My Dr. is a Jekyl and Hyde

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Lendi, Feb 11, 2003.

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    I went to my Dr. for my 1 month return appt. since I saw him after my neurologist sent his report. Last month he was all supportive and saying we had to get my sleep disorder under control. I went to him today and mentioned that I was in a flair and that my arm was swollen and really hurt. He said it's just tendonitis. And, that CFS and Fibro is "a bunch of bunk" and that everyone is tired. That I have a "severe sleep disorder" And, that I have to figure out why, subconsciencely, I don't sleep in order to get better. I asked him if I took a couple of months off of work would I feel better. He said I'd just sleep and not feel any better, get a job again and not be any better. Changed my med from ambien to risperol (sp haven't picked it up yet)and said to come back in a month and to go see a hypnotherapist. I feel so alone and lost. I don't have a clue what to do now. If I weren't depressed before, I sure am now :(
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    this experience must have been really upsetting.
    This doctor can only do you harm. Do change doctors!
    Do you know what the neurologist's reports said?
    (I'm asking because perhaps he/she isn't the right one to see for CFS/FM (don't know which one you have) either?
    (the stuff about subconsciously not sleeping so as not to get better is about the most absurd thing I've heard!)
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    what is an HMO please?
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    If the guy who fixes your car doesn't fix your car you go somewhere else, same with your doctor. Staying with this doc will only do more damage to YOU and YOU are the important one when it comes to your health.
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    HMO's are our gift from Hillary Clinton's great attempt at reforming healthcare. Which she did with a vengeance.

    Basically, a group of doctors are paid a flat rate of $15.00-$30.00 per patient no matter what they see them for so it's in their best interests to run patients through the appointments like herded cattle and do the least amount of care possible so that the Health Maintenance Organization can make a profit.

    Usually you have to have a Primary Care Provider (PCP..that's also the nickname for Angeldust...a street drug) before you can see a specialist. If the PCP knows what they are doing, they will do the right thing. But as we all know, the almighty dollar prevails and more often than not patients get neglected in favor of less expensive, more "cost effective" care, which usually ends up in no care.

    Most HMO's will deny treatment at first just as a general rule and letters have to be written and patients have to beg for better care. The premiums are less expensive, but you get what you pay for. It's better than no insurance at all, but not by much. There's been much controversy over the power that HMO's have in our care because most are run by non-medical people who only want to make a profit.

    As a nurse, I worked at a junior college for a while teaching about insurance and filing claims correctly to adult classes. A lot of HMO's have come and gone. Most states have passed laws to force them to give better care and most doctors refuse patients with HMO insurance because the fixed fee does not allow them the freedom to really treat patients adequately.

    That's just one of the legacies of the Clinton administration.

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    that answer was thorough! Many thanks, Crystal.
    (moved to the US last summer, hence am still greenhornish about many things here)
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    This reply is for Crystal. Just for the record. Hillary Clinton (or Bill Clinton) didn't have anything to do with creation of HMO's. They were around a long time before the Clinton Administration was.
    HMO's were the invention of the Insurance Industry in order to reap bigger profits. I totally agree with you that all the bureaucracy results in poor or no care (in lots of cases) but let's don't blame this on the Clintons. We've got lots of other things that we can blame on them. Like a balanced budget with a surplus and peace and prosperity for more than just the few very wealthy of our Nation.
  8. Mikie

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    Hillary had nothing to do with HMO's. I know when we are frustrated, we really want to point the finger of blame, but this time, it's pointed in the wrong direction. What the Clintons attempted to do was to bring our shameful healthcare crisis into the open for discussion, study, and, hopefully, some reform. It was obviously not a priority in the House and Senate and died a sad death. Our lack of healthcare in this country is not a partisan issue but one which every American should be interested in fixing.

    Now, back to the issue at hand. Rheumies are in short supply, but if you can find another who is better, go for it. My own rheumy is very moody and wasn't very interested in me. However, he does write my Rx for Klonopin, so I see him every 3-4 months. All of a sudden, though, he is interested in everything I do because I'm his only FMS patient who isn't asking for pain meds.

    Love, Mikie
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    Lendi, sorry you're having this problem. Someone mentioned what a drain it is on those of us with this DD to deal with docs that either don't understand or don't care and I agree. I also agree with the others, if it's possible, please change doctors. Even if it's going to be a hassle, it would probably still be better than dealing with this doc month after month. I've been very lucky to find a doctor who is knowlegable and compassionate after only a couple of months. Some others here haven't been so lucky. Another thing I would suggest is to get a copy of your records from this doctor and from the neurologist. As a personal preference I always want a copy of mine every 6-9 months or so. I want to know if what my doctor is saying to me and what he's writing in my record is the same. And since there was such a big switch with yours this time, maybe it would help you to understand what's going on. I guess it could just be that your doc was having a bad day, I understand that everyone does, but he's not the one who's not sleeping and in pain. Some of the words may be difficult to understand, but you can look up unfamilar words on the net or someone here could probably interpret for you. Whatever you decide to do, good luck. And I wish you tons and tons of pain free days.

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    Hi everyone,

    We are the same here. Our government pays BUT as you say they get so much per patient and they are herded through like cattle so they can make the bigger bucks.

    The more patients they see the more money they make.

    In retrospec I think they examine cattle longer then they do their patients!!! LOL

    Just long enough to tell women they need a shrink.
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    Sorry to offend the Democrats. In the name of fairness, each administration inherits the pluses or minuses of the one before. We were well on our way to a recession before Clinton left office and my husband has been away because of the ongoing Persian Gulf Conflict that Clinton inherited from the Bush administration for most of the last 10 years. The "Gulf War" didn't just last for the period of time in 1991. It has been an ongoing thing for the last 12 years. Just under different names. Just because something is no longer mentioned on CNN does not mean that it does not exist. We are both Independents as a general rule. I only meant that until Congress wakes up and starts working on a health care plan that includes prescriptions for Medicare patients and a new and effective patient bill of rights, things are only going to get worse. A good example of politics gone sour is the "War on Drugs" which has become a war on physicians and legitimate patients. It is going to take more than "Just Saying No" to resolve the healthcare problems of this country.

    I am lucky in that I have a PPO plan through the military and can see anyone (civilian) that is covered by that plan. HMO's strictly limit the kind of care a patient can receive and most even have formularies that limit what treatments and prescriptions they will cover.

    It takes more than one administration to screw things up and most of this started with Reagan refusing to back a budget that included research for AIDS and a better healthcare system. Now let's hear it from the Reaganites.

    Sorry if I offended. I was just trying to give the abridged version to answer the question about HMO's and war makes me a little edgy,
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    Awww, I totally feel your pain [This Message was Edited on 07/15/2003]
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    I can change Dr.s since my insurance is actually a PPO and there are no PPO Dr's in our area. (like an HMO, but more flexible) The insurance co. to accept one of the Dr's close by. The one Dr. I have heard of, in our area, that is good with CFS/Fibro will only take patients if they have a referal, which I don't have. He is a rheumatologist. I just don't know who to switch too, but, I have requested a copy of all my records, and I did not make another 1 mo. appt. like I was told. I am not going back to him. I just needed to hear from others that I was not over reacting. Thanks.