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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by k2626, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. k2626

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    Hi all. So I went to see my doctor this am and told her about my sporatic bone the feet, ankles, legs, hands and tail bone. I also told her my right foot has been tingling. She looked at me like I was crazy. She said she has no clue what it could be. She ordered blood work for RA, and lupus. Shouldnt she have order blood tests to rule out bone cancer? She did not even mention fibromyalgia, just that she does not know could cause this. I just wanted to cry.....

    Any feedback on what else should have been ordered at least to rule out bone cancer and where I go from here?

    Has anyone else dealt w this?
  2. k2626

    k2626 New Member

    The only other symptoms I think I have would be fatigue (not extreme, still doing my workouts) and dizzyness. The buzzing feeling is typically in my right foot, though sometimes I have gotten that on my nose..I have other medical issues, GERD, but that would not relate to this.

    What is CFS? How long do you feel the bone pain? Tonight I was running stairs and I got such bad pain in my right foot-- the toes and the top of the foot. I just tried to block it out. The thing is, this all seemed to come on at once for the most part...which is odd. The pain can last in one area anywhere from a minute to an hour. It is very odd.

    Part of me does feel I am being a bit anxious with it being bone cancer, reason being I always think the worst. I wont even look up the symptoms because I dont want to know!

  3. poets

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    I looked up the symptoms for bone cancer...and what you describe and what I found out are a bit different. So although I am not a doctor, I really don't think you have too much to worry about.

    I wanted to look it up for you and if I had found out anything, what I would have recommended was a second opinion on your condition and I wouldn't have mentioned anything else because I didn't want to scare you.

    So try to put your mind at ease because going by what I've read, I don't think you have too much to worry about. I have FM and have quite a few of the symptoms you describe. BUT...if it would make you feel better go get a second opinion if only for your peace of mind.

    I'll pray that you have peace and relief from your worry.

  4. wanderingbluedragon

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    Those are the standard tests that Docs use when you present with symptoms like yours. It may not be bone cancer, it could be a myriad of things. Did the doc perform a neurological function test (make you push, pull, stand funny, etc.)?

    I have spine problems, ME/CFS, FM and have had shingles several times. I never once thought that what was wrong with me could be bone cancer.

    It sounds as if you do not trust your doctor; my best advice there is to find another doctor. One that you trust to listen to you and to make the correct decisions concerning your health.

    On this journey I have found that the only person who can advocate for my body and my health is me. If I don't trust the person taking care of me, then I'm gonna find someone I can trust.

    Do some more research on your symptoms and make a list of questions for your doc. Let her know what your concerns are, she may be able to ease your mind.

  5. k2626

    k2626 New Member

    You are so kind to take time out to look that up.... I went to dinner with my boyfriend tonight and we were talking about it, and he said (without me even mentioning I was scared it could be bone cancer), I hope its not bone cancer or MS! On my walk to dinner, I could barely walk because the pain in my foot was so bad. My bones were killing me. How could this start all of a sudden?

    Thank you all, what a great group and great support board...
  6. k2626

    k2626 New Member

    Thank you for your input. My current "dr" is actually a NP. She is very nice, but I dont trust her. I was having shooting chest pains last year and she said it was just muscular though I told her I knew it was not ( I work out a lot and KNOW muscle pain/pull). She told me to take advil. So there I was popping advil left and right all along looking for a second opinion. I got one, the dr first had me to a heart ultra sound (that is where it felt the pain was) then thought I had GERD so sent me to a GI. Sure enough, I have acid reflux/GERD which causes espoghegeal spasms which causes sharp chest pains! So you are right, I dont trust her.

    With that, I actually looked up a new dr through my insurance who I am going to see on Monday. I read great things about him on "yelp", even from those that have had seen several drs before him. I pray he leads me in the right direction.

    I could hardly walk to dinner tonight because my left foot hurt so much, and as I type I have really bad right foot pain. I just want to know what is wrong with me and how this could have come out all of a sudden at once for the most part!

    Thank you for listening and for offering me your helps me a lot.
  7. k2626

    k2626 New Member

    Jeerie, Oddly enough my best friend who has FM emailed me today to tell me she has my symptoms too. She said her sister thought she had FM too but was dx w MS. Well just an hr ago she called to tell me her sister just found out she had a brain tumor! I guess the dr dx her with MS without an MRI, and she pushed for an MRI. Another friend of mine had arm pain (this was about 5 yrs ago) the drs kept brushing her off and she kept pushing, she ended up catching breast cancer and is now fine. The lesson with this is we all have to push push push till we get an answer WE are confident with.

    What kind of symptoms are you having?

    I just find it so odd for this to have for the most part come out of the blue. My feet and ankle have been killing me, I feel like all my bones are going to crumble when I walk. Notice pain in my hands too.....I guess I cant help but think the worst (ie bone cancer) and that is more than likely because my dad was just dx w pc cancer that has spread to liver and bones etc...

    Thank you all--this is SUCH a great support
  8. MommaNeedinHelp

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    My hubby has a bone spur on his heel. Pain came the same way as yours. Ask for a Xray of your foot. His pain wasn't in the heel, but the foot. He could hardly walk on it. They said eventually he could have surgery, but for work he couldn't do that, so he opted to try something simpler. He got a "donut" for his shoe, we got it at our local pharmacy for just 20.00. This works for him. If it gets work dr said he can have a cortisone shot in the foot. Hope this helps.
  9. k2626

    k2626 New Member

    The problem with me is in both feet, ankles, hands, back.....basically pain that moves around. Sometimes its shooting pain that is there for a second, other times it lasts.

    I go to the dr tomorrow. I have been PERTRIFIED that it is bone cancer. I am only 33, and am so scared to get a diagnosis like this, I know one can at ANY age.
  10. MommaNeedinHelp

    MommaNeedinHelp New Member

    So what did the dr say?
  11. k2626

    k2626 New Member

    Went to another dr, he tested me for everything..from merc poisioning to celiatics, lymphnoma, bone cancer, etc..

    I did have cbc, RA, lupus and liver checked--all okay.

    So now I am thinking maybe its a side effect of my aciphex, prolonged use may be causing the bone pain, the joint cracking and fatigue. I have been on and off it for awhile, but did read bone pain and leading to osto arthritis could be a side effect?

    I will keep you guys posted when I get my labs back, hopefully today if not by Monday...keep me in your thoughts please!
  12. nightngale

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    Have you lost a ton of weight. Are you really weak? Cancers usually have a lot of sx that go together. Yours sounds like pain. I can sympathize. Anytime I get a new symptom or pain I am off on a tangent....I am finally convinced I don't have MS but I do have severe arm pain now it's in my shoulder's I think I have some kind of tendonitis or something, every month a new and fun sx pops up! I hope it's nothing serious...I think you should check out a foot doc, it can't hurt if you are having a lot of problems there.
    Hugs, Nightngale
  13. kat0465

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    when i went to my first Rheumy, and told her all of my symptoms. which one was severe bone pain. One of the blood tests she did was for Bone cancer, and also for lots of auto Immune diseases.i had a low Positive ana & still do. but she said No auto Immune disease & no bone cancer. the Bone pain lets up & sometimes dosent bother me for quite a while, then it comes back. Sorry if thisdosent help you much, but hoping it will ease your mind a bit about the Bone cancer.I KNow it's Very Frightning tothink about things like that!! {{Hugs}} Kat
  14. k2626

    k2626 New Member

    I have been tired, dizzy and a bit weak..but not enough that I am not working out. Have lost some weight but have not been eating as much and have been stressed over my dads condition. It could be a deficienty from my meds. I guess I just have to wait till Tues. One dr did assure me that BC does not travel around my body or have quick shooting pains as this has.

    Sigh....its hard not knowning whats going on
  15. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    Hi there-
    I'd been on vacation and catching up on posts while I was gone, I'm sorry if you've already answered this, but...
    do we have any updates on what is going on with your foot pain?


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