My Dr.asked ME best choice for breakthrough meds after surgery

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    Good afternoon to everyone and I do hope everyone is feeling fairly well today~~

    I went to my oral surgeon today to give them my updated
    medical files before my surgery coming up this Monday, and I explained alot of things he wasn't familiar with from knowing me before.

    I had discussed here on the board about whether you should tell your Dr's and other Dr's you see, about your long acting pain medications, and the majority of you said yes, so I abided by what most of you agreed upon and told him. Thank you all for that information!!

    So, with that information and putting it on my updated history for them for the upcoming surgery, out comes the Dr. to talk with me and just to see how I was doing before the surgery and just to chat.

    But I did tell him what was new and the cervical surgery I had done, so he would be careful while doing the bone graft and pulling the tooth. Also about the fibromyalgia and what I take for it.

    So, he wanted to know what works best for me or others with fibro for breakthrough meds, to which I really didn't know. I told him about the Oxy Ir's or either regular Percocet, so which would be better with the MS Contin 30 mgs I take now twice a day?

    Would it work better to take the instant release or the regular Percocet or it doesn't matter? He wanted me to ask you guys for your opinion and then he will go with whatever I feel most comfortable with! What a great Dr.! And I worried for no reason and now feel so much better after discussing the first issue with you and now this question!!

    Thank you all sooo much for your help before~~
    So, now if you have a choice of which medication would be the best choice, please let me know and then I can tell him which type of the Percocet would be best. The instant release or the Percocet with tylenol?

    Then I would be very grateful for your help again!

    Thank you for hearing me out with this probably stupid question, but I don't know the answer myself, seeing I don't usually get any breakthrough meds for any length of time to know which will be the best after oral surgery.

    Thank you again as I would greatly appreciate any help with my choice for this upcoming Monday's surgery.

    Have a very sparkling and brightful evening to all,
  2. TinaJones

    TinaJones New Member

    Bump for Shelby
  3. TinaJones

    TinaJones New Member

    The board is moving so fast - I just "happened" to see your post!

    I'm really glad you got to talk to the doctor. He sounds great - very understanding, etc. I think we get so used to having "bad" experiences that we are almost SHOCKED when something positive happens :)

    Anyway, re: your medication question - have you taken both of these medications? Do you remember which worked the best for you? Basically, it's the same medication - just one has Tylenol in it. I'd probably choose the OxyIR, but that's just me. Percocet works really well for some people, and this is often used for post-surgery pain (I was given this after my c-sections).

    I'm off to bed, but wanted to make sure this gets to you. Good luck on Monday, Shelby...let us know how you did as soon as you are feeling up to it. Take good care -- Tina
  4. Rnclegal

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    I take 100 mgs of MS Contin every 8 hours as my regular meds and then my pain specialist has prescribed Actiq lozenges (lollipops) for breakthrough. Actiq is also known as fentanyl and is dosed in mcgs. Dont know what the doc would say about that for a post surgical pain issue since I would expect he would be giving you fentanyl as your main post op pain medication in the recovery room. Actiq is only typically used for chronic pain, not the surgical pain, but after surgery who knows which is which....especially when you live with pain all the time.

  5. TinaJones

    TinaJones New Member

    I'm using Actiq, too, for breakthrough DOES work well for me. I use one 1200mcg per day, for my worst time of day.

    Carolyn, do you mind me asking what strength you use, and how it works for you? It's the first thing I've used that actually works. It doesn't make me loopy or any side effects (I do have a very high tolerance, though). I just feel some level of pain relief within about 15/20 minutes. It doesn't last a long time, but at least I can "some" relief from it.

    Shelby - I was thinking that Dilaudid is also good for breakthrough pain, as well as MSIR (Morphine Sulfate Instant Release). The Actiq works, but is expensive...I don't think most docs would use this as their first choice of post-op pain relief. But you never know. It comes in many dosages...from 200mcg up to 1600mcgs.

  6. TinaJones

    TinaJones New Member

    Bumping for Shelby
  7. shelby319

    shelby319 New Member

    I just have to thank you all again for your help, and to you Tina for bumping me so I could have an answer for today!

    You guys are so sweet!! I thought it was rather a stupid question, but it was a concern of mine and the Oral surgeon. Also the fact that the Dr. was so interested in finding out for his future patients who also have fibromyalgia what might work best, it turned out to be a good question afterall!!

    Its always good to inform these Drs who aren't aware of fibromyalgia about what type of meds work better for us, than perhaps someone who doesn't have this type of disease. So, for that, I'm glad I might have given some insight to helped someone else for their future visit to a Dentist or Dr.

    What can I say? You are always here for me, and I'm always so greatful for your help...thank you again from the bottom of my heart!!

    I made out very well, with a few in between problems about my antibiotics and the timing of taking them and then needing more before the surgery, then a problem it might have to be put off because of the those not being effective enough, and seeing the Dentist first..oh you know..what can go wrong... does sometimes... but it did go really well and things ended up being done with a full recovery down the road..hopefully!! LOL!!

    I'm glad I did have it done now though, as there was a gasp from everyone in the room when he pulled the tooth out and found that there was a very nasty infection that just let loose and all that was in there came pouring out...yuckie.."sorry for being so graphic". But it was already way up into the sinus cavity and almost into the eye area. No wonder I felt so terrible these last few weeks!!

    Anyhoo~~ The breakthrough meds are Oxy Ir's 10 mgs and he also gave me some Oxy Ir's 20 mgs in case I needed those stronger ones...but only just in case, which the 10 mgs are working fine right now, and I'm feeling quite well after going through all that dental surgery..yuckie!!

    But I'm a big baby anyway when it comes to having any dental work

    Thank you all for your support and help through this~~I just love this board!!! And all of you!!! "Priceless" once again!!!
    Many hugs to all~~
    A huge hug Tina for all your special support, as I know you are not feeling too well, but yet you took the time out to help me through this and I thank you soooo much!
    Gentle hugs,
  8. TinaJones

    TinaJones New Member

    I'm so glad that you got through it all ok, and that you got good pain control and everything, Shelby :)

    I only have a second on here but will write more later tonight...but I want you to know that I did think of you yesterday and was hoping things went well for you!

    Thanks for all of the kind words! Really, that made my night :) This board is really good for me, too - and I'm glad we've made a connection. It really helps to have the support of people that know exactly what you are going through.

    Gotta scrounge something up for dinner, but I'll write more later :) Love, Tina

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