My Dr. Visit today went Well, Considering

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    I was worried about the Fingers on my Hands, the Pinkies are the worst. Thought maybe it was RA or worse.
    Turns out it is a Cyst that is common to OA, so now I have to go look that up.

    I also had Blood in my Urine last month when I had some lab's done. Anyone fimiliar with MACROBID 100mg?
    I haven't had one UTI for over a year, I thought maybe I was getting another Yeast infection, but nope just another Bladder infection. Dang. I hate anti-botic's, the only one that I can take for any length of time is the Zithromax, but that's not a Sulate Drug, or is it Sulfur, dang Fibro fog is setting in, I know ther's a difference, guess I'll look that up too.

    So I do not have Sausage Finger's, Doc. thought that was a Cute term, but said no this was a cyst and if it oozes, I will need Surgery, oh Joy, even Minor S, makes me a Basket Case.

    Last surgery I turned up at the Prep room a day early, they are still kidding me about that one.

    Well I think I'll check with my Orthopedic Dr. and see if I'm lucky enough that He can do the Surgery, I an't waiting for it to Burst. Good thing I didn't Pop it before, I sorta tried, just to see what it was, but it Hurt, so I left it alone. I'm learnig to not mess with things till one of my Dr's see whatever it is. It's Away's something, any more.


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    I was on macrobid the last two years as a daily prophlactic, for chronic uti's. I had built up resistance to sulpha's, cephlexin, keflex....the macrobid doesnt work any more.....and I refused the daily doses anymore.
    I use mannose instead......(I do keep a bottle of Cipro on hand as per docs orders just in case, as the majority of my infections are kidney infections, and they cause damage as compared to bladder infections).
    After beginning at 13 with chronic infections and having been on antibiotic treatment all these years (i'm 45)
    I had systemic candiasis, IBS, and Leaky Gut from all the antibiotics....I have since repaired those with berberine complex, gastromyacin,and probiotics, and am asymptomatic with the IBS, candida overgrowth, and Leaky gut, finally.

    I take mannose daily now as a preventative for urinary tract infections. 95% of uti's are caused by e. coli bacteria, which are not flushed from the bladder during urination, as most pathogens are. They have sticky protuberances on them that allow them to stick to the bladder wall...and can even migrate up the ureter to the kidney. The mannose is a sugar, that is not absorbed by the body (thus safe for diabetics) it goes to the bladder and coats the e coli, thus allowing them to be flushed out during urination. It is a great product.
    Be sure if you go the course of the macrobid---that you immediately when finished with its course address increased candida, and good flora kill off with the use of probiotics.
    Best wishes LL
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    Thanks for Posting that Information, I have had plenty of experience with UTI's, but other's may not have, and I welcome your putting the Information here, your kind to Share you experience and knowledge.

    I have been on Cipro before, but it makes Me really sick, and cause's me to have what I call a Mini-Flare after I've been on them , so I need to try a new one.
    This happens to me all the Time, I get a bad reaction to anti-botics if I take them to long.

    Seems like every time I start Planing a Road Trip, I get one, and that's so much fun, trying to Stay out of the Sun, so I drive early , in the am. Plus you have to be sure to stay Dry, you know, and that's tough sometimes, so I wear dress's, without skivvies, so I was surprised to find I have another UTI.

    Stopped and got a good supply of Yogurt and some Cranberry juice, when I left the lab, it had occured to me, that I haven't been Drinking or eating them lately. hmmmm.