my doctor's office dropped me as a patient!

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  1. sweetbeatlvr

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    i'm so sad.

    i went for my appointment yesterday, and the nurse handed me a letter, and said my NP wanted me to read it. it stated that, they (the office) no longer felt they could help me, and were dropping me as a patient in 30 days. it said they would treat me for the 30 days, with the exception of prescribing narcotics.

    when my NP came in, i asked her what the letter was about. she explained that when i gave urine the last time i was there, they were doing a random drug screen, and that my urine had no trace of opiates in it. (so basically they dropped me because they thought i was selling my meds.)

    i've told her before that i try to take a couple days off (if i'm not hurting too bad, or not having to do anything that day), a week, so that i do not become too dependent on them.

    i reminded her of that, and asked if that could be why?

    she said that i should have opiates in my system for up to 7 days after taking them.

    i took my medicine 2 days before that appointment. i don't understand why there wasn't anything in my urine?

    i asked the pharmicist how this could happen, and she said that some people metabolize their meds faster than others, and that it does not stay for 7 days.

    i'm so confused and upset. it took me forever to find my NP, and i really liked her.

    she said that the DEA had recently done a review of their office and they had let quite a few patients go because of it.

    she also said she was very surprised by my urine coming back negative for opiates, as she had always believed me.

    i explained to her that i do not abuse my meds, or sell them, and that i need them. i was trying to be responsible with them, as to not become to dependent.

    she gave me another urinalysis, i guess because she does believe me, but i don't know if it's gonna help, as i'm sure there's not much she can do now, because of the main doctor in the office.

    i'm so scared now. what if i can't find another doctor?

    i'm also about to lose my medical card because i just started a new job (which is a whole other ordeal!)

    i'm so scared to hurt, and not have anything to help.

    i'm sorry this is so scattered. i just needed to get it out there, and see if anyone has any advice, or if anyone can relate? also if anyone knows anything about how there could be no opiates in my system after 2 days?

    thanks in advance for any help.
  2. spacee

    spacee Member

    I personally would try to keep the talk going between her and you. Volunteer to come for weeking urine tests. Volunteer to have smaller amounts of opiates...say 20 tabs that can be refilled more often. And possibly consider taking the meds every day to keep her as your doc.

    The docs are under such scrutiny by the DEA. It is terrible for patients and the docs.

    Hope she listens to you!

  3. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    I agree with the other posters!

    I would ask her if you can do weekly UA tests from now on....and I know this is sad but it looks like you are gonna have to take your medication EVERYDAY!

    When I first went to my Dr ( pain management ) he made me take a UA and thank goodness I was taking a lot of medication for my pain that it came back positive...

    "BUT"!!!!!!!!!!!!, the thing I did not know is that he also checked for other drugs to see if I was a "user"!

    I know that the DEA is the cause of all of this nonsense....and it makes me sick!

    I also think that it is WRONG to label you a "drug seller" just because you may not be taking your prescription every single day....

    in fact I think I just may call for a free consultation.....with a lawyer because honestly and legally I do not think they should get away with "SLANDER" which is exactly what they have just done to you!

    Just because you choose to NOT take your medication every day does NOT classify you as a drug seller!

    But if you really like this Dr try doing the weekly drug tests????

    I personally would find a pain management dr and I would be very honest and tell him / her what you just told you try not to take it if your not in that much pain.....

    and also just because SOME people do sell their medication....does not mean that YOU are!

    Please keep us updated ok? :)


  4. lurkernomore

    lurkernomore New Member

    Ironic and ridiculous that because you don't have any drugs in your system, they jump to the conclusion that you are guilty of any wrong doing. How about the simple, obvious fact that you are, most likely taking them as they are prescribed, PRN, or as needed for pain. Or maybe you just don't feel like wearing your liver out, so you are not taking them on a consistent basis? They won't even consider that?

    Stuff like this makes me wish that none of us were ever at the mercy of doctors, NP's and their egomaniacal decisions. Where do they get off, running a test on you, without your consent anyway? Did you sign a contract, agreeing to be tested? If not, I would feel completely violated and angry as all get out.

    We, as patients, need, we have GOT to have someone who is looking out for OUR rights. These doctors make sure their bee-hinds are covered. What about us? You take your meds, you're a druggie. You don't take your meds, you're a dealer. When does the madness end? It's ridiculous as anything I have ever heard before. Yep, I think I feel my BP going up too. This is some special kind of craziness going on right here. Doctors, pffftttt.
  5. crazydaisy0578

    crazydaisy0578 New Member

    hmmm, is there something wrong here?? That is horrible that they can "assume" that about anyone without having solid proof! I know you like your doctor, but the administration there seems a little off. I would look for a pain management doctor or Rhuematologist and explain what happened and seek out the best option for yourself. Find a doctor that believes is treating pain as needed and that wants you to take your meds as needed. The last thing you need is to be put on a "watch" list and have problems getting a RX filled. It seems like the doctor's office is not really taking into account the reality of pain and how it can flucuate and how some people do not want to take meds if they aren't in pain that day. I know I take my meds as needed. It's so ironic that they actually want you to be taking Narcotics all the time. My heart goes out to you because that is just ridiculous how they treated you...
  6. lea

    lea Member

    most pain management doctors will require you sign a release
    to do random urine checks!

    You may want to post on this site to look for a primary doctor in your area "who may understand how sick & in pain you are, etc".

    good luck
  7. msnova74

    msnova74 New Member

    I am one of those weird people who do not ever test positive on a urine screen. Ask your MD if she'll do a blood test. You may have to pay for it the first time but it could save your relationship with your MD.

    Unfortunately I do not remember the reason that the docs gave me for why I metabolize meds differently, but i went through a similar thing too.

    My blood tests showed the meds in my system even though the urine screen taken at the same time did not.

    It might be worth a try.

  8. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    I would check the Hippa rules and see if they can do a urinalysis without your consent. That is just down right, sneaky and they violated you.

    I have a contract with my pain dr. about taking "non-prescription" meds that they can do a random drug test. But I consented to this ---- you did not consent.

    If it were me I would call a lawyer and ask if this is something they can legally do.

    I'm so sorry you've been treated crappy by her. Have you looked into finding a pain management dr.?

    Best of luck to you!

  9. mylilcherub428

    mylilcherub428 New Member

    I just went thru this I was trying to warn people about it but I thought it was just in my state
    It is actually a law It must be getting passed everywhere

    I think this will be happening to everyone if you look up info online you can see they actually have 2 major databases they put this info into They are looking for people who do not take their meds right and diversion (selling the meds)

    In all the info I looked up though the only thing that stays in you 7 days is methadone all others are 2-3 days so I dunno where your doc got that

    if your test comes out ok they should keep you on them next they will call you in for a pill count
    if you are not taking them regularly you aren't filling them regularly are you that could help you

    anyhow I am getting off my meds I have not been taking them right because they are not helping so I have asked my doc to get me off them

    also I do not want to deal with this my first test got mixed up with someone elses things that should have not been on there were and things I was taking were not on there

    I was using a controversial method of pain releif can't mention here but it stays in your urine one to 3 months and it did not show on first test and got in trouble for it on 2nd test and I was like see the first test was wrong that should have been there

    but my doc knew i did that so he just said I had to stop but honestly I think that helps more so I will use that instead and not deal with this crap

    anyhow this is a law so everyone else should prepare themselves soon it will be everywhere it is happening at docs all over mass it also happened to newenglander wwhop was from mass

    my mother in law who sees another doc than me and people she knows too

    soo please everone prepare yourselves and take care

    sweet I hope it works out for you-Kim
  10. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    That is horrible. I can't believe what they're putting you through. It's common for people with CFS and FMS to metabolize our drugs very quickly. My dentist is always amazed at how fast Xylocaine wears off for me. He has to continually add more. The fact that so many of us have weight issues no matter what we do shows we have metabolic dysfunction as well.

    I hope you can work this out with your NP.

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  11. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    First, I suggest you put it in writing to the clinic. Talking and having someone else interpret for you is not good. I would write a letter directly to the doctor explaining the circumstances and also the fact your pharmacist confirmed some people are fast metabolizers.

    They wrote you a letter for a reason, to document for legal reasons. So you need to write back and respond to the letter. I would make a letterhead with your name, address and phone number.

    Then address it to the doctor with his name and and address, etc.

    Then - Re: Letter Dated ,,,,,,,,,

    Dear Dr. So and So:

    I am writing to respond to the letter I received on (give date). I must advise, I have certainly been taking my medications, however, at the time of my last appointment I had laid off them for a few days. I have been trying to take the lowest dose to avoid future issues of tolerance, etc.

    I want to assure you, I would never abuse my medications in any manner. I have been ill for many years and am very thankful I have someone to help me have a better quality of life.

    I fully understand you must have rules and unfortunately, those who abuse them, make it difficult for everyone else. I am happy to show you the medications I have on hand as proof I have not sold them, etc. In fact at this time, from my last prescription, I have ### pills left. I am happy to bring my bottle to your office to confirm this. I asked my pharmacist how someone could show no signed of opiates in their system after a few days and he said it happens if people are "fast metabolizers".

    I will be seeing my pharmacist and ask him to count my remaining pills and give you his opinion about people metabolizing faster.

    I sincerely am sorry for this misunderstanding. Had I known better I would have let you know I had stopped my medication for a few days. I hope you can reconsider your decision to release me as a patient. I have received excellent treatment at your office and hope this can continue.


    your name (sign the letter)






    Do the letter immediately and continue to respond in writing to everything they say. This is documenting in the event they do not agree to take you back. By putting everything in writing, they will also realize you have documentation in case you feel there was malpractice. You are a patient and have rights also. If the pharmacist explains some people are fast metabolizers, he should listen.

    There is a great website all about fast metabolizers. They can actually test your genes for this. If you do a websearch under fast opiate metabolizers you will find alot of information. Also check web for pharmogenetics on metabolizers.

    Good luck.
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  12. sweetbeatlvr

    sweetbeatlvr New Member

    thank you all so much for taking the time to respond to my thread. what wonderful information you all gave.

    PVLady, i was already planning on writing a letter to explain how all of this made feel, but did not think to include some of the info that you suggested, thankyou. i will definately be doing that.

    i did sign an agreement when i first started getting pain meds, that i would submit to random drug screens, which i had no problem with. when they gave me this urinalysis though, they said it was to check my kidney function, because of the meds i was on, not a drug screen.

    i'm going to call in the morning to set up an appt. w/ them so i can talk with my NP again, take the letter, and also the info i've gotten from the pharmacist, and online about fast metabalism with meds.

    that has to be the case with there not being any opiates in my urine. i know that i took some two days before my appt. i also drink ALOT of water, so that could also be a reason they left my system so quickly.

    it would be wonderful if they took me back on, but i'm not gonna hold my breath on that. i atleast want to make sure that this does not continue to haunt me, if i have to try and find another doctor.=(

    thanks agian everyone, your support means alot!
  13. TXFMmom

    TXFMmom New Member

    The docs amaze me. First, they tell you to ration the drugs, and try not to become dependent upon them, and then, they get angy because you don't have it in your system. You should take your prescription in, with the date on it, and the number of pills in it.

    I asked my doc for three months scripts of all my stuff, because my insurance company had written and encouraged getting them by mail. They gave me half a month of everything and then a three month thing. I was so sick I did not get it mailed off, and I took the script in and explained that I had gotten it for mail order but did not get it mailed, so please just do it on a month to month. My husband picked it up and came in with a shopping bag of stuff, and I nearly fainted. They had filled all of it for three months, including the Vicodin.


    The pharmacy has made so many errors of late. I called to get refills on the three different eyedrops I take for glaucoma and the antibiotic that I must use to keep the eye which has had surgery on it from getting infected. Being diagnosed with primary immunodeficiency cleared up why I had so many problems with the eye. At any rate, I had not kept the boxes for the drops and they said I did not have refills on the antibiotics, but I rooted around and took two hours but found the prescription for the antibiotic eye drops and they were so wrong, once again.

    Between the docs writing scripts for things which will only refill for six months, and then refusing to refill things because their records say they wrote the script for a year, and the pharmacy making huge mistakes, and all this, I am so afraid I will someday get the blame for all this.

    I finally had a strong word with the pharmacist when I picked up the eye drops, and told her I had been denied a refill with the claim that I had no refills available, had found the prescript, used the automatic line, and it was refilled, and that I had the incident where they filled three months of everything, including the narcotic at once, and having been given the wrong meds twice, as I came home and looked them and the manufacturer listed twice and they didn't match and I had to go back, and told them that I WAS GOING TO HAVE A SERIOUS DISCUSSION WITH THE PHARMACY BOARD. SHE SORT OF SHRUGGED UNTIL I REMINDED HER THAT I AM A FORMER RN, ADVANCED NURSE PRACTITIONER AND CERTIFIED REGISTERED NURSE ANESTHETIST AND I KNOW OF WHAT I SPEAK, AND THEN SHE COULDN'T APOLOGIZE ENOUGH.

  14. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    It seems if you just show how many pills you have left that should clear it up. If you were selling them you could not have them left. Take your pills you have left and account for the days you took them and how many you took. You should have some left over to account for the remaining days until your next refill was due.
  15. mylilcherub428

    mylilcherub428 New Member

    Look up how long yor med stays in your system or ask the pharmacy you should find or be told that med only stays in you 2-3 days even the government info says this

    The only med they say stays in your urine 7 days is methadone the other say 2-3 days at the longest one week

    So it would have been out of you most likely anyhow-Kim
  16. 2_TiReD

    2_TiReD New Member

    I am another "negative opiate" screener. I have come up negative on two separate tests - one was negative after taking my meds the night before and one was negative FOUR hours after I took my dosage. I also do not take my meds in the morning if I am going to drive. There have been numerous cases (I used to be a lab technician prior to being a chemist in my "former" life) of negative screens; especially with oxycodone - I don't believe that morphine and hydrocodone are screened as negative as often if I am remembering correctly.

    Also, I know that I am a hypermetabolizer of medications. My doctor has shown it by testing my depakote levels (they are consistently less than half of what they should be) and by ramping up meds when I am manic that should knock an elephant out, but have no effect on me. Could you be one of those people? Have you had experiences with other meds like that?

    I agree with the other posters that you should try and talk to your NP about this! I know how darn hard it is to get medication that helps, so to lose it is a huge bummer. Maybe do some searches regarding negative opiate screens after taking the dosages and perhaps talk to a pharmacist?????

  17. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    Just wanted to find out how your doing and if you got the results back from your second test.......been thinkng about you and hoping things get straightned out !

  18. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    I take Norco and have to worry every month if I've taken over my limit and have to get the refill sooner than exactly 30 days. My pharmacist started harassing me about the dangers of addiction, etc...I have since changed pharmacies after going to this one for 10 yrs, and it's the only one really close to my home.

    When I've talked to my doc about being worried about having to take the Norco at least 3x a day, he said not to worry about it. "As long as you're not going out and robbing liquor stores to buy it off the street", were his exact words.

    This month I've used more than my daily limit several times cuz I've been feeling so terrible, so I'm worried that I won't be able to get it filled 5 or so days before the month is up. I swear, it's just such a worry. I know I'd be sick as a dog if I had to go cold turkey without Norco. I feel sick enough even when I take it regularly!

    I am amazed by your story, I have never heard of this happening to anyone. I had absolutely no idea that they could harass you over NOT taking your pain meds regularly...what a nightmare for you.

    I also had never heard of fast metabolizers...I think I have that problem too cuz of various problems w meds and at the dentist. I've avoided the dentist for over a yr because of horror I faced w the numbing meds that they've tried on me, yuck.

    It's so hard to find a doc you like, and to have this happen is so unfair. I hope you can figure a way to get it resolved so you don't have that crazy theory of selling your meds permanently posted on your records. Good luck and thanks for posting this, I definitely learned a lot!

    xxxooo Hermit
  19. sweetbeatlvr

    sweetbeatlvr New Member

    thanks so much for checking up on me.

    i havn't gotten the results back yet. i called the office the other day, and they said it could take a week and a half, so i should probably have them back by wednesday.

    i have to call back on monday to schedule an appt.

    i've been trying to find stuff online about fast metabolizing of meds, but really can't find anything?

    i hope so much that i can convince them that i am not doing anything wrong with my meds.

    to the poster that suggested i take some of my meds in the office and go back 2-3 days later to be checked... that's a great idea, and i am going to suggest it when i go in. i am willing to do anything to prove to them, that i am not breakling any laws, and i need to have my meds.

    God works in some mysterious ways... luckily, all of last week, after this happened, i was not hurting too bad, but unfortunately the pain has come back.=( i pray that this gets worked out soon.

    thanks again everyone. i appreciate you all.<3
  20. lea

    lea Member

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