My Drs license has been suspended

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  1. jaime13

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    My wonderful,compassionate Dr who I have been a patient of for the last 5-6 yrs.has informed me that due to DEA ridiculousness,his license has been revoked till they have a former hearing in Sept.Dr. Plotnick is one of the finest Dr and human being I have ever come across. He is not only up to the date with the latest treatments,explains everything in layman's terms, gives hand out paper and although he has a busy practice you never feel rushed,talked down to,in matter of fact he makes you feel that you are the only patient in his practice when he is seeing you.He also get your family involved and ask them question about your behavior,and driving due to the fact that he does prescript opiates. Not a lot and he is totally professional about it,following all the rules that he is suppose to.Every thing is above board.
    This man is so compassionate that he treated me on Rosh Hashona a Jewish holiday one of the holiest. I got into an accident that day and was in terrible pain-he open up his office to see me that Sat. night and even though Iwas in the ER he still wanted to see me,remember it was Rosh Hashona and a Sat night.Doctors like this are rare and a gift!To take this man away from the fibromyalgia community would be preforming a great disservice and injustice to the FMS community.If anyone every had this happen to there Dr pleez let me know,what was the out come.If anyone wants to send a letter in his behave it would be a wonderful thing to do.If we don't get our good Docs back and the DEA starts cracking down on all of them yours will b next. thank-you,jaime
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    who treat patients with ME and CFS are often witch hunted here. The doctors who abused and neglected Sophia Mirza, who died from ME, were told by the General Medical Council they had no case to answer.

    I sincerly hope patients in the US will support Dr Plotnick. When Dr Myhill was once again witch hunted in the UK a petition was set up and was signed by patients, carers, and doctors. Letter were written to the GMC. It worked.

    When we looked into the complaint it illustrated the dark side of the medical profession; it had nothing to do with Dr Myhill's professional conduct or medical skills. It turned out the complaints to the GMC came about as a result of professional egoes; she found and treated health problems they had missed.

    tc, Tansy
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  3. TeaBisqit

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    The good doctors get persecuted and prosecuted, and then they get scared to help us. And all this does is pave the way for the bad doctors to be in control.
  4. kjfms

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    has been suspended:

    In order to view you have to agree with the terms.

    He is accused of not properly documenting his treatment plans or the progress of his patients... and that is illegal according to the laws of VA.

    I am sorry for you that this has happened.

    I hope you find a physician soon,

    Karen :)
  5. hensue

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    My doc did not feel comfortable giving me my klonopin and valuim, ultram, darvocet. So now i go to a pain clinic. it is for my safety and theirs. it is an hour away. every 3 months.
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    So sorry to hear that!
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    Great info on looking up why dr's get in trouble. I forgot you can look up all that stuff.
    They have to keep meticulous records. It may not be because he was just prescribing pain meds and the DEA came down on him.
    SO SORRY you lost your good doc. They are not easy to find. You must be devastated. Hopefully, you can find another. Maybe the office can give referrals?
    I hope so!
  8. Janalynn

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    If you google Dr Plotnick, you can find a site called topix - a Virginia Beach forum. I read through it - lots of people supporting him. There is also a post that gives info on where to write letters of support.
    Be careful though - just a warning, there are some postings that will make you angry. - Fibro a ficticious disease etc ARRRGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
    Anyway- if you want to support him, there's a place to write.
  9. jaime13

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    It seems that Dr Plotnick has charges dating back to 2002 when 2 of his patiences died from a overdose.You all know as weel as me that many of these overdoses are on purpose due to the unrelenting pain we are in. He also has a number of patiences that checked themselves into detox. It only makes common sense that when you are willingly taking an opiate you will build up a tolerance to the drug. These people who are placing the blame on the Dr. need to take responsibility for themselves. He has always give clear cut instructions and hand-out sheets concerning your treatment!Dr. Plotnick nearly treated the whole fibromyalgia community in the Virgina Beach, Chesapeake.Portsmouth and people even came from N.Carolina.He is a compassionate man, and a true hero to FMS suffers.So many people are without treatment, in needless pain. The case will drag on for months AND no Dr in the area will pick up the pieces-they are flat out refusing to treat his patiences. What a set back for the FMS community,what an injustice to him and us.We need a
  10. homesheba

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    doctors are scared to treat people -
    and especially ones like us who are in constant pain.
    they really can get busted on the smallest infraction
    and especially if they deal with pain mgt.
    what a mess!!
    i am really sorry.
    i have had a dr tell me that he wouldnt touch me
    with a ten ft pole cause of the 'drug police'..
    . im afraid it will only get worse for us soon
    and am actually scared of
    not being able to get pain meds someday.
  11. jenn_c

    jenn_c New Member

    We are entitled to have care just like everyone else. Isn't refusing to treat because we have FM against the

  12. klutzo

    klutzo New Member

    I have a neighbor two doors down who also has fibro, though hers is not nearly as bad as mine. She has only been sick about 5 years. I've been sick for over 22 years.

    I go to a regular doctor, and I had to beg to get a small dose of Xanax around the clock to prevent painful muscle spasms that were literally throwing me off my feet. I get no pain meds at all.

    Like most fibro patients, I was first put on Elavil. Anti-deps like Elavil only work to ease pain 15% of the time, and can cause massive weight gain, which I was not warned about, and as a result, I gained almost 50 lbs. in two months and am now obese on top of fibro. It never occured to me that the Elavil was causing the weight gain because I did not think a doctor would deliberately do something so harmful....boy was I innocent back then! I consider this to be malpractice, since the obesity will kill me, even if fibro doesn't.

    The reason docs reach for the anti-deps first, is that they can raise pain threshold, and they do not bring the doc to the attention of the DEA, like narcotics do. Narcotics require docs to fill out a triplicate form, one of which goes to the DEA. Many people don't realize that the DEA has total power over doctors and can take away their license any time for any reason. It's like a modern day Nazi gestapho. Meanwhile, illegal drugs flood over our borders like water over a dam.

    My neighbor who has fibro is obviously high as a kite every time I see her. She has become a full-fledged junkie. Someone broke into her house and stole her meds....they got SIXTY-FOUR bottles of narcotics! How did she get all of these prescriptions? From a "pain management specialist".

    So, I want to know why they persecute regular doctors, but seem to ignore the pain specialists???? Anyone know the answer?

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  13. Guccigirl7

    Guccigirl7 New Member

    I am a patient of Dr. P's as well.

    The office has asked that you write letters of support and send them to the office.

    Dr P is a WONDERFUL, caring physician, as a sufferer of Fibro and IC, he has given me my life back. This is SUCH an injustice, people need to take some accountability and not blame the doctor, Most of us enter into pain management as a last resort! We are all adults and make informed choices, and we all know the risks involved.

    Jaime, we have a Yahoo group if you want to sign up for email updates on Dr. P, also, we are chatting a bit about dr. referrals given to us by the office. I just got rejected by a clinic, and i'm on low dosing, so I'm miffed on that one, but I'll keep looking and PRAY that Dr. P gets exonerated and cleared of all charges..
  14. aftermath

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    The "improper documentation" is a common attack used by state licensing boards against doctors who treat this illness.

    Noteworthy ME/CFS physician Dr. Susan Levine in NYC received a similar suspension for this same citation years ago.

    It's sickening.

    Again, the biggest thing we can do as band together by joining national advocacy organizations (CFIDS Association, etc), but only like 2-4% of those of us who have been diagnosed have bothered to join.

    Unless we unite (there is power in numbers), this type of stuff (along with pitiful funding of research) is going to continue.

    EVERYONE here who can afford the $30/yr membership fee should be a member of at least one of the organizations--yet next to no one bothers.

    We are our own worst enemy.
  15. jaime13

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    No pain Dr. in the region will take on Dr. Plotnick's patients.Luckily my primary Dr. refilled most of my meds,except for the methadone-because of not having this painkiller I have been in so much pain that most days I am rendered to bed. I am quite familiar with all the tv shows.Yesterday I did have enough energy to clean the bathrooms and take my son school clothes shopping,of-course my back is killing me and I have pay back pain today.
    I have written a letter in my Dr. behalf and now his hearing is schedule for Oct or Nov.I hope he doesn't lose his license
    He is such a wonderful person and Dr he truly does't deserve this.Again does anyone know of a Dr in Virginia or is Va. too conservative a State. I fear so......thank-you for all your replies and wishes.
  16. kjfms

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    When a physician is treating a patient with narcotics:

    The physician is required by law to document the treatment plan, patient progress along with any other therapies the physician wants the patient to try.

    If the physician fails to do this they will get into trouble.

    This is to protect the patient as well as the physician.
  17. jaime13

    jaime13 New Member

    I will join that yahoo group right a way! thanks
  18. jaime13

    jaime13 New Member

    The Dr. he suggested we go to will not treat us...period.I don't know how they are getting away with it But they are,they won't touch us!!I have written letters in his support and pray that he will be ok, he is a father of 3 young boys beside being a wonderful,compassionate Dr.He is so knowledgeable about the disease I hate like hell to lose him!

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