My Dog Chewed up

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by sisland, May 2, 2007.

  1. sisland

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    A 50$ pair of Leather Sandals! Teach me to leave them laying around!,,,,,,,,,,,,Hopefully i can Salvage them at the local shoe repair place!,,,,,,

    I Still Love My Puppy though! he's 7 months old now and wheighs 30lbs! tommorow is another vacination apt! I had him Neutred 3 weeks ago..

    He's really funny about when he wants somthing it's more like a whineing conversation,,,,,I Take him up to the local park and let him run!,,,,,,,,,,,,,Ok enough about the Dog! lolol,,,,,,,,,S
  2. Greenbean7

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    Puppy has good taste!


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  3. rockgor

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    Well, that's just a shame. At least they weren't on your feet at the time.
  4. Greenbean7

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    I, by the way, don't recommend playing with a tennis ball in the house!

    Some evenings after DH and the "old dog" go to bed I give Rey the tennis ball. Can't have it when both dogs are in the living room because it causes a game of chase, growl and knock Mom down!

    While I sit in my chair Rey will bring me the ball and I just gently toss it to him. Sometimes he catches it and sometimes he volleys it back. Usually over my head and then he has to go get it.

    The other night, just as I thought this probably wasn't such a great idea, he popped a line drive right into my nose! You wouldn't believe how big a bright green tennis ball is as it comes flying towards your face!

    It hit right on the end of my nose and I was laughing and crying at the same time. Hurt like heck but it was so funny, too!

    Loved the comment from Rock(?) that at least the sandles weren't on your feet!!


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  5. sisland

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    I am so thankful they weren't on my feet! lolol Rock! yes He has good taste! My Mouth Hit dthe floor did'nt quite Know what to say to him or how to punish him so i just rubbed the shoe in his face and said No!

    and put him in his dog house!lololol! Not funny! Bean~~ we play tennis ball tooo! and I'm so glad your not Hurt! They get good at it!,,,,,,,S