrica for a couple of days at half the min starting dose and I still felt like a zombie. Having no energy normally, i do not need anything that's going to make me more sluggish.

    Right now I've caved in and am trying a tiny dose of Abilify to see if it helps w my major depr, added to Prozac. Again, I got a sample pack and am only taking 1 mg, for the last 2 days. The first couple of days I only took a quarter of a pill which was half a mg. I'd much rather be safe thatn sorry. I'm feeling so terrible lately anyway, don't need to feel worse. I just want to feel better....somehow!

    Good luck rosemarie....also, you can get vouchers from the pharm companies sometimes for free or reduced costs. I just got a month's rx for free on Nuvigil.
  3. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    first of all bad reactions to meds is very common for many of us and it seems like you are already on a lot of meds so there is more likelihood of bad interactions, as well.....and I know of a ton of people who have gained weight on lyrica, so I highly doubt that 10% is accurate

    it's your body and your money - if you don't feel comfortable taking something, the Dr should not be pushing you to do so....and besides all that, there was info on here and other places that the person responsible for publishing the proof that lyrica works falsified the trial results, so there isn't even any evidence that it works

    some people do feel that it has helped them (based on their personal reports), but I have also read far more that have not felt it helped, that did have bad reactions, and that gained weight and were unable to lose it even after going back off the lyrica
  4. earthdog2000

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    Hi rosemarie!
    I am on Lyrica and Cymbalta and have had NO side effects with either one! I have tried MANY meds including Savella which gave me horrible migraines for over a week! The main reason I KNOW that the Lyrica and Cymbalta has helped me so much is because I let myself run out of Lyrica 1 time and noticed I did'nt sleep as well, (I take it at night)
    and did the same with Cymbalta and noticed that my fibro pain was worse! I hope that if you try any of these meds that they help you. I also have FONM, that's fear of new meds lol!!

    I have had side effects with a lot of medications but so desperate that I tried them anyways after dr. bugging me for a while about it! Hey, with all of these DD's and different meds we take we have a right to say no because of possible interactions right?

    Best of luck to you and I hope you can get yourself to at least TRY one of these meds. I think the Cymbalta is the BEST, it has lessened my depression thus making me feel a little better physically! Awesome!!

    Good luck and God Bless, Julie :)
  5. Jittle

    Jittle Member

    Hi Rosemarie,

    I am on cymbalta now after fighting with my doc about it for a couple of months. It was when I was working and had to take a leave of absence from work just to get use to the meds, and I started on a very low dose. I am very happy about it, and can't imagine my life without it: I would not have a life. I understand how it can make you seem itchy:I seem to be irrated by a lot of thyings I never use to be, from meds to food, and you never know what is going to set it off. As for the lyrica. That was horrible. We tried that before the cymbalta, and I was working when I started it. I don't even know how I went to work that week. I made my husband drive me. When I came home I layed on the couch until I went to bed. One day I was surprised I even remembered my name.

    I totally understand the cost issue. Lost my job and insurance before the holidays. Cymbalta costs me over $100 a month, plus pain meds, migraine meds, muscle relaxers, vitamins and doctors every month. Just keep asking for samples, thats what I do, and I hope every month something has changed and they actually have them. (especially if the doc wants you to try something new. I spent over a hundred on the lyrica, and only took it for a week.)

    Good luck, hope you have a good day.
  6. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    I have asked my rehumy for samples , he does not do samples, I have been told. So that lets that out. I get $311.10 a month for my SSDI so there is no way that I can afford to spend $42.00 for one medication when all 5 that I am on now are $ 40.00 and that is with my paying for my xanax as medicared does not pay for it.

    I am glad to know that there is a name for being nervous about taking new meds. WE have had money issues for some time now, my DH lost his job in 2009 and when he fianlly got a new one it paid $27,000 less than the old job paid, we lost our house, and had to sell things to get thru that hard time.
    HE has had the job for over a year and he can't afford to put me on his insurance as it just costs too much and has a really high deductalbe. So I am on my own paying for my medicare thankfully it has no extra cost other than the $96.50 . I have to pay co-pays and such and this year my scripts are all $5.00 , the ones I take now.
    Thanks for your support and thoughts,
  7. JLH

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    When your doc wants you to try new meds, can you ask your pharmacist to fill just one week of it so you can try it, and then fill the rest if the med helps you?

    My daughter tried Savella and said it made her feel terrible! She is back on Neurontin. I tried Lyrica but it made me too sleepy all the time.

    I take 25+ different scrips a day due to a lot of medical problems, and my prescription copays total $350/month. So, I know what you mean when the doc wants you to try a new med and you have to buy it and then not being able to take it.

    Some new meds might not act right with all those pain meds that you take ... always ask your pharmacist if anything new will counteract with what you are already taking.

    The only time that I ever took any type of morphine, was when I had a total knee replacement and the doc had me on Kadian, which is just like MSContin. It made me depressed and mean, so I took it back to him and told him to keep it (!!!) and then he gave me Lortab. It did OK but does cause constipation.

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