My dog needs surgery and I'm worried sick!

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  1. phoebe1

    phoebe1 New Member

    I have a 2 year old Shar-pei named Astro, the breed has very small ears with very narrow almost non-existent ear channels.
    He needs to go for extremely expensive ear surgery where they are going to cut some of his tissue away to open up the ear channel.
    He suffers from chronic ear infections and it breaks my heart, I didn't know how serious it was until I took him to the vet yesterday, thinking he would probably just sedate him and flush his ears. The vet said that would be the worst thing to do. He felt so sorry for me he didn't even charge me for the consultation.

    If Astro goes for the surgery, he will have to stay at the clinic for 3 nights, then when he comes out he will have to wear one of those funny collars that looks like a bucket around his head and need constant supervision so that the little girl shar-pei who loves rough and tumble doesn't rip out his stitches.

    I am so worried about him, what if something happens to him during surgery and he doesn't make it? I'm sure I'm being paranoid and I don't know why I'm so worried, but I love him so much and won't be able to handle it if anything happens to him.
    I really don't have a choice, he is shaking his head so hard that he is at risk of bursting a blood vessel and developing a hematoma.

    At the moment I'm keeping his ears as clean as possible and have antibiotics, I'm phoning this morning to put him on med. insurance and thought that I would postpone it until middle december when I have leave so that I can look after him.
    I guess I just need some comforting words and to know I'm doing the right thing.

  2. hdbubblehead

    hdbubblehead New Member

    about your heartaches. I hope everything will come out for the best. You will have to take extra care of yourself too. Sometimes I wish I had a magic wand for people, I'd give it to you on this one.
    I will think of you and hope for all good things and no pain for puppy. God give you the strength to cope and handle all that is and will be upon you to deal with.
    I pray for your household in all the days and nights to come that they may be few memories of this stressful time and that all will be well for your doggie and a complete healing. Hearts are with you! xx hd.
  3. PepperGirl52

    PepperGirl52 New Member

    Guess what?? I have a Shar-Pei, too!! AND, she is sick right now, also!!

    She also had an ear infection-they get those frequently! Plus, she had a cyst on her leg that was huge and very hot, and making her limp. That's the second one she's had in a few month's time.

    We took her in last week, and they want to do a thyroid test. They said that Shar-Pei's sometimes develop thyroid problems that cause other things, and they think it may be a blood problem with her as well. I'm so worried about her!!

    THEN, last night, she started breaking out in either hives or boils all over her body!! She has bumps every where!

    I gave her some benedryl from another visit, and just checked on her (it's 1:30 here), and she's sleeping like a baby.

    They are a vet's dream with all their health problems. But they are also the sweetest dogs in the universe!! I just love her to bits, but am also very allergic to her. So, she gets her own doggie house, with a nice, comfy bed and blanket and continuous water bowl. We feed her twice a day, and Daddy runs with her when he gets home, too!

    Hope they BOTH recover really quickly!! PG
  4. phoebe1

    phoebe1 New Member

    Thank you for the words of encouragement, I love my boy so much and I appreciate your support.
    I phoned the med. insurance and they are really pathetic, they pay something like 10%, the op will cost me R7000 (about $1 500) but I have to do it for him.
    Peppergirl, I hope your doggie feels better soon, one can definitely not have a shar-pei on a limited budget (lol).

    But even with the health problems I will never buy another breed again, I just love them to bits they are the light in my life.
    I wish sometimes they can just talk and tell me what is wrong and if it's hurting, poor babies, luckily our female shar-pei is very healthy (Astro is always licking her ears so they are very clean), only op she had was for entropion.
    I'm also very allergic to them, I break out in hives when I touch them, my nose closes up and when they kiss me my face turns red like a lobster and red hot plus white spots like mosquito bites, but how can I resist a big sloppy kiss from that pink and purple tongue :)

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  5. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    I have 2 shar pei also. I really consider myself pretty well versed on keeping a healthy pei. M girls are mother and daughter, 8 and 5. My youngest has NEVER had any illness or infection, EVER.

    Before you do the surgery, please try a few changes. A Shar Pei is a LOT like us. Has a LOT of the same types of confusing health problems. Allergy, skin problems, immune system problems. Looks like thyroid, but thyroid checks out. Hot spots. Always being given antibiotics for something.

    Anyway, check the food you are giving. You do NOT want anything that contains WHEAT or SOY. Both have a high potential for allergy in dogs. This means NO doggy treats, as they most all have wheat and soy. And no pizza crusts or leftover toast. (Sensible Choice has their line of doggy treats) My older girl Ellie had the worst, gooky ears for her first 2 years of life, I had to clean out (more like scoop) goo every single day. Once I changed her diet, itchy ears stopped almost overnight. Has had maybe 2 ear infections in last 6 years.

    I also like to give a SEA VEG based supplement, such as Solid Gold Sea Meal. Since these dogs were initially found running the beaches in China, they likely have a higher need for Sea Veg (fish, kelp, iodine etc) 1/2 - 1 teaspoon mixed in warm water, activates the enzymes. Pour over their food. My girls thrive on this and I have suggested it to several friends. I can buY a small canister for $10 and it lasts a year or two. Smells like fish food.

    The cleaner/drying solution I like best is Epi-Otic by Verbac. About $5 for a 4 oz bottle that will last all year. (Stinky though) Available at some vets or easily ordered online. Then I like to follow the cleaning with Oto-Max. This is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-FUNGAL. Very important and can be used daily. This is by Prescription only. About $18.

    The food I use is called Sensible Choice Lamb and Rice. CANIDEA and WELLNESS both are Wheat and Soy Free and have several choice for life stages.

    I just love these dogs. I don't believe in Reincarnation, but if I did, these dogs would have been human in another life. My girls are NOT obedient but are just naturally well behaved. No annoying habits, like chewing, jumping, digging. Pretty much couch potatoes. They do what I ask, not because they are well trained, they just do it. They make me happy and I love them. I mush on that big face and carry on like I just got them yesterday. I hope they live forever, (that's why I give them SEA MEAL, haha) cause life without my PEI would be a sad day.

    I hope your Astro can avoid this surgery and hopefully this will help. We also have a Holistic Vet on our boards here, maybe she will offer some suggestions. I think she is Morningsonshine. Good luck to you and Astro.

    Another thought on the food. You could try one of the Organic BARF diets. (Bones And Raw Food). You buy a 1 lb, 5 lb, or 10 lb tube and feed directly out the tube. You could buy enough for one week just to try, you will know right away if this stops the itchies. These can sometimes be bought at high end feed stores, and certainly could locate a distributor locally by accessing the web.
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  6. Fudge43

    Fudge43 New Member

    phoebe1 ... I'm sorry bout Astro .. I know you must be worried sick .. I was too, with my Molly(sorry .. she is a c-a-t .. oops ! ) ... but we all feel the strain when they are sick and need help.

    The expense to have to worry about to is another stress. Just to have Molly looked at ( and the vet was very good ) and confirm what we thought .. she was getting over what ever it was that made her so sick .. plus 2 cans of special food after being ill .. was $67 .. for something like 12 minutes.
    So having pets is a special budget on their own that we don't really account for until IT happens.

    I really hope things turn out well for you guys .. do what you feel most comfortable with for you and Astro.
    Good Luck
    Cat-Lady Fudge : )
    PS .. Molly hated that 'special" food they sold us .. go figure ? LOL
  7. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member

    First do the food research, like ellie said...

    I was reading the first few posts and thought "IT COULD BE THE FOOD", then I see Ellie's post about her babies and the food issue...

    I had the same experience with my oldest lab Dylan...He was always suffering from itching, dry skin, brown goop coming out of his ears and would actually rip out all his fur on his belly and face til he bled...

    The vet who I trusted at the time, kept treating his symptoms and not fixing the problem...When he suggested that we resect his ears, that was it!!! Mama went into save-my-boy mode and researched til I turned blue (you all know how that is with these DD's)

    You cannot imagine what is in dog food!!!! Anti-freeze, MSG, old restaurant grease (sprayed on for flavor), BHA,BHT,ETHOXYQUIN...ALL POISONS!!!

    The bags look pretty, the food smells good enough to eat and yet it's killing our furry ones...

    After researching, my choice was Flint River Ranch...It helped my lil guy with his epilepsy and cleared up Dylan's allergies 90%...He still has environmental issues, such as grass, pollen, leaves and such and although he may be allergic to the wheat or other ingredients in the Flint River, the overall result of the product has kept him healthy and happy...

    Please don't go to the companies website, they are always declaring their product to be the healthiest...One rule of thumb I and many like me follow is, if you can buy it from a vet or in a pet store or supermarket, keep looking...

    I have even gone as far as cooking for my boys, I may go back to that again as they get older...My oldest is 10 1/2 and my vet now (who knows to be truthful, or I will catch him and repremand him, teehee) is proud of how my boys look and their exams and bloodwork results are typical of 2 YEAR OLD LABS...Even I was impressed!

    Of course, a second opinion would also help but please don't tell the new doc what the fist doc diagnosed...Mention the food issue too...I spent many years of stress and anger at the medical field, esp. vets after my lil boy began his fight with epilepsy...I now have the perfect team that are there for me whenever I need them and they know I will educate myself and always do what's right for my boys regardless of the cost...Funny, my vet constantly discounts my bill cause he enjoys my boys visits.

    If you'd like, tell us what you feed, esp. treats and table scraps, don't leave anything out, it could be a simple fix.
    I will pray for you and Astro that it is an easy fix and that he doesn't require the surgery when this is all said and done...Thinking of you both~Alicia
  8. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member

    When did these ear issues begin???

    I see he is 2 years old...Any vaccines lately?

    I will try to keep up on the replies...If I can be of any help, lemme know...I live for my boys and I like to think I can help others with theirs...

    I see you also have pet insurance...I researched that too and found that you would be better off taking the premiums, putting it in a special account for the furry kids and adding to it periodically, would be more beneficial and you get to make the decisions for your boy, not the insurance co...My opinion, but was given that advice by a financial expert, made sense to me once I read what the insurance actually allows and pays for...
  9. Braingonebad

    Braingonebad New Member

    Aww Phoebe! So sorry to hear about your buddy Astro (great name BTW!)!

    Ellie's advice - and other's - to try diet changes and look into other sources of allergies sounds good to me. It would be great to avoid surgery if at all possible.

    At any rate, I'm an animal lover and know how it is to worry over the non-people friends in your life. We recently lost our oldest pooch, chow/shep mix Lucky, a rescue dog. He was 15 and passed peacefully in his sleep.

    And we've had one thing after another with my poodle, Sophie - she had cancer surger years ago. Hers had spread, the vet had her in surgery for 12 hrs, fixed a birth related hernia and spayed her at the same time.

    It was a tough recovery, but she's made it and had all these good years since.

    Good luck to both of you, and know I'm sending hugs and good vibes!
  10. phoebe1

    phoebe1 New Member

    I'm glad there is so many animal lovers on this board, I was giving him Vet's Choice Superior (recommended by the Vet off course), then he started biting himself on his backside, also till it bled but I thought it was the changing from winter to summer and losing so much hair.
    I then put them on Vet's Choice Sensitive, I'm going to read the label tonight.

    I feel so stupid now but I really thought I was giving them good food, for treats we give them Beeno's and vitamin yoghurt drops from Lopis, I also put Lustrecoat over their food sometimes and a home-made baked treat made from liver and something else I can't remember (probably wheat and sunflower oil).
    I feel like such a bad mother!

    I'm so glad I asked your opinion, Mamadove, he's had chronic ear infections forever, I rinse his ears with epi-otic, sometimes I put in Oridermyl (abx) and the vet told me yesterday I should dry his ears with my hairdryer because it's so moist inside and filled with puss and very beneficial for bacteria.
    When I've rinsed his ears I clean it with a bit of hibitane solution, just on the outside.

    Thank you so much for all the great advice, keep it coming and I'm going to get a second opinion as well.
    P.S. He hasn't had any vaccinations recently.

  11. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member

    Hi again,

    I am not familiar with any of the treats or the food you mentioned...

    In my experience, the foods supplied by the vet, such as science diet, have the worst ingredients...They may be helpful to some pets but I myself wouldn't feed it to rat.

    I love rats by the way, I used to raise them...

    I may at times sound negative and even vicious at times about the subjects concerning pets, vets and the way we care for them...It's only my terrible experiences in my life that has made me this way...Alot like the experience with my docs, their inept care and concern along with all the meds and such they recommend...

    Sometimes I think I know TOO MUCH...

    I am off to run errands now but will come back and look up the ingredients that are in the items you mentioned...Unless someone beats me to it...Ellie? Teehee

    I am looking for new additions to our family in the form of two lil guinea pigs...Wish me luck...

    Will return later to post...

    MOST IMPORTANT...You are not a bad mother!!!!!! You thought enough to bring Astro to the doctor and post your love for him for all of us to see...

    Things seem to happen for a reason...My belief...If my lil guy hadn't been stricken with epilepsy, I may not have found one of the triggers for my husband's epilepsy...JELLY! Yes, Jelly! PECTIN in the jelly...

    Off to look for lil piggies...Chin Up Phoebe, hopefully we can assist you in helping Astro...Alicia
  12. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member

    Hi again,

    I am not familiar with any of the treats or the food you mentioned...

    In my experience, the foods supplied by the vet, such as science diet, have the worst ingredients...They may be helpful to some pets but I myself wouldn't feed it to rat.

    I love rats by the way, I used to raise them...

    I may at times sound negative and even vicious at times about the subjects concerning pets, vets and the way we care for them...It's only my terrible experiences in my life that has made me this way...Alot like the experience with my docs, their inept care and concern along with all the meds and such they recommend...

    Sometimes I think I know TOO MUCH...

    I am off to run errands now but will come back and look up the ingredients that are in the items you mentioned...Unless someone beats me to it...Ellie? Teehee

    I am looking for new additions to our family in the form of two lil guinea pigs...Wish me luck...

    Will return later to post...

    MOST IMPORTANT...You are not a bad mother!!!!!! You thought enough to bring Astro to the doctor and post your love for him for all of us to see...

    Things seem to happen for a reason...My belief...If my lil guy hadn't been stricken with epilepsy, I may not have found one of the triggers for my husband's epilepsy...JELLY! Yes, Jelly! PECTIN in the jelly...

    Off to look for lil piggies...Chin Up Phoebe, hopefully we can assist you in helping Astro...Alicia
  13. Empower

    Empower New Member


    I understand your fears. I do the same thing with my dog. She had to be sedated to have a tooth pulled and I cried! So ridiculous.

    But I think that that is part of the problem with those of us with FMS and CFS....we tend to do a lot of worrying and tend to think the worst is going to happen.

    What you have to do is get the best care for the dog possible and then absolutely put EVERY BAD THOUGHT out of your mind. When you start to think negative, stop yourself and say out loud "NO!"

    BTW - the picture in your profile is very beautiful.

    You are a good doggy mommy otherwise, you wouldn't have even taken him to the vet

    Good Luck and let us know how he feels
  14. jkluver

    jkluver New Member

    My little shitzu had this surgery and he come out of it just fine.I was so scared because he is 10 years old.Putting it off is not a good thing because he is in pain.
    After the surgery and he is well on his way to recovery and your a dog lover like I am you will see a big differance.One thing that I did was to mix his dry dog food with wet food because that way it won't hurt him to chew,
    That collar around his neck is for his own protection, I promise you he'll be just great and feeling like a puppy again,Make sur you keep his ear clean,I rubbed neurosporin on our dog and gave him childrens tylenol for pain.
    My prayers are with you !!!!.

  15. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member

    Boy, I have had such a hard time researching the food and treats you give Astro...

    One thing I did find is that the food is similar to IVP, a prescription diet typically given to pets with allergies...I do know that the QUALITY is not there as I have researched this for one of my clients who had a yeast problem,ripping fur out, ears oozing pus and crud, on prednisone and getting cortisone shots for years until we tried him on Flint River , did 50% better immediately! If I remember correctly these were duck and potato, venison, rabbit, etc...

    I did find out something interesting, in 1997 the HJ HEINZ co took over 50% control of this company...That's not good for any of our animals...That company is in it for the $$$$ and certainly not concerned what goes in the food unless it's the remnants of all the other products they distribute...

    The Beeno's, Lopis Yogurt Drops and the Lustrecoat turned up nothing and that's not kosher...If not easily accessible info, don't feed it...

    I am guessing you are in for a long haul of trial and error, of course without putting Astro's health in further jeopardy...You may need to go all organic, cooking for him and no treats or anything packaged...I know when I researched for Moose's problems I found many home-cooked diets that were simple to make and the ingredients were usually available in health food stores or local markets...

    We will keep searching Phoebe...Let us know how Astro is doing and if you have any new info...Alicia
  16. phoebe1

    phoebe1 New Member

    All of you are so wonderful, and if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have even thought to get a second opinion or research his food.
    I'm taking him to a friend of mine's dad this weekend who is a vet and who won't have anything to gain by not telling the truth.

    Mamadove, I can not tell you how much your help means to me and the effort you have put in is incredible!
    Maybe you can't find the products because they are south african, if you go to instead of .com and say search pages from south africa you'll find them.
    They are available everywhere in the country and considered healthy and safe.

    I read the label on his Vet's Choice yesterday and it listed allergens as rice and duck, but other than that it didn't state wheat, soy or anything horrible looking.
    I'm interested to know where I can get that Gold Seal meal with the kelp and fish (sorry brainfog now).

  17. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member

    I'm so glad that you are taking Astro for another opinion...
    I am hoping he is not too uncomfortable while you try to do the best for him...

    I know that some foods labels list duck, rice, etc... and it sounds like something we would eat, however, the quality of these ingredients is what's at issue...Duck, can and usually means, feet, bills, feathers and the parts that are not able to be sold to people consumers but acceptable to pets, such as cancerous tissue...This is the reason that food corps such as HJ Heinz Co. eventually own pet food cos...What they don't sell us goes to the other factory, hence, no waste, more profits...

    I am anxious to see what his opinion is...Make sure you emphasize that you are willing to do whatever it takes to keep him from the surgery, such as cleaning his ears as recommended and even preparing his food if need be...He may recommend allergy testing, wherein the tests may conclude exactly what his allergies are...

    Sorry, the fog is settling in...I guess I am in for a wonderful day, it's only 8am and I am blitzed allready!

    Hope to see some positive posts this weekend and that Astro will soon be on the mend...Take Care Phoebe, Hug Astro for me!

  18. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    If this is the food you feed, the things that pop out at me is: main ingredient is corn, not good. Soya meal, that is Soy. Interesting, it is made by Royal Canin, same company that makes my Sensible Choice Lamb & Rice. There are many online sources for Solid Gold Sea Meal, here is their blurb. Or go to

    Sea Meal A Nutritional Supplement

    Solid Gold Sea Meal. Our SeaMeal is now yeast-free and has been reformulated with flax seed meal, an excellent source of omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids. It is thought that some dogs may be allergic to certain types of yeast, although often the exact type of yeast causing the allergy is unknown. In order to eliminate this possible allergen, the brewers yeast (which is just one of more than twenty different types of yeast) was removed from our SeaMeal, and replaced with flax seed meal. SeaMeal is our Number 1 Seller. It is made with nineteen different species of sea vegetation. It is an excellent source of nutrition, and often a more popular supplement than many chemical vitamins and minerals. Of the nineteen different species, only one is kelp. We use kelp for its iodine content. The addition of seaweed and kelp to an animal's diet can produce many great benefits. SeaMeal contains 60 trace minerals, 12 vitamins and 22 amino acids. SeaMeal should be given twice a day, and mixed with the morning and evening feeds. The body is made up of 11 % trace minerals and 4% vitamins. Without the minerals, the vitamins cannot work. SeaMeal also contains digestive enzymes, which improve the digestibility of the food. Solid Gold foods are more that 80 % digestible, but with the addition of SeaMeal, this increases to a level of 92 % digestibility. No matter what other companies may tell you, probiotics and digestive enzymes cannot be put right into the food, because they are denatured (killed) at 120 F degrees, and pet foods must be cooked at least at 265 F degrees. SeaMeal supplementation often helps prevent dogs from stool eating, SeaMeal helps to boost up the thymus and thyroid glands, which control the immune, hormone and enzyme systems of the body. Seameal helps to restore lost hair growth, intensify coat color and particularly remove the red tinge that can affect black coats in cats, and dogs such as Dobermans and Rottweilers, which may be caused by an iron deficiency. It is also excellent for dogs and cats with white coats. Animals benefit greatly from the addition of sea vegetation to their diets. SeaMeal helps to boost up the immune system, which is the first line of defense against allergens. Supplementation with SeaMeal helps prevent chewing at the feet, scratching at the skin and base of the tail and hair loss. One of the key elements in SeaMeal is iodine, which is vital for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. SeaMeal is often used for dogs with hyper or hypothyroidism. Solid Gold Seameal contains several species of green Seaweeds, which are rich in chlorophyll, a detoxifier. The chlorophyll contains magnesium and the blood contains hemin (iron). The bluegreen algae family is acknowledged for its immune enhancing properties. The brown and red colored seaweeds used in our Seameal are rich in carotenoids which also have antioxidant and anticancer properties and support the heart and circulation. Flavonoids which produce red, purple or blue colored seaweed, support connective tissue regeneration, collagen formation, help to stabilize and protect blood capillaries from oxidative damage, and also have antioxidant benefits. We always recommend Seameal supplementation with our pet foods. Available in 8 oz, 11b and 5 Ib containers.



    For adult dogs with high nutrient requirements:
    - Working or very active dogs
    - Performance and show dogs
    - Convalescent dogs

    High calorific density to meet the increased requirements of these dogs.
    High quality proteins with correct amino acid balance to satisfy increased demands.
    Correct calcium to phosphorous ratio for sound skeletal health.
    Rich in chicken and rice to improve palatability and facilitate digestion.
    Balanced Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids enhance skin and coat health.
    Liver digest for enhanced taste and enjoyment.
    Vitamin and mineral fortified.
    Added vitamins A,C and E and selenium which act as natural anti-oxidants.
    Increased biotin and organic zinc to promote skin health.
    Added zeolite and vegetable pulp for better digestive safety.
    Follow with Vets Choice Golden Years at 7 years of age.
    Feeding Guidelines

    Most dogs take a little time to adapt to a new diet. Therefore you should introduce Vets Choice gradually with the food you are currently using, over a period of 5 days.
    Protect food from moisture and store in a sealed container, in a cool dry place.
    Ask your veterinarian for a unique Vets Choice cup to assist with the portions.
    Ideal Adult Weight of Dog (kg)
    5 10 15 20 25 30 40 50 60 70 80
    Recommended Daily Intake (g)
    Moderately Active 110 180 245 300 355 405 500 590 670 750 830
    Very Active 120 200 270 330 390 445 550 645 740 825 910

    Divide daily allowance into 2 portions (morning and evening)

    Recipe and Ingredients

    We use only the very best local and imported ingredients to create a highly digestible, nutritiously balanced, appetising diet.
    We have purposely excluded artificial flavourants and colourants which are potential allergens.

    OmegadermTM PLUS:

    OmegadermTM PLUS is a scientific balance of essential fatty acids and stabilised vitamins and minerals, which promote overall vitality and energy. We have taken great care to ensure the ideal balance between Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids to optimize the overall health of your pet’s coat and skin. The recipe includes a unique aromatic blend greatly improving the taste of the food.

    Guaranteed Analysis
    Protein Min 240 g/kg Calcium Min 14 g/kg
    Moisture Max 100 g/kg Phosphorus Min 8.0 g/kg
    Fat Min 140 g/kg CA: P Ratio 1.4 – 1.8 : 1
    Fibre Max 30 g/kg Omega 6 Min 24.5 g/kg
    Ash Max 70 g/kg Omega 3 Min 2.7 g/kg

    Ingredient Statement
    Ground Corn, Poultry Meal (min 14%), Soya Meal, Sorghum, Animal Fat, Corn Gluten 60, Polished Rice (4%), Vegetable Pulp, Liver Digest, Minerals, Zeolite, Linseeds, Trace Elements (included chelated trace elements), Methionine, Vitamins (approved anti-oxidants added)

    Additives Per Kilogram
    Vitamin A (7500 IU/kg), Vitamin D3 (700 IU/kg), Vitamin E (70mg/kg), Vitamin C (50mg/kg), Vitamin B1 (6mg/kg), Biotin (640mcg/kg), Zinc (180mg/kg), Selenium (430mcg/kg)

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  19. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member

    You found all the info on the ingerdients in Astro's food...

    Junk, junk, and more junk...Poor dog been trying to live on corn and chicken feet...
    I am surprised it said it is made by Royal Canin yet the info I got was that the Heinz co. bought them in 1998...Maybe it is so, just they distribute it differently.

    Anyhoo, most importantly, the reason for Astro's problem most likely is the foods and treats...

    I hope Phoebe sees this tonite before Astro's appointment tomorrow, that will make for quite the conversation when discussing the options...

    I am thinking he needs a good long term antibiotic to kill the ickies in him while she weans him from food to food, hopefully she can cook all organic for him and then introduce new things...It will be a long process...I did it with two of my boys and like I said in the previous post, I stuck with Flint River Ranch because overall the results are wonderful and I trust what is in it...

    Again, great job you super sleuth...Astro is a lucky dog that so many care...Nite nite, Alicia
  20. phoebe1

    phoebe1 New Member

    Unfortunately I couldn't get Astro to the appointment as it is in another town and friday when he was sitting on my lap I spotted a red tick on his head (we went for a walk in a field near our house) so I panicked a bit and took him to the doggy parlour on sat. morning to be washed and dipped and will put some frontline on tomorrow to be safe.

    His ears are a bit better, he is not shaking his head so much anymore, I'm cleaning it twice a day with epi-otic and 2% hibitane solution.
    I'm shocked at what they put in supposedly "good" food for dogs, I'm going to try and order the Solid Gold Seameal online today.
    Thank you for all the great advice and support!


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