My Dr, got fired

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Crispangel66, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. Crispangel66

    Crispangel66 New Member

    I have been so depressed because the dr. I have been going

    to for the past 10 years got fired, the dr office he worked

    for said he took too much time with his patients. Not only

    did I see him but my hubby went to him and so did most of

    my family. I was a patient of his for ten years. Of course

    he was slower than the younger drs he was a medic in World

    War2. It sure is hard finding a dr like him he believed in

    fms. I live in North East Texas so if anyone know of a good

    dr. around here who takes medicaid please let me know.

    Gentle Hugs crispangel
  2. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    I'm not in your area, so I cannot help with the doctor.

    But I am wondering, have you thought of writing a note to your former doctor, just expressing your appreciation for his compassion and care? So many of us with these dds think that we have nothing to offer, but your words might help him feel better if he has gotten fired.

    I hope you are able to find another good doc for yourself and your family.
  3. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member

    Will your doctor be practicing elsewhere now? Perhaps you could just follow where he goes? Just because he was let go from one practice doesn't mean he will stop practicing completely. You could contact him and find out.
  4. Katywitch

    Katywitch New Member

    I'm sorry to hear that. Good docs are so hard to find. The best doctor I ever had retired due to a health breakdown because he cared so much for his patients. If you take the advice on here and write to your doctor to thank him maybe you could ask him to recommend someone else? Good luck. I hope you find a good doc soon.
  5. Crispangel66

    Crispangel66 New Member

    Yes, I did let him know how much I appreciated everything

    he has done for me, I even gavehim a hug which I know is

    unprofessional but I didn't care what could they do to him,

    FIRE HIM!! lol. He isn't sure what he is going to do yet

    so I can't see him right now he may retire given his age at

    first I got a letter in the mail that he didn't even know

    about and they made it sound like he was leaving of his own

    volition which was a lie, so I thought either he had

    gotten sick or was retiring but luckily I had an

    appointment right after I got the letter and he told me and

    my hubby he had been fired for taking too long with his

    patients. If a patient had a question he made sure they

    understood what they needed to know. I love him like family

    now, he was also really good about giving cheap meds and

    giving samples. I would leave his office with bags full of

    samples. You sould always tell that he really cared. Well I

    go I have a chriopractic appointment and am scared to

    death the last time I had an adjustment I was violently

    ill about 10 minutes later. I guess I just need to let him

    know. So maybe he will go easy on me? Pray for me lol.

    Gentle Hugs Pamela Crisp
  6. Malcolm82

    Malcolm82 New Member

    What a sad state of affairs, as my wife's Grandfather used to say.

    As if living through this whole nightmare isn't enough when doctors that actually believe in and understand these DDs are few and far between, then they fire one of the only people that keep you sane.

    What we need today are MORE doctors that spend time with their patients, but in our world today, "production" is the only important thing because time is money. You would think that health care should be an exception to this rule.

    In my opinion this will only get worse if we get socialized medicine.

    I'm very sorry for the loss of your doctor. I would be devastated if something happened to my doctor having taken me over a year to find her. She works in her own practice so she can't be fired, unless she goes out of business. She doesn't take insurance because she says participating in insurance groups require too many restrictions, which she says is the reason why most doctors won't deal with CFS or FM and try to get to the bottom of it. It takes too much time and testing that insurance won't pay for. Based on the statements I have seen with what my other doctors have charged my insurance for my appointments where they didn't do anything for me at all in the five minutes they actually spent with me, she charges way less than they do, except I have to pay it, but for me it is well worth it.

    I hope you can find another doctor soon. You may be able to find a good CFS doctor in your area through the CFIDS Association of America at or one of the FM support organizations on the internet (thank GOD for the INTERNET!) Good luck to you and keep your chin up !! We all feel your pain.
  7. Crispangel66

    Crispangel66 New Member

    I feel a bit better after going to my chiropractor, I forgot how good he is, he is also one who spends more time with his patients. I am glad that he has his own practice. His mom is the one who manages the pool exercises. She is sweet too. I have heard of one dr. who helps fms/cfs patients but I have to go through a regular M.D. to see him. I am seeing one M.D. who won't prescribe my pain meds so I am ready to get in to see him. Which my dr. who got fired wrote me out prescriptions so that I would have my meds until I could find a good dr. Well I am very relaxed and I think I will take a nap. You all take care.

    Gentle hugs to all

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