My Dry Eyes Are Swollen And Infected

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  1. RENA0909

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    I went to the Eye Hospital on Monday as I was in such pain with my eyes and thought I had an ulcer or something on the eyeball.

    They did a test where they put some strips of paper under your eyelids to see how wet they get and they said mine were bone dry so I have to use drops every hour and put cream in at night time for a week to see if it helps.

    I have another appointment in 2 weeks so I hope it clears up.The pain is awful and I feel quite ill with it.I have had dry eyes for years but they have gotten worse lately.

    Anyone else suffer with this??

  2. fieldmouse

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    Sometimes my burn horribly and I get tint little bumps on my eyelids but never bad...Hope you find help...Good luck...Mick!!
  3. ladykew

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    My dry eyes are a real problem. They are extremely painful, so I sympathize with you and hope yours clear up quickly.

    My Ophthamalogist rx'd an eyedrop to be used twice a day, and I have been using this for years. It's called Patanol and also helps with itching and redness.

    I did, however, have blisters form on my inner under eyelids once, and the pain was severe. I had to use a
    type of steroid for a couple of weeks to clear it up.

    I've been thinking of asking for Restasis instead of Patanol to try for awhile. I've heard it has some type of
    oil that is very soothing as well as hydrating to your eyes. (Also by prescription.)

  4. jarjar

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    This is SO common with Lyme disease. The bacteria eventually gets into your eyes. Please get an Igenex Westerfn Blot for Lyme. 50% of people with lyme never remember being bitten by a tick.

    The vast majority of cfs/patients test postive for lyme.

  5. makezmuzic

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    Hi, dry mouth & eyes are #1 symptom for Sjorgrens. Hope thats not it though.

  6. RENA0909

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    Thanks for all your replies and help.
    I have also had problems with dry mouth and nose where I have suffered sores in both.......luckily I have not had that for a while.........made me cry!

    The pain today is still the same and when I went out today the chilly wind made me close my bad eye when I was walking down the street because it hurt.
    Feeling a bit down over it so I hope it clears up soon.
    Once again thanks to all.

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