My Dr. Lerner appointment today

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kitteejo, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. kitteejo

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    For all that wanted to hear about my appointment with Dr. Lerner.

    I was at the office a total of 3 hours, which includes all of the waiting time. Dr. Lerner was a really nice and considerate doctor. He first interviewed me in his office, taking mine and my family history.

    When he asked who referred me I told him from his patients on "ProHealth" blog. He was so proud and happy to hear that.

    He walked me to an exam room and turned me over to the medical assistant. She took blood and urine-blood pressure and EKG. Then I waited for him for awhile. He gave me a complete physical, ordered a 24 hour holter and an Echo. Oh, and he order a chest X-ray which I had at his office. They also sent me home with an Occult Blood (stool) test kit, which I will mail back to his office. He did ask about any resent Thyroid tests, mammogram and Pap Smear, which I've had. He told me not to drink alcohol or do any exercise.

    He kept stressing how happy he was to see me and that he is going to take care of my problems. He was extremely positive about it. Also, he said that once all my test results came back we would know exactly what was causing my fatigue and how to treat me. Because I hadn't watched his London video, he told me to watch it and that it would answer a lot of my questions even though I didn't ask him any. You can tell he is more interested in diagnosing.

    He wants to see me in two weeks but only if I've had my Echo and 24 hour holter.

    I brought my medical records with me but he never asked for them and I didn't offer to show him.

    Well, I think I covered it all, but if I didn't, feel free to ask.

  2. SpecialK82

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    Congratulations on making it to your first appt with Dr. Lerner. It sounds just like my first. Hopefully you can get in pretty fast for your holter and Echo.

    I was in his office today too! My appt was at 11:30 but it took until after 1:30 to see him. When were you there?

    It is always a wait at his office - at least an hour, but this was a record and it really tired me out. I will post tomorrow on my visit as I'm too wiped out from the drive but just wanted to say hi.


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  3. ladybugmandy

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    hello! thanks for sharing information on your first appt.

    i had some medical records which i thought would be good for him to look at so what i did was put them all in a folder with labeled post-it index tabs on them for quick reference, and gave him the folder to keep in my file.

    eventually he did leaf through them quicky at one of the later appointments. in front of the folder, i made a summary list of the tests i thought were important so he could glance at them quickly if he wanted to. i also listed my symptoms and when they started at the very top, with my name and age.

    good luck with your tests and please keep us posted on your next appointments!


  4. kitteejo

    kitteejo Member


    I was there at 10:30 but didn't get taken back until 11:15. I might have seen you in the waiting room. What time did you get there?


    I'm hoping for next week to get my tests done but I've got so much going on next week and I'm so exhausted that it may have to wait another week.

    Thanks for replying,

  5. SpecialK82

    SpecialK82 New Member


    My appt was at 11:30 and we arrived right at 11:30, sounds like we just missed each other, how funny!

  6. Atlanta8

    Atlanta8 New Member

    Haha - it sounds like he's always got a prohealther in his waiting room nowadays!

    Best of luck for your treatment kitteejo - I hope it all goes smoothy. You're in good hands now from the sounds of it!

  7. Bluebottle

    Bluebottle New Member

    He sounds lovely. Please put him in a parcel & post him to the UK!

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