My Doctor won't fill out my disability forms;please give me advic

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    my doctor won't fill out my disability forms or school loans. She thinks I should get back to work.

    i've tried to work three different times in the last two years and got fired or sick.

    However, My rhuemy has written a letter. Will not having my primary care support my rhuemy's decision ruin my case?

    Thanks so much. this message board is such a comfort. i wish more people understood this.

    i've been sick two years and this is the 3rd doctor who doesn't understand how my condition is worsened by exertion.

    the last thing I want to do is change doctors again!


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    That is really a hard question, it could depend on what state you are in, what judge gets your case, and any other number of things.

    You just never know but try anyway.
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    My doctor wouldn't fill out mine either.I found out that if you have a lawyer,they feel they are doing the lawyers job and are not getting paid for it.If you call your case worker at SS, you can have them send the paper work to your Doc. through a fax.Hope this helps. Hugs,Robin
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    Advise your doctor that if he will not fill out the forms, you will contact your attorney, report the doctor to the AMA (American Medical Association) and the Medical Ethics Board in your state.

    There is no reason that a doctor will not fill out a disability form. Of course, you may not like what he puts in the report itself - so it could be a gamble.

    Good luck and switch doctors.

  6. deliarose

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    1)Figure out what their objections are and then maybe negotiate? For example, if they don't have time to write a letter in support of your case, you could draft a letter for them... using materials available on the web and get them to tweak and sign it.

    Join Disinissues.. a yahoo health group dedicated to helping people get SSDI.

    In their files section, they have a template letter from the Massachusetts CFIDS Assctn.

    If doc won't play ball, get copies of your medical records and then get another doc who will help.

  7. Honora88

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    It's so hard to have the discussion of what she opposes.

    I feel really depressed about this and I feel that being assertive is really hard for me. i'm just not good at it. i tend to walk away most of the time. i need to be stronger!
  8. marti_zavala

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    you just need another doctor.

    I did not have a doctor who wrote reports for me so I am not 100% convinced that this is a requirement to be approved for disability.

    I was approved in 60 days and I believe it was just on the fact that I had all the issues documented in my medical records.

    I could never get a doctor to write everything I complained about in my file.

    SS office is looking that there is history, that you are not expected to return to a expected level of activity.

    Most doctors don't want to fill out reports because they feel that they should get paid for their time and sometimes they act like the money is coming out of their pocket.

    So many doctors don't know about this illness - if she won't help you in this way, she is probably not helping you in other ways - like getting better.

    I know you don't want to switch doctors but most of the time, you have to. They work for you, not the other way around.


  9. Honora88

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    Your advice is much appreciated. I need to be stronger in the sense of fighting for what I need instead of being afraid of offending people by changing doctors.

    I'm so grateful for all the support this website provides. all your responses mean so much.
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    It's terrible that your Dr. won't fill out your forms and feels that you should go back to work. I would NOT take the chance that you can change her mind because whatever she says in the form will reflect her real ideas.

    Get another Dr. I know it's easy for me to say, but you need to take the time to see another Dr. And when you do find one, write a paper describing a typical day for you, and what you can't do that you used to do, and how often you have to lie down, etc. Then, you leave that with the Dr. who can read it instead of trying to remember everything you said. Describe your life before you got sick compared to the way it is now. That's what I did with my Dr. and she said it was really helpful.

    Take care. Marie P.S. I live in B.C. Canada, and here we have to pay the Dr. $60.00 to fill out forms. Can you pay your NEXT Dr.? (Not this one.) M.
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    I have been reading on this board for a while but have never posted(If I have I don't remember,lol). I have filed for SSDI and am in the waiting stage for a decision. I am confused on a couple of things that I have read here.

    1. What are the forms that are being refered to in this post? Are they sent directly to the Doctor or Doctors or to the patient? How do you know if they have received them and are or are not filling them out?

    2. My other question is about back pay. I have seen several different answers as to how far SS will go back up. I had to take an early retirement due to medical reasons in 2003 which is doccumented and have been under Doctors care since with no lapses however I just applied for SSDI in May. Is the back pay issue set in stone or on a case by case basis?
    Sorry so long. This is a great board and has more information than I have found anywhere else on the web.
  12. LuvQuilting

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    "1. What are the forms that are being refered to in this post? Are they sent directly to the Doctor or Doctors or to the patient? How do you know if they have received them and are or are not filling them out?"

    The forms are sent out by the SS admin. I suppose all you can do is call the office and remind your doctor to fill them out. Otherwise, you don't know until you get turned down and they tell you who has and who hasn't filled them out.

    "2. My other question is about back pay. I have seen several different answers as to how far SS will go back up. I had to take an early retirement due to medical reasons in 2003 which is doccumented and have been under Doctors care since with no lapses however I just applied for SSDI in May. Is the back pay issue set in stone or on a case by case basis?
    Sorry so long. This is a great board and has more information than I have found anywhere else on the web."

    I believe back pay goes back to when you first applied. So, the earlier the better.
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    In fact none of the 3 that I was seeing would fill them out. So I went to a Dr. that does exams for Occupational illnesses and diseases. Basically anything that affects your ability to work. When I scheduled the appointment I just told them I wanted to know if and what I could do for a job. I did not mention disability until after the exam was complete. When he said I couldn't work he asked me if I had filed for SSDI and if I had a lawyer. He then said to have the lawyer call him and he would write anything I needed. Try to find an independent Occupational Dr. This is something that they are used to doing when they decide you can't work. It worked miracles for me. Good luck.
  14. waltz

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    My doctor agreed to fill out my disability forms but it was totally crap. I think it actually gave the disability company an easy job to reject my claim. It was a waste of time, printer ink, paper, and postage. The doctor had a J.D. from Stanford in addition to an M.D. so there really wasn't any excuse. I had even done a lot of the work for him. And I was paying him extra money as part of a concierge service. So in this case, it's not about the money, and it's not about his writing skill. It's about attitude.

    Is your rheumatologist supportive enough that you could mention this problem you have? After all, he/she has already spent the time and effort to write a letter for you; wouldn't want it to be for naught. Maybe your rheumatologist has primary care doctor friends/colleagues who agree with him/her?

    zoey2006's sounds like good advice. If I had known I might have tried that. I wonder if people who work with occupational illnesses are more likely to believe in CFS and fibromyalgia.
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    If you read how most doctors think that more ppl with fibro who works cope better and manage pain better than fibro ppl who stay at home and baby their pain I know I work and I want to stop but I need to keep my medical I don't want medicade or medicare but I really want to sign up for SSD.
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    I would not do anything that is going to hurt your case. Call you lawyer and ask them to send you to a doctor that is willing to fill out forms. Or without you even having to go, the dr your lawyer chooses can get your records from your pcp and fill out forms and there is probably enough info in there for the dr the lawyer chose that he can fill out enough info to help you out especially if you have had to quit 3 jobs, surely that is noted.

    Another option, Fill out the forms yourself and ask your pcp to sign them. Alot of times, they just don't like to fill out the forms.

    I actually wrote a four page letter and ask my pcp to sign it and he gladly did, but he has been supportive since day one that he put me on medical leave.

    He has so many patients that I knew it would be forever getting that letter and I needed it asap so what I am saying is:
    I took a gamble and luckily it paid off. That was not easy for me to do either, I was scared to death and I had never been that bold before but I had to have that letter ;o)

    Good luck to you!!!

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  17. Catseye

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    You have a stupid and ignorant doctor. You certainly don't want their health advice, anyway. Bite the bullet and dump them, then find one that believes in diseases they cannot treat.
  18. kat1957

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    This was my experience.....

    I applied for disability on my own without even mentioning it to the Drs. I applied in Jan and got approved in May of the same year. 5 months total. I actually asked my Dr after receiving the approval if he was contacted and/or what he wrote. He was not even contacted! I listed the Drs I had seen, was sent to one of the SS picked Drs but other than that I honestly do not know what info they used to approve me. I wasn't about to question it though! Just so relieved to not have to fight to get it because we needed it so badly at the time.

    My sister-in-law has applied for disability and listed about 12 Drs and sent in tons of info and now she has been denied. I told her from the beginning to not send them stuff with them requesting it or give them so much to work on but she wouldn't listen. I feel the more they have to wade through the more likely they are to find some little something to deny a person on. Just my opinion.

    I don't understand how any Dr can deny a patient's request to have forms filled out. Are these being requested from the SS Admin. or some taken to the Dr by the OP? But like someone else said, if a Dr. is so reluctant to fill them out not sure how favorable the comments would be. Sounds like this Dr. doesn't understand his own patient's illness!

    Good luck.
  19. charming

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    I heard that even if you worked all your life and paid into ssi/ssd they deny you anyway. and it takes 2 1/2 or more years before they approve you and I just seen on the news that ppl die before the get approved. but now the goverment changed the law on if you have cancer or some type of life threaten disease they can not delay your wait for aprroval very long anymore but that don't mean they follow that guideline.
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  20. gapsych

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    I can so identify what you are going through. I am going through the same thing and want you to know that I am thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way.

    I am fortunate that I have private disability insurance. What is strange in my case is that my PCP who has lots of extra training in neuromuscular diseases signed off but not my rheumy. It did not even enter my mind that she would not sign. I have learned from this and do not know what is going to happen yet until Monday. There is only one rheumy who will see patients in my system. Her policy is across the board and will not even look at the disability form on an individual basis. Again this darn label!!!

    I wish you the best and wish I had some further advice than to hang in there. Keep us up to date. You have a lot of support here!!

    Take care, GA